“A place where I can be me!”

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Hello my lovely bloggy friends,

Please take a few seconds to read what it says at the top of my blog.

That’s right.

Alienhippy’s Blog,

“A place where I can be me!”

I started this blog by complete accident.

I came to look at the beautiful art work of Suzanne Burgos.

Her work is amazing and she introduced me to this world of blogging and very kindly gave me instructions and encouragement to be myself and express who I am.

I met Suzanne through Care2.com

To start with…

I could only really express myself through my art and poetry.

My life as an undiagnosed Aspie had gotten to a point where…

I was too afraid to be me in any other way.

Later on with the help of the friendships I have made here.

Fiona, from Welcome to the mad house, has become a close friend.

Also Laura from, Life in the House That Asperger Built.

These two ladies have been a ray of hope and inspiration to me over the last 9 months.

Reading their blogs and getting to know them has been an honour and I am able to share quite openly now about my life as an undiagnosed Aspie with dyslexia.

Please take the time to read the following link,

It’s very short, it is the first written post I ever did.

It’s called……“I haven’t got a clue!”

Really I hadn’t got a clue, can you tell!!

Like I said I started this blog by complete accident.

I didn’t read the log in correctly to look at Suzanne’s art.

It asked for a user name, so I put in my gamer name, so that I wouldn’t forget.

Playing computer games had become my escape, I will say I was extremely obsessed, especially to YoVille, FarmVille and Cafe World…giggle.

My blog was born and I REALLY wasn’t expecting it.

I actually turned the computer off and thought it would go away.

The next day I opened it back up and started to play.

The Aspie instinct in me needed to know, I’m not good with the NOT KNOWING!!

This blog and the friends I have through it have changed my life.

I no longer feel so alone, I know there are other people who are like me.

When I am here with my friends I don’t feel like I’m an Alien, I am Lisa.

And this is my place…”A place where I can be me!”

I can go about my days and feel good about myself because I know now that I’m not defective I’m just different, I don’t need fixing, I don’t need to be changed, I don’t need to change. I am me…and my Aspieness is part of me.

I watched a video today and shared it on my facebook and asked everyone I know, or have known in my past, to pass the word on…Autism Awareness, lets RETHINK shall we?!

I’m having to rethink everything these days, when I realised I am an Aspie, it was like the lights had been turned on.

I hate the thought of any little Aspie/Auties being in the dark.

I also hate the thought of any Autistic Adults feeling the aloneness that being in the darkness brings.

So let’s turn on the lights…and bring smiles to those who live feeling like Aliens…PLEASE!!!

Love and hugs my friends. xx πŸ™‚




22 thoughts on ““A place where I can be me!”

  1. So glad you started blogging so we could meet one another. This is the third place I’ve come across this video now in the past day, and I think it’s fantastic .

  2. I am very glad that you started blogging too!! I saw the video in several places yesterday and thought it was really great as well. Hopefully many will be open to the message.

  3. I really enjoy your blog Lisa. I can relate to so much of what you write. Your posts often give me a lift and I have learned a lot here. πŸ™‚
    The video is very effective. I hope it gets a lot of exposure.

    • Hello my friend,
      I really miss you when you don’t pop by, you’re one of people who really lift me.
      You are such an encourager Bruce, who you are bring me a smile.
      I should think to many others too.
      You are yet another multi coloured Rainbow, who brings us Aspie-happiness.
      Love and hugs.
      Lisa. xx πŸ™‚

  4. Lisa—I like to think that things happen for a reason and sometimes later we find out the reason as to why we did what we did. Does that make any sense??? I’m glad you started blogging and letting me see things in a new light. See, if you wern’t blogging I’d be missing some parts of understanding that I’ve gained from you. You’ve opened my eyes to looking at things in a whold new way and for that I thank you.

    I’m glad you are you, exactly as you are, as you were meant to be–hugs and love to you sweetie.

    xxoo lizbeth

    • Hello lovely Lizbeth, πŸ™‚
      Yes…you make PERFECT sense my friend.
      I’m glad my dyslexia is such a blessing.
      Blogging has changed my life and opened my eyes.
      It has also given me friends.
      Aspie/Auties need friends, we are just not good at finding and keeping them.
      Computer have given us a voice.
      Love you loads.
      Lisa. xxx πŸ™‚

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