Looping Around The House

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Hello my lovely bloggy friends

Today my Friend Laura, a fellow Aspie blogger,

Life in the House That Asperger Built

Wrote a wonderful post called

“Getting Unstuck.”

In this post Laura asks what others do with their loops. She also explains what she has found, so far, that helps her best when she is looping. Laura mentions the communication that we had earlier on in the day and how poetry helps me to focus.

Also in the comments other Aspies explain their ways through.

We are all so very different and what works for one may not work for another.

This is my explanation of my loops, it is what I left as a comment to Laura’s post.

Laura’s post got me really thinking.


I get loops ALL the time, but I notice the negative ones most because they make me so bloody miserable. My happier loops are lovely and I call them my Aspie-happy as you already know.

I have also got my LOVELY loop, which I try to keep active all the time.

I like naming things, can you tell…giggle

I also have my MENTAL MARTHA loop, this one loves to clean and be bossy.
I REALLY don’t like my NOT KNOWING loop this is where it starts for me.
If I can catch it at the NOT KNOWING and either get the answers I need, or redirect my thinking, this I do with writing poetry, as you mentioned.

Sometimes Art will help if I’m inspired that way…painting abstract is extremely relaxing for me. Painting will helps once I’ve hit FRANTIC, but I make a hell of a mess.

I find praying is very good for focus. It also helps calm the FRANTIC.

If I know the answers are not within my control.
(In other words I’m stressed by others and their choices)
I have to be very disciplined with myself and change my thinking.
I do literally have to say out loud,
“NO, that is a negative loop starting there, I’m NOT going there!”

Sometimes I can’t stop my thoughts from entering my FRANTIC THOUGHT loop.
Once I’m in my FRANTIC THOUGHT loop I just have to go through it…This is not a nice place to have to go, as you know yourself my friend. I have noticed that just as I hit the NOT KNOWING I obsess on anything and everything that gives me hope. I know that this can drive those around me nuts. I am now learning how to enter this stage willingly and calmly so I can think through, work through and pray through it more clearly.

Keeping a reflective Journal and working through my Automatic Negative Thoughts on a template has really helped me with this. I allow my body to move around and fidget now it helps slow the cycles, this then brings together all the random images and visual clips.

Going to a quiet solitary place where no one can judge who I am, allows me this freedom to just be me, and I find I get through it so much quicker this way.
This is my way, as I learn more I will let you know.


Not long ago I wrote “Me and my loops”

This post explained a little about what it is like for me going into my FRANTIC THOUGHT loop.

It’s a place that I don’t enjoy but I know I will learn from there, if I accept and go through it. I can write my way out now a lot quicker than I could before. Singing is also very helpful for me and I love playing my guitar. I go to my conservatory and close the door, I just sing, write and pray. I also paint, talk to myself and write and pray some more. 🙂

Eventually… it will pass and I do come through.

Now I also mentioned my LOVELY loop, this is my positive loop that I try to focus on every day.

I pray through this loop every morning. It is filled with all things good.

Focussing on all that is good and positive in my life fills me with joy.

There is a scripture in Philippians that speaks of this.

My lovely friend Fi reminded me of it just this morning.

Philippians 4:4-9 (Follow the link if you want to look it up)

This scripture is absolutely beautiful, it is calming and I feel lifted whenever I read it.


Now to finish off, here is something fun, I’m a terrible YouTube junky.

Here is the Mystery Guitar Man with Looping Around.

And yep… this is just like me in my Hyper Aspie-happy

I bet you all can’t help but do the happy-dance to this

Watch you don’t break your chairs, or fall out of them…giggle.

Love and hugs to you all. xx 🙂


7 thoughts on “Looping Around The House

  1. You have found a way of coping with your loops which is a good thing. Coping strategies are different for all of us. Love you xxxx

  2. This might explain why BB asks the same question over and over when he knows the answer: he’s in a loop and trying to hold onto the knowledge. Maybe. Anyway, thanks for sharing!

    • Thank you for your comment it made me think.
      I sometimes ask the same question to many people to get different view points.
      In doing this I can breakdown a complicated question and find a way through it.
      It can also confuse me though, and this then tends to cause a negative reaction.
      I can get quite annoyed with noise because I’m trying to think.
      Or….I can go off in my own daydream land and ignore everyone.
      We are all so very different though, I share what I know in the hope it can help Mums like yourself.
      Love and hugs.
      Lisa. xx 🙂

  3. Love the video! Phil Keaggy uses looping with his guitar playing and it is phenomenal!

    I definitely can get stuck in loops at times. Thankfully, I get to frantic much less than when I was younger, for me that means feeling like my head is going to explode from the pressure inside. I used to wish I would just completely lose my mind and be done with it, but it always passes eventually and takes less time to pass now that I have more awareness of it (and better meds!).

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