That’s my girl!!!

Hello my lovely bloggy friends,

Have you EVER been to a 4D film???

If you have you will know what I’m talking about, if not let me explain.

3D…with extra sensory stuff added…wind, movement, sprays of water…you get the picture.

About 3 years ago,

before I really understood about my own Autistic traits, let alone those of my family. I took my *CAL to the Sea life centre. We love fishes as everyone who follows this blog already knows.

Well… they were showing a film in 4D.

*CAL at this point had been to the cinema many times, and even though she was quite fearful when the lights went out, she was ok as long as Mommy held her tight.

I didn’t think to ask what 4D actually meant, *CAL had watched 3D SHREK many times at home and loved it.

So we went in with our 3D glasses all excited about this 4D fish movie.

We were escorted to the back row,

the furthest away from the EXIT…Shall we call it EMERGENCY EXIT>>>OMGOODNESS I think we should.

The film was about a whale

There was a sea breeze blowing through the 4D cinema. *CAL got a bit concerned about this. Then the sea got choppy and the chairs started to move. She stood up and got a bit freaked….Then the worst possible thing EVER happened to a child with sensory integration dysfunction. The whale ascended from the depths of the sea looked around and blew water out of its blow-hole. This was simulated with sprays of water all over the audience.

Of course my then undiagnosed Autistic daughter, screamed the place down. She was hysterical and I could not catch her, she was running up the walls desperate to get out.

These types of films should REALLY display warning for those with sensory problems.

This started a fear of the cinema

Just the mention of 3D/4D is enough to throw my *CAL into a panic attack. Those who follow my blog will also remember the performance I had convincing the school how *CAL would react to a cinema trip. You can read this post here if you missed it (The DREADED Cinema Trip)

Good came out of it though

*CAL’s teachers actually witnessing this, was very helpful in pushing forward the diagnosis. So even though it was SO VERY painful to see her like this it actually helped, because it wasn’t just me that could see it anymore, others could see it too.

TODAY *CAL had a victory!!

We went to get ink for our printer. In PC World they had QUITE a few 3D TV’s on display.

*CAL froze when she saw them and read the 3D sign, but she decided FOR HERSELF to push herself.

PUSH…I like that she does this, you know they sell wristbands in Christian shops with PUSH on them.

Pray Until Something Happens…P.U.S.H.

I certainly do a lot of praying about these things.

I will let these photo show you the rest… 🙂

My *CAL is quite the fighter, that’s my girl!


11 thoughts on “That’s my girl!!!

  1. I’ve seen a couple of these – I don’t like them! But yay for CAL, pushing herself to face her fears. 🙂

    • I went to see Alice in wonderland in 3D, I must say it sort of ruined it for me.
      I was constantly aware that things should seem different so I didn’t really watch the film. I can’t remember any of it…giggle.
      Just another example of how my Aspie/dyslexic brain can only focus on one thing at a time with totally absorption
      Love and hugs. xx 🙂

    • Thank you Tilly, she really really tries so very hard to do everything.
      If only people could see the effort she has to put in to push through her sensory difficulties.
      Maybe one day Aspergers/HFA will be understood, and those who struggle will be recognised for their hard effort and personal achievement instead of targets and statistics.
      That’s what I hope and pray anyway.
      Love and hugs. xx 🙂

  2. Well done *CAL for overcoming your fears ! You are very brave; much more than me !!
    I think we need to start saving for a new TV in 3-D and find Dad an extra job to pay for it !

  3. Such a brave girl. Good for *CAL.

    It’s interesting to me that my Simon also had a big problem with the Percy Jackson film you mentioned in your other post. Simon went with a friend and the friend’s mom. I don’t know what exactly was going on with him, but something peaked during a scene with Medusa, and I got a call partway through the movie saying he was pacing in the lobby and wouldn’t go back into the theater. She and I got to have a nice chat about autism after that. It turns out her son is on the spectrum too, which is something I had suspected but hadn’t had confirmed.

    I’ve never been to a movie where they sprayed water on people, but I can’t watch the ones where the seats move. I tried once and had to hold onto my chair and close my eyes just for a three-minute viewing at some kind of casino attraction. I can’t imagine how I’d feel if there was stuff being sprayed on me, too.

  4. It is really wonderful that CAL is now really pushing herself to deal with her fears. This is something I can relate to as a child and an adult. She is doing really well and I am very proud of her. Love you all xxxx

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