That made me smile!!

Hello my lovely bloggy friends.

Today at work in the play ground I was ABSOLUTELY freezing.

I knew it was cold, so I had gone prepared.

Thermals…I mean long sleeve, and long legged thermals.

Two pairs of socks. Boots.

Jeans. Jumper.

Winter coat.

Hat, scarf, gloves.

You get the idea…I was well and truly dressed for a cold wintery day.

The play ground I am supervising this week

Is very exposed and the wind blows across the fields.

I was shivering after the first 15 minutes.

I tend to pace when I’m cold, so this is what I did, up and down my play ground.

A young girl…let’s call her *Annie

Started to skip along side of me.

I have noticed this child quite a lot, she plays quite happily on her own.

She is extremely friendly with everyone, but doesn’t seem to have any regular