Thank you God for loving me

The Return of the Prodigal Son, Rembrandt

Thank you God for loving me

by Alienhippy

Thank you God for loving me

Accepting ALL my ways

Opening my heart to see

You’re guiding all my days


You speak within my spirit

Your still small voice I hear

To avoid Your love I sometimes hide

Not seeking till You’re clear


I only really hurt myself

Not listening to Your voice

You only want to cherish me Lord

So You give me my own choice


Free will is what You offer

I can still pursue my own plans

I forget Your plans will never harm

You have my life in Your hands


I keep going on my own strength

Till I end up down on my knees

You come to me and gently lift

Your Holy Spirit frees


I must remember to press into You

And not keep going on alone

That You accept every part of me

And Your love will bring me home


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