I don’t believe it…I had tea at the neighbours!

Angel...full of kittens

Hello my lovely bloggy friends,

You can probably guess what this post is about, by my title. 🙂

Yes that’s right this Aspie had a cuppa at a neighbour’s house.

This is SO not like the Alienhippy, I have known of and lived by this neighbour for 16 years and only ever said Good morning in passing. I did once talk to her about loft conversions about 3 years after I moved in. But it was a very brief conversation.

Let me tell you what happened today.

I have this cat…her name is Angel, she is not an Angel … AT ALL!!!

She was dumped in my porch, already a cat and without me realising she was already pregnant.

She had her first litter and of course, me being me, I fell instantly in love with these 3 little Ginger Toms.

Then Angel disappeared, occasionally we’d see her but she is a bit of a come and go type of cat.

She returned home a few weeks ago

Yep you guessed right, full of kittens.

I caved and decided to let her have her litter in my conservatory.

She has been sleeping well in my prayer chair and enjoying the extra treat of a tin of tuna a day.

I really thought if she gets something she really enjoys she’ll stay around.

BUT….Oh no! Not Angel, this morning she darted out the door and disappeared again. ugh

She came back at tea time…SKINNY, crap…. where has she left her kittens.

Alienhippy out on a kitten hunt.

That’s right one thing I hate having to do, knock on the neighbour’s doors.

I spent hours going through people’s sheds and in the end I tried one last neighbour.

This neighbour has MASSIVE German Shepherds.

They are beautiful dogs, they guard the house really well.

You see them up the bay window, giving you the eye when you walk back from the Post Office.

Well…I love dogs and cats. Birds, fish, rabbits, chickens, frogs, mice…you name it I’ve kept it.

If I haven’t kept it in the past, I probably will at some point in my future.

I’ve written lots of posts about my pets so I won’t bore you all.

Well anyways…I’ll carry on!

*Annabel invited me in while her hubby *James went mooching through their sheds.

Now this is good…… guess what?

I was actually comfortable in their house, and…I…KNOW…WHY!

Her black and tan German shepherd instantly loved me.

I have a Rottweiler, so a German Shepherd is small and skinny in comparison.

*Annabel told me that not many people dare come into her home, because they are afraid of her dogs.

She also has a Cockatiel, this is a rescue bird, her dogs are rescue dogs too.

My Zazzy was a rescue dog, she was badly treated by someone horrible who stapled her mouth up.

I really don’t understand why anyone would do this!

I was able to chat for quite a while

*Annabel and *James both love their pets, so my chat on pets didn’t bore them.

Also they didn’t mind that I spoke to their dog while speaking to them.

I found it so much easier to talk to them while petting their dog.

Only having to glance at them making eye contact occasionally.

So I actually sat in a neighbour’s house, had a cuppa tea and chatted without being scared.

I still haven’t found the kittens yet. 😦

All of my neighbours know now and they are keeping a look out for where Angel is going.

Hopefully someone will spot her and where her hideout is.

Or maybe she will bring them home herself.

I will have to wait and see I have done all I can.


16 thoughts on “I don’t believe it…I had tea at the neighbours!

    • I KNOW!!! I don’t know what came over me.
      Now I need to remember to NOT get upset if she doesn’t talk to me on the street.
      Love you Laura. xxx 🙂

  1. Oh, I really hope she comes back with the kittens or someone finds them soon. But that is great news that you were able to enjoy some tea with the neighbors and their pets! It makes it so much easier when people have animals. I always go for the animals or the kids when I am out socializing. 🙂

    • We are so alike Angel,
      I still go to a toddler group that a Church friend runs, so that I get to chat.
      It seems a little strange that I have no toddlers,
      but at least it gives me a focus and something to talk about.
      Love you. xxx 🙂

  2. Way to go!!!! Amazing how animals know who to trust and how the dog just took to you, that’s great. And too, you could shift your eyes away which I’m sure made it easier to talk.

    I hope the kittens come back!

    • Me too, she seems to be comming home at a regular time and then runs off again.
      I think she is looking after them, she will probably bring them home when they are ready for food. Thanks Tilly. xx 🙂

  3. I hope you find the kittens OK. You made a very good effort though and did all you could to find them. Isn’t Angel a funny little cat? I’m glad you had a cuppa and a chat with your Neighbour. I believe animals have a sixth sense. Love you xxxx

  4. I hope you find the kittens and that she at least was able to have them in a safe spot where they’ll be undisturbed.

    Yay on the tea!

    • I hope she has found a safe spot too.
      We still haven’t got a clue where though.
      Cats are independent creatures, she seems busy so I think she is looking after them.
      I think I did really well having a cuppa…LOL
      Love and hugs. xx 🙂

  5. Hey that’s really good news about the cuppa, Lisa. I’m happy for you! 🙂
    I get along great with dogs too, and dogs do make it easier for me to be around their owners.
    I hope Angel simply had her kittens in a safe place and will bring them around when they are mobile.

    • I hope you are right Bruce.
      Like I said above, she seems busy…she popped home for her tuna fish then jumped through the conservatory window and ran off again.
      We’ll have to wait and see.
      Love and hugs. xx 🙂

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