So…What would you do? How would you feel?



Hello my lovely bloggy friends,

Ok…I was sitting thinking how to write up some thoughts when there was a knock at the door.

Now this is TOTALLY God!!! Not knocking at the door but working things out. LOL

It was AJ’s best friend *DW.Klymax, a 17 year old lad with Autism.

Today is Mother’s Day in the UK, so DW being the lovely lad he is, was walking to the florist to get his Mom some flowers.

He saw a full grown Rottweiler not far from our house.

Now *DW is actually scared of Dogs,

but he has met ROCK and knows he is just a big fat dope.

*DW told me he could tell it was ROCK even though all Rottweiler’s look similar.

ROCK was soaking wet from the rain and terrified outside on the front.

He was on the grass verge because he is extremely scared of the traffic noise.

He’s always been the same, he also can’t cope with being away from the family.

I wonder if he has maybe picked up some Aspieness….giggle.

We live on a main road. So you can imagine how scared he was.

This young lad, bless him, was walking towards a loose, full grown Rottweiler.

Hoping and probably praying that it WAS actually ROCK.

He called him and ROCK ran at him at full pelt.

*DW then caught him and brought him home.

He then explained to me where he had found him. He’s such a good lad!

I’m so proud of him and he was also proud of himself for being a hero!


Now this is where I am VERY VERY VERY annoyed.

The fence in our garden is joint responsibility with the neighbour.

However, in the last 17 years I am the one who has had to keep replacing and repairing it.

My neighbour just will not contribute.

The fence needs replacing again and it’s not going to be cheap. It’s 140ft long.

ROCK somehow managed to find a way through the other day and he did it again today.

He is a very large and loving dog, but he needs space to plod around.

He can’t stay inside all day, like a little dog could.

Rather than come and knock my door and tell me my dog was in her garden.

My neighbour let him through her entry and out onto the front. Where he could have been killed.

She then had the cheek to come round and tell us that she did this.

Now I know that Rottweiler’s have got a reputation, and I understand people’s fear of them.

Some animals are made this way by people and some are imbalanced.

This person has seen my children playing in the garden with ROCK.

She know of him and she can see how loved he is.

She has seen his temperament and his loving personality


My Little *CALΒ  is now really worried

She thinks ROCK will escape again and get hurt. She is actually quite upset.

It doesn’t matter how many times I tell her that he won’t do it again, she saw how upset ROCK was by all this. My Little *CAL really loves her ROCKY BOY!

ROCK is her best friend, he looks after her when we have electrical power cuts. *CAL is terrified of the dark.

When she fell over and hurt herself at the school sports day, it was only ROCK that made her feel better.

We have been out and secured the garden

We have locked the lawn area of the garden off now, and the dogs are secure in a smaller area.

We will be getting our builder round to do all this fencing as soon as he can.

I did need a new tumble dryer, Fridge and TV really.

As all these things are either broken or about to die on me.

But my dogs, ROCK and Zazzy need to be kept safe.

They are FAR too important to this family to risk this happening again.


I sometimes wonder???

Is this how British culture has become, or have I just got an invisible sign over my head that reads,

“Kick me, I’m an Aspie!”

This same neighbour caused so much upset and unnecessary stress for my family when the building work was being done.

I try to make allowances for her because she is on her own and seems lonely.

But what she did today, when she knows how much me and my kids love our animals is REALLY very hurtful.


Ok…..I have had my little moan and now I feel a bit better.





14 thoughts on “So…What would you do? How would you feel?

  1. Sorry about your neighbour; you should pray for her. But I bet you already do.

    *DW was incredibly brave and good neighbourly.

    Are you on Freegle? People give away stuff they don’t want, including tumble dryers, fridges and tvs.

    There is probably a group in your area. It’s free to sign up; the only requirement before you ask for something is that you give something away.

    • Thanks for that Tilly, I’ll have a look at the link.
      Funny….I do pray for her and that helps me to keep being nice to her.
      I can’t help but think that if I acted like her, she might respect me more though.
      But, I just wouldn’t feel right about it and at the end of the day I’m wanting peace with myself and God. She can behave how she wants, I’m an Aspie, I have a life time of this sort of behaviour towards me under my belt.
      God is my one true constant and Jesus is my best friend.
      I’m happy with that.
      Love, hugs, blessings and peace to you my friend.
      Lisa. xxx πŸ™‚

  2. Oh my goodness! First off, I could listen to your kids all day!! They are adorable and the dog walk…can you see how Rock looks up to *AJ–that is pure love!

    The neighbor sounds like a priggy one–I’m not sure how to deal with her. Have you talked to her about the fencing?? I think that’s where I’d start. At minimum have a little chat if she’s around and talk to her about maybe letting Rock back through the yard and NOT out the front door. That bit seems a little thoughtless. I always try to be nice and see where she’s coming from—being mean tends to make matters worse…

    I don’t think it has anything to do with you but rather her not thinking things through….

    Uggh, this IS a stick wicket, isn’t it?!?

  3. I’m boiling inside at the thought of of it all .Yes your dog could have been hurt .I’m an animal lover and can’t stand the thought of them being hurt or abused .The neighbor ,even though she’s alone and lonely has no right to let your dog out of it’s safe area .
    I still go on care2 and sign as many petitions as possible concerning animals.
    I hope she doesn’t do it again .

  4. Hi Lisa – ah, now I understand. I cannot believe that your neighbour would NOT have ALERTED you to the fact that Rock was in her garden…instead of letting him out to potentially walk under a car. It sounds like she could easily have done so before Rock escaped. Poor Rock. My heart goes out to him and also to you guys – I would be devastated also if that happened to Stormy – she would be so scared and the idea of her having an accident fills me with dread.

    I would just secure your fence and not have anything to do with her any more. I believe we ought to be nice and neighbourly, but when it is thrown in our face, I don’t think we have ANY further responsibility to be nice any longer.

    Love and hugs
    Chloe xx

  5. Glad Rock is all safe now. He doesn’t like walking at all doe’s he. It was obvious even on his first walk. He’s like a big soft teddy bear. Love you xxxx

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