Shopping…I have a few thoughts.

My Town Centre...No thank you! WAY too much Jumble.

Hello my lovely bloggy friends,

I haven’t got any great insights to share, or any ranting babbles. I haven’t even got anything of Autistic interest to chat about either. So I just thought I’d share my day.

I decided to go around the shops.

The sun was shining and shopping seems so much more bearable when the sun is out…well it does for me anyway.

I’ll show you why after I explain about where I go shopping.

I live in a big city

Our town centre is a very popular shopping area. People actually travel in on coaches to spend the day in the high street shops.

Me…I ABSOLUTELY HATE our city centre.

I go into town for one reason and one reason only….. The Cathedral.

Yes, I am that boring…I am quite happy to get off the bus go to the Cathedral, then pop to Starbucks for a coffee before getting back on the bus, to go home.

I avoid the shops and the crowds at ALL cost.

I’ll show you some pictures of the area where I enjoy shopping.

I would much rather go to the local village and use their town centre. I don’t care that they haven’t got all the trendy shops and high fashion, extra expensive, latest of I love the charity shops, they are so much more bearable.

Is it just me or do the people who go into charity shops seem so much more friendly?

I always find nice people to chat to in charity shops, they seem like quite a different sort all together. They don’t all seem rushed and selfish. I was chatting with a lady today about a Lilac dress we were both looking at. There was only one obviously, it was a charity shop, and we weren’t fighting over it, we were both trying to give it to each other.

Last year, I could hardly believe it, I actually witness two women fighting over an Easter egg in a large supermarket. I must say I was appalled…an Easter egg for goodness sake, they were actually physically fighting over an Easter egg.

Do they NOT realise what Easter is about? I mean seriously, is this what the world has come to?

Well…I’d better shut up about that and get on with this post,

It HAS turned into a bit of a babble hasn’t it…giggle.

Here are a few pictures of the buildings around the town where I shop, they are very historic and a lot prettier (in my opinion) than the new buidings in my city centre.

Also where I can get a coffee is a lot more relaxing than Starbucks.

There are quite a few lovely little cafes and they are very “Quaint” yes…that’s about right, “Quaint”

I just looked it up in the dictionary folks, and “Quaint” is definitely the right word.

Oh…It’s so very annoying my dyslexia.

I haven’t been able to find my reading head lately, so please forgive me for not keeping up if I usually comment on your blog. I have an accumulation of posts saved that I really want to read and can only manage the first paragraph before the swirling kicks in.

Right pictures and stop babbling Lisa, before you bore everyone to death.

Love and hugs all. xx πŸ™‚


12 thoughts on “Shopping…I have a few thoughts.

  1. Oh, it looks lovely….except for the town center, I would not like that at all.

    The good thing about where we live now, is that it so small. We have several charity shops that we go to here, the one that is also a cat shelter is my favorite, though. I do love the yard sales around here too. There are only two major department stores close by and plenty of “quaint” coffee shops. So I do like that. Nice and quiet! πŸ™‚

    I know I am happy to receive a comment from you whenever you are able, so don’t worry if you can’t get to any of my posts. I am happy when you do stop by!! πŸ™‚

    • Hello my friend,
      It’s good to know I’m not alone in my choice of shopping experiences.
      I do LOVE the “Quaint” coffee shops.
      Also when we head south we find these little tea rooms that serve Tea and clotted cream scones. They have checked table cloths and little old ladies wearing aprons and little hats with hair nets. We once found a fisherman’s cafe and it was filled with all sort of fishing things and it was wonderful. We were on a camping holiday, so every morning we would take the kids there for breakfast. We’d park the car really close to the window and leave the car window half open for Zazzy. She would stick her head out and watch us eating and moan for some.
      I’m babbling again Angel, I forgot I’m on my blog. Oh yep…I babble all the time. LOL
      Love ya.
      Lisa. xxx πŸ™‚

  2. Ok, that town center would drive me nuts!!! That is way too busy, too many people and way too much noise and hustle for me. I’ll take a small shop any day. We have a mall by us and I’ve gone to it about three times. I just don’t like it and find most of my stuff elsewhere.

