He is Risen…

Hello my lovely bloggy friends,

Just a quick post I think…but you know me, I do tend to babble somewhat. hehehe

Just a few thoughts I’m going to throw out here.

Do you know that sound….you know the sound, when you pull the plug out of the kitchen sink. You hear the water going down the drain outside because the window is open and the sun is shining.

And…you know when the sun is out and you can hang your nice fresh washing out on the line with all your multi coloured pegs.

Well keep those two things in mind, I’ll come back to them at the end.

I have been in quite a confused place for a while,

My loops have been getting stuck and focussing on all the negatives.

Well yesterday was Good Friday and tomorrow is Easter Sunday…that doesn’t mean a lot to some, but it does to others.

It certainly makes me think!

Yesterday, I sat out in the conservatory for a while with my *AJ. He had helped to clear a space on the patio.

This is harder than it seems, it was a lot of builders mess. We haven’t got much of a patio left after all the building work that was done.

I had just finished putting together a new bookcase and I had my feet up enjoying some rest time.

*AJ too was resting and was playing his guitar and singing.

We was also eating Strawberries, very nice….. 🙂

He even let me sing with him. hmmmmmmm…………….

Not many 17 year old boys let their Mom’s sing-a-long you know!

Yep…I’m smiling just thinking about the lovely memory that I have to treasure.

Anyways….. 🙂

I thought back to the time when I was homeless and me and *AJ were practically living out the boot of my little Grey Nissan Sunny.

I thought about all the sacrifices I had to make to keep my little lad fed and a roof over his head.

I also thought of all the wonderful people who helped me out in those 12 months.

Those who gave me a sofa to sleep on, food, somewhere to shower and bath my boy.

I thought about the sacrifice my Mom and Dad gave, giving me and *AJ their bedroom.

Then my Brother giving them his bedroom and sleeping on the sofa himself.

This was a particularly hard time in my life and no doubt also for those who gave to me.

Even though I wasn’t really in the right frame of mind to understand and be grateful.

But none of this seems like anything compared to the sacrifice of Jesus.

That He chose to bear all on the cross… for us.

Even though we are not really in the right frame of mind to understand and be grateful.

It’s quite a humbling thought for me, that all I have in comparison is 12 months of not living in my own home.

But isn’t God wonderful!

He only wants us to accept His love and His sacrifice.

He doesn’t want for us to beat ourselves up with feeling unworthy.

I think we have so much to give thanks for over this time.

I bet you are all wondering…….

What about the water going down the drain Lisa?

Where on earth are you going with this my lovely?

Yep…I’m smiling at that too.

AND……let me just remind you, that I’m Aspie and my thoughts go in tangents.

I get inspiration from the most weirdly wonderful things.

When I was homeless I really missed that sound.

I actually missed being able to wash up at my own kitchen sink and hear the water going down the drain after I had finished that job.

I actually missed being able to wash the clothes and hang them out in the garden.

I missed having my basket of multi coloured pegs.

So over this Easter time, my loops have changed.

Because I decided to focus them on the ultimate sacrifice, of Jesus.

Happy Easter everyone….HE IS RISEN.

Here is the song me and my boy were singing.


18 thoughts on “He is Risen…

  1. Happy Easter my Brainy friend!! Great post.

    It reminded of one of the times that I read Job and this popped in my head “I always have faith in you even when you don’t have faith in Me”. No matter where we are at God never looses faith in us. I am not sure that makes any sense in regards to your post but it was a flash memory for me.

    When David and I had to live with his mom and step-dad for the first seven months of our marriage, I wanted so much to have a place of my own back. I wanted to clean my own place, cook in my own kitchen and put my things away in their proper place. I was very thankful for their kindness but it was hard to live in a bedroom with two cats and David. 🙂 (add smelly liter box in there, yikes!) But it did make David and I much closer and appreciative when we did get our own place.

    He has risen indeed!!

    Narf! Cause Jesus thinks that is funny, He does!

    Love and hugs and blessings too. 🙂

    • Ewwww, to the smelly cat litter….NARF!
      I agree, Jesus likes to have a giggle, God can be so funny sometimes.
      Love you. xxx 🙂
      Oh yep….Angel you always make sense to me!

  2. He is risen indeed!!

    We have so much to be grateful for!
    So often we don’t realize it until we are separated from one or more of our blessings.
    Each breath is really a pure gift.
    Love, Hugs and Easter Blessings to you and yours, Lisa.

  3. What a great song! I wrote today about one of my own loops and shared a song that helps me sometimes. It’s a different style from this one, but I like both the fun and the quiet ones at different times.

  4. Hi Lisa – and Happy Easter to you and your wonderful family!!

    I love this post – it’s so positive – and such a great reminder that we can take the time in life to appreciate the small things…as it’s often those things that mean the world to us once they are gone.

    Blessings to you my friend! And lots of love n hugs xx

    • Hello my friend,
      I hope you had a lovely Easter, sorry I’m late in responding to your comment.
      I’m glad you enjoyed the post Chloe.
      Love and hugs and a {{{munch}}} for little Stormy. xxx

  5. I enjoyed this post Lisa. Easter is a very important time to me too. I bet you and AJ did a good job of that tune. Lovely. Love you all xxxx

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