This means something to me!

Hello my lovely bloggy friends,

Early one Saturday morning in 2005

I got on my mountain bike and rode the 30 minute bike ride to a neighbouring Church. I was settled in my parish Church the Church that my Mom had worshipped in for the last 3 years of her life. The vicar there had told me of a course, that he felt would help me, after the Spiritual abuse I had been through in the religious sect I had given my heart to, for 4 years of my life.

It was hard for me to go somewhere new

At this point in my life I hadn’t really done a lot without my Mom. She had been the person I knew I could trust, after my homeless 12 months and divorce. Then also the religious sect and losing my faith, it had all taken a lot out of me.

But I hadn’t got my Mom anymore, however my Mom had given me a wonderful gift.

She passed on the seed of faith.

SO… I knew that God would help me.

Well it was early Saturday morning

My brakes squealed as I stopped at the locked doors of this Church.

It didn’t matter to me that it was closed I just needed to see where it was and prepare my mind for entering a new place of worship.

I had my face pushed up the glass, just like a little kid looking in a cake shop.

I was balancing on my tip toes, my bike is too big for me, when an elderly gentleman opened the door and said, “Would you like to see inside?”

He showed me around and made me a cup of tea and I found out that he was going to be on the course too.

I knew this was God’s way of helping me to ACTUALLY turn up, I now had a kind face to look for.

Every Wednesday morning for an academic school year

I attended this course. I made friends with the Vicar, his lovely wife (who sadly passed away last year after fighting cancer for quite some time) I made friends with *KB, the amazingly kind elderly gentleman who made me feel so comfortable. Also his wife *SB, who has welcomed me into her home so many times, and been a constant reminder of my Nan, who I miss so desperately.

On this course I met so many people,

All Christians with a story to tell. It was wonderful for me and so reassuring of God’s love that even after losing my faith for 4 years I could be welcomed back into the arms of God and the family of believers. The scriptures were re-taught without the twisting. I was encouraged and helped to seek who I am in Christ.

I don’t always go to Church, but I do always read my Bible.

There are times when being at Church is just too much for me. I understand now why this happens.

Knowing that I am “somewhere on the spectrum” makes a big difference.

But in the last 6 years I have considered this Church my second home.

Some of the people here are like a second family to me, they probably don’t even realise it.

I grew up attending Church in a 1960’s building,

It was a funny little Church but somewhere I felt safe. The Vicar there taught me to play guitar and he was one of my Mom’s best friends.

My Mom was a Sunday school teacher, so it’s familiar for me to be in this type of Church.

This morning my *CAL got up excited

What was she excited about…going to Godly Play.

When we got to Church we were hit with one MASSIVE surprise.

Over the last few days we have had rain. The Church roof couldn’t take it.

Most British 1960’s Church buildings are finding that the roofing is coming to the end of its life.

They are in bad need of repair or re-roofing. Our Church fund just can’t stretch that far.

Our Church service was held in our function hall and our elderly congregation had to sit on very low blue plastic chairs.

We had a lovely service none the less but there was an air of sadness too, we really just don’t know how we can fix this problem.

So I’m doing all I can by letting everyone who reads my blog, who cares for me, know this…

“This Church building and it’s congregation means something to me!”

I have been through quite a lot, and this Church is where I feel I can be me.

I am accepted here for who I am as a person. I know I am loved by many members of the congregation.

This is our meeting place where we can break bread with one another, and share God’s love.

We all have our own way of hearing God, and we all have our own way of sharing that too.

What I ask is if you pray then please can you add this to your prayer list.

We need our Church building, we need a new roof!

Thank you.

Love, hugs, blessings and peace to you all.

Lisa. xx 🙂

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21 thoughts on “This means something to me!

  1. Oh, I was smiling through so much of this post, feeling glad for you to have found this lovely place and group of people. Then to find out the rain has caused so much of a problem is horribly sad. I stopped just now and prayed for an answer to come quickly.

  2. Awww, that is a special Church! I’ll be praying for the building’s repair! You know, over here there are missions-like groups that help build/repair churches. I wonder if there is something like it over there? Sounds like you guys should be top on the list!

  3. Lisa, I’m so happy for you that you have such a wonderful place to worship where you can feel loved and comfortable. And I am sure the roof will get sorted out soon 😀 xx

  4. Lisa,
    I am praying that somehow an affordable solution will materialize. I am glad you have found such comfort in this church.

  5. It is such a shame about the roof. In my Prayers and also will do my Jewellery and Cards whenever I can to help. Love you xxxx

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