He’s off on the trains again.

Mr Locoman and his brothers

Yep…I’m a railway widow for the weekend.

Even though I have known about this Rail tour for some time it was still a shock for me to wake up this morning, a Saturday, on my own.

The house feels empty

*AJ is really into ice skating at the moment, he’s having lessons and will be at the ice rink probably for about 6-9 hrs today.

He was gone before I even woke up…I do hope he thought to feed himself, he gets so absorbed and doesn’t always remember.

Yep…ice skating is his new special interest.

So the house seems really quiet.

All I can hear is *CAL playing on her wii in the front room. It’s warm here for England and both my dogs are wanting to be in the garden. It’s really quite odd for a Saturday, I’m not used to it being so quite.

I haven’t got a lot to say today but I thought I’d share this photo of Mr Locoman and his two brothers.

Mr Locoman is the one in the middle.

This was from the last trip when he was firing the steam.

I’m not sure if he is on steam or diesel today.

When you have heard the amount of train talk I have heard, for the amount of years I have heard it…..!!!

Remember as well that I’m an Aspie, no excuse really…but I know I switch off.

I think if everyone is totally honest we all do it.

Just that I don’t know I’m doing it, as I play a visual of something more interesting over the top.

I think I have said it before, I could be wrong though.

I once saw a visual clip from the Lion king played over the top of a person who was talking trains.

It was in full colour too, I could even hear Raffiki speaking to me.

I don’t know where that one popped in from.

I was probably in need of inspiration.

Let me just say this was NOT my hubby, he doesn’t bore me with this stuff.

I like this photo though, my Locoman is REALLY happy when he gets to play trains.

I just thought…My sister lent me a DVD

Perhaps I’ll watch that today. Mozart and the Whale. It’s about Aspies.

Love and hugs everyone. xx 🙂

Here is the clip I saw as a visual, it’s so very inspiring.


20 thoughts on “He’s off on the trains again.

  1. Hi gorgeous;
    We are now at Carnforth and the ‘run’ from Crewe has been amazing. I wish I could give you a picture but am too far down the train.
    Mom made some sausage and bacon butties and have some lunch as well.
    Love you loads.

  2. I am glad Mr. Locoman enjoys his trains so much. We all need special things to enjoy.

    Having a quiet house can be wonderful. My middle son is off sleeping over at a friend’s house, and the oldest left a while ago for all-day activity. There’s just me and Hubby and our littlest guy playing quietly in the background. It’s a pleasant break from lots of activity.

    Hope you enjoy your day. I’d be interested to hear if you like the movie.

  3. Hi gorgeous;
    We have now arrived at Carlisle and getting some fish and chips, paid for by dad. There is also haggis on the menu at this chip shop. Don’t see that often.
    Trip has been brilliant so far. The amount of people who have come to watch the train has been staggering.
    Love you loads.

  4. Hope you’ve had a good Saturday despite the house feeling a little empty – it sounds like Mr Locoman has had a good day. Tell him to stay away from Haggis at all costs though! lol 😉

    Love and hugs,
    Chloe xx

    • Hello my friend,
      Next time he goes on one of these trips.
      I think me and *CAL might pack a picnic and pop on the motorway. 😉
      Love you loads
      Lisa. xxx 🙂 {{{munch}}}

  5. I love the train picture. I still remember when my son went through the train stage and we had to ride on the only local train on Oahu and travel to Maui to ride on that one too. They are both former sugar cane trains. He would have loved to ride on a train like the one in the picture. I hope you had a relaxing weekend and enjoyed the movie.

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