My Mr Locoman

3rd October 1998

Hello my lovely bloggy friends,

Mr Locoman made me a wonderful full English breakfast, he has a few flex days and it’s lovely having him around, he keeps himself so very busy…giggle.

If I told you girls you would all be so very jealous, so I’ll keep it to myself and only share with those I know I can TOTALLY trust….. LOL

Anyways, we were chatting and he said to me,

“I don’t feel like I have any totally clear goals in my life, have you got any goals?”

Well…I was totally shocked by this,

It’s not AT ALL like my hubby to ask these sort of questions over breakfast.

I thought for a while and then replied in my usually stupid way…you know the one where I try to be funny and end up just being ridiculously clumsy.

“Hmmmm, goals….yep I’ve got goals, get to understand myself a lot better, raise the kids so they function in this crazy world and… survive our marriage.” ……….Then I burst out laughing.

My husband is a saint…

How on earth he has put up with me for all these years I will never know.

My Mom made him a card once, telling him he was the most patient of beings and that he deserved a medal for all he does for his family.

She was totally right of course, she was so very wise and loving.

The thing is though…

Mr Locoman knows me well enough now to not get upset but to laugh it off.

He giggled at me laughing and then he said…

“Well that’s just great I have to be survived, I was actually being serious.

I wanted to know what goals you have!”

Oh dear I thought….Eeeeek

Yet another time where this Aspie doesn’t read the signs correctly, good job he ADORES me….LOL

I stuffed my mouth with bacon and tomato and thought for a while.

“Ok….my goal everyday is to learn something new.”

Mr Locoman nodded and hmmmmm’d expecting more.

So I said something like this…..

There are lessons everywhere if we open our eyes and hearts to learning from everything and everyone throughout the day.

Sometimes God gives us something we don’t want to learn, it causes us hurt and tears, it’s accepting that challenge.

I know though that through tears comes healing, through healing comes strength.

Through God’s strength we learn , grow and don’t forget.

So my goal is to know God better and learn His lessons every day.

Mr Locoman then said, “That’s a wonderful goal.”


Let me just say here that Mr Locoman is totally fine about me sharing this.

Also, I would like to say that even though my husband has not got a faith;

He is an example of Love, Patience, kindness, gentleness and self control.

I love him to bits. I am very blessed.


21 thoughts on “My Mr Locoman

  1. What beautiful photos Lisa.The smile on your face in your wedding picture says so much. And what a lovely husband you have.

  2. I still can’t believe we both got married on exactly the same day on exactly the same year!
    Beautiful post Lees 🙂

    • Hello my lovely Fi,
      I know I still can’t believe it myself either, totally weird innit?!
      I thought you’d like this post… 😉 😉
      I love you so much.
      Lees. xxxx

    • Well there’s not many around that will take on all the hassle of a ready made family.
      Tilly…*AJ fell in love with him and then I followed.
      Love and hugs. xx 🙂

  3. What a wonderful husband you have – isn’t it so great to find someone who loves and accepts us as we are?!

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