    It’s still bright and sunny, that seems to make everything so much mor bearable!

    • Hi Lizbeth,
      I was thinking about you today. I really need to pop over to your blog.
      How are your house repairs going?
      I hope you are all doing ok.
      I will try my best to head over to read a few posts tomorrow.
      Thinking of you, love and hugs my friend.
      Lisa. xxx πŸ™‚

  3. Oh, Lisa! You had me laughing so hard over those ladies with the Easter egg that I had to walk my dogs before I could steady my fingers enough to type! πŸ™‚

    When I was working I would often spend my lunch hour sitting in a church. I was usually alone but occasionally there would be a kindred spirit sitting quietly on the other side of the church. What, me? reclusive??

    I would be absolutely totally overloaded in your town centre. The village sounds and looks great. We have a small tearoom in a nearby village. They play relaxing music very softly and have paintings by local artists on the walls. It has a quiet, unhurried feel to it.

    We all love to see your comments, Lisa, on our blogs and on others, but we love you even more – so take good care of yourself and don’t feel rushed. {{{hugs}}}

    • I love your comments Bruce, πŸ™‚ smiling at you my friend.
      Yep…I have a wonderful visual now of you laughing while reading my blog.
      I LOVE that, I made you giggle.
      Your tearoom sounds PERFECT!
      Also…when I go into town to go to the Cathedral it’s always so quiet.
      It’s so peaceful in there, the stained glass windows just do something special with the light. And time just seems to stop.
      I don’t really like the Cathedral when there is something going on. I have been to many services there, I still LOVE it in the day time when there are just a few wondering around with God.
      Love and hugs to you.
      Lisa. xxx πŸ™‚

  4. Love this post. Aren’t we Blessed to live so near to all of this. I too only go to town for two reaons. The Cathedral and Works Bookshop. I detest it. Love you xxxx

  5. Wow – you live in such a lovely location! I would trade those buldings for any in Manchester city centre….mainly because the city centre just attracts the crowds. Way too busy. Unlinke you, I really struggle to shop when it’s hot…I feel more flustered than usual and just can’t bear the heat. And whilst I want to get in and out of the shops, many folks are just sauntering along as if they had all day! lol

    Enjoy the sunshine – it’s lovely at the moment huh? xx

    • Hi Chloe,
      I’m still behind with all my comments. I’m also sure I have an email off you to reply to.
      I will have a look tomorrow and try my best to respond, I’m so slack and so sorry.
      It’s back to school and work tomorrow and I have a stinking sore throat. *CAL’s had a cold ALL week so we haven’t done much. Oh well only 2 days at work and then we have 4 days off. Gotta love the Royal wedding, bank holidays and teacher training days….hehe
      Love, hugs and {{{munchies}}} to you my friend.
      Lisa. xxx πŸ™‚

  6. I hate shopping. I have been forcing myself not to avoid it when I actually need something because then it just hangs in my mind, reminding me that I have to go.

    When I was a teenager, I used to ride my bike to the library and just soak in the sight of all those wonderful books. I guess the other girls were at the mall with their friends. πŸ™‚

    • Hi AM,
      You have an advantage on me here. I hate shopping but I am terrified of libraries.
      I think it’s the smell, I think it must bring back memories of being a kid and not being able to find anything and I do remember getting shouted at a lot in libraries because i’m a fidget and a chatterbox. Being dyslexic and not able to read made going to libraries really hard. I went into our town centre library and it’s MASSIVE. I started to hyperventilate and nearly passed out. So now if I need a book I go to a REALLY tiny library. I even phone up and order it in so I can just collect it at reception.
      Love and hugs.
      Lisa. xx πŸ™‚

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