The Alien before the Alienhippy

The Alien before the Alienhippy

Hello my lovely bloggy friends,

I have toyed with the idea of having a wordless Wednesday today. But, I decided I have spent too many year being wordless and I NEED to communicate. My close friendships, communicating with ALL my bloggy friends and openly expressing in writing, is so very healing for me. So why should I be quiet this week, I’ll be wordless again but I’m NOT today.

Now about my YoVille addiction…hehehe

Does anyone play YoVille? It’s a game on facebook that I used to escape into. I practically lived there actually.

I don’t regret that I spent so long there, it gave me the confidence I needed with computers to investigate my accidental Alienhippy blog birth. It also was the first time I allowed myself to express who I am. I was able to communicate with other Avatars and I actually made 2 friends while there. These were gamer friendships but Aspies are good at this.

I would set alarm clocks for my factory shifts

That’s right I went to work in YoVille and I owned quite a few properties too.

I NEVER bought the Yo-Cash, so I NEVER owned a dog. But I did have a parrot, 2 goldfish and a rat thing in a cage.

I had a friend, Mad-Lizzie she had a Yo-home FILLED with dogs, so I’d visit her dogs. Giggle.

I had two Avatars, Alien and Alien 2.

Alien was very friendly and very colourful. Alien 2 was quiet and didn’t mix at all, she wore black all the time.

I made my imaginary world so I could still escape, if the YoVille crew became too much I would swap to my other Avatar. That way I could still create my own world but I didn’t have people teleporting to come and chat with me.

Next week is quite a special week for me

On Tuesday 31st May, my blog is One year old. The next day is also my Birthday, I will be 42. I have never hidden my age, I don’t see the point. I don’t feel 42 though, I still feel like I’m about 10. I know I’m not of course, I have FAR too many responsibilities to act like a 10 year old. But when my Aspie-happy kicks in I love feeling how Autism brings me freedom. Only when I’m reminded how different I am, I know that people don’t mean to do this, but that’s when Aspie-happy leaves and looping Lisa starts. I am learning to accept myself now, so hopefully, prayerfully this won’t always be.

When my blog came into being I was a very different person

It took a lot of love, acceptance and prayer for me to start exposing who was really hiding behind the poetry and the art. The person that I was behind the mask and I thank God everyday that I started blogging. It was the start of an amazing adventure. A bit scary at times and I still wake up feeling really sick some days with worry I have been TOO open about something. But I know that God is in control and I am learning, growing and becoming the person I was meant to be, before life pushed me to conform and lose little Lisa.

I am discovering who my inner Shirley really is. It may be a bit of a rollercoaster ride, but I am enjoying this time of self discovery and all the blessings it brings.

The Alien that was, before the Alienhippy,

Lived in Hippy-Ville, this was my own creation. I was able to switch off and just BE while there.

I made a video with *CAL, it was my way of saying Good-Bye to my obsession. It might not seem that important, but as an Aspie any change is extremely hard to process. YoVille had taken over my life for quite some time. I had to do something to help me separate myself from the game.

I believe that God uses everything to help us

He knows each of us and He knows how to helps us through times of trial. Nothing is ever just a coincidence…it’s a God-incidence! I think YoVille helped me to want to be me, I had always imitated those around me to try to make them accept me. Once I felt rejected or was rejected I had to hide and cling to safety. YoVille became that safety. I had closed down to all people and I just functioned.

So here is my life in YoVille…Enjoy, or don’t.

I know I’m a nutter, I’ve accepted it now.

Because I know my bloggy friends love me whatever mood I blog in.

Love and hugs eveyone. xx πŸ™‚

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Video of Alien and Alien 2 leaving YoVille.


10 thoughts on “The Alien before the Alienhippy

  1. I used to be the same with World of Warcraft. It took a long hard look at myself and my life to stop playing it the way I used to (ie every day, most of the day, to the detriment to everything else). Thank goodness for blogging, indeed!

    *hugs* xx

    • Yep….thank goodness for blogging.
      I learn so much and it brings me so much joy.
      Meeting lovely people like you Marylin.
      You understand the life of ASD and accept all people for who they are.
      Love and hugs to you my friend.
      Lisa. xx πŸ™‚

  2. God Bless you on your continuing journey of self discovery. I absolutely loved this post, which I can totally relate to. I have all sorts of friends at Pottery, as you know, unique different and misunderstood, because they do not fit the average mould of what is expected within society. I choose to be with people like this because they are just being themselves and breaking free of Peer Pressure. I myself have been no different. Thank God you are standing up for people like this. You are so not alone. Love you xxxx

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