Supermarkets and Muddy Puddles (Repost)

Hello my lovely bloggy friends

After the crappy day I had yesterday I thought it would be fun to post one of my happier posts.

I had a look at quite a few and decided I wanted to share this one again.

Supermarkets and Muddy Puddles

What have Supermarkets got to do with muddy puddles I hear you all asking?

Well…….Quite a LOT… if you live in my head actually! Let me explain……

As an aspie one place I hate the most is the supermarket. Everything is SO confusing, I can never find anything so I get flustered.

The fluorescent tube lighting then starts to flicker, I mean I can actually see the lights flickering.

Do any other aspies get that?

Then there is the awful choice of supermarket music Β that always seems to hiss in my head.

With worse still the adverts and announcements over the top….that I find slightly deafening.

To top ALL of this confusion… is trying to avoid all the many people and their ramming trolleys.

…………Errrrrrgggh it’s just a nightmare. It’s far too much to take in all at once.


The Co-op supermarket
I gave up on large supermarket a while ago and just decided it was easier to go to the Co-op.

This is a smaller British supermarket that really only ever has OAP’s and aspies in it…I’m sure of this…hehehe

So when I go shopping at the Co-op, I can actually enjoy the experience. They play pleasant music that me and the kids enjoy dancing along to and very often singing as well. When *AJ Comes with us he will scoot up and down the aisles on the trolley, because the shop is almost empty. While *CAL enjoys spinning around skipping happily and throwing the shopping at the trolley as it flies past.

My Carrot and My Banana

I just had a thought…I should get them to go next time in their Carrot and Banana costumes, can you imagine that.

A dancing Carrot and a scooting Banana….I’m just giggling my head off.

Anyway……Onto Muddy Puddles!

Peppa Pig…jumping in muddy puddles

Do I really need to explain muddy puddles, they are just SO much fun.

When it’s tipping down with rain and you put your wellies on, is there really any better fun than jumping up and down in a muddy puddle.

Or is this just me, my kids and Peppa Pig???

I personally think that secretly… way down deep, everyone would love to dance in the supermarket and jump up and down in muddy puddles.

I could be totally wrong, and sounding like a loon….. but I don’t think I am!!!


This morning I didn’t really feel my full self, I was feeling quite down.

Arrrrr…what was wrong Lisa???……… you’re all asking because you all love me so much

I felt really insecure about who I am!

Then I remembered something!!!

And…….. it’s something you are ALL going to get really sick of hearing me say.

YES…here we go again…….!

“I am Aspie-Happy, I am a multi coloured Rainbow and I turn negativity upside down!”

I also like dancing in supermarkets and jumping in muddy puddles….hehehe

So here is a poem that I wrote for my friend that has also helped me today.

Supermarkets and Muddy Puddles

by Alienhippy

So do we really, really care, what people think of us

They look… they stare… they have a glare

But really given half the chance

Wouldn’t they just love to dance

Around the supermarket


God gave us joy deep in our hearts

So we can make a brand new start

And leave behind the worldly part

And…JUMP IN MUDDY PUDDLES….Woooo-hoooo!!!


So come on Lisa….His love is true

He keeps on writing poems for you

And…making SURE that they get through

So you can just be YOU! XXXX


And, here is a video just because I like it and I think you will too. x

8 thoughts on “Supermarkets and Muddy Puddles (Repost)

  1. I hadn’t owned a pair of wellies since I was little. Then BB’s feet got bigger than mine (!) and he outgrew a pair that were my size. I started wearing them to walk round the park in the rain, and remembered why walking through muddy puddles felt so good! Now I love wellies, and puddles, and I wish I could dance in supermarkets too. I would if I saw someone else doing it. I wish you could come and dance in my Co-Op, because then I’d join in πŸ™‚

    • We have a country park by my home that has a wonderful rain trap. It’s so great for puddle jumping. My one dog Zazzy (she is a Lurcher and just loves to run REALLY fast) She bombs it through this puddle, she absolutely loves it. So me and my *CAL, *AJ thinks he’s out grown it now…teens, pfft, he’ll be back πŸ™‚ We jump around in the puddle while our MAD Zazzy runs straight through it, with great excitement.
      Absolutely…I’d dance with you in the co-op. It would be fun!
      Love and hugs.
      Lisa. xx πŸ™‚

  2. I needed to read through this post twice since it was interesting! gorgeous expression, a easily beneficial article. Thank you. I result your site to wish you prolonged success.

  3. I loved this post the first time and have enjoyed it just as much this time. Love the video. Me thinks you must have some of your Nanny Linda’s genes. Dancing in Fine Fare Supermarket was one of her things. I feel sorry for the Designer Children who have to look pristine and would not be allowed to jump in a muddy puddle. Love you xxxx

    • Yep…I think I must take after my Nanny Linda, and also our Mom would dance around the Co-op when it was empty, which was most of the time with the one across the road.
      Who doesn’t love jumping in muddy puddles? It’s so much fun!
      Remember the little girl I used to look after who was ALWAYS in designer clothes.
      I used to change her into *AJ’s hand me downs and she loved getting dirty.
      Her parents didn’t collect her till 7pm so I used to clean her back up and put back on her labels and no one was none the wiser.
      Love you too Auntie Linda. xxx πŸ™‚

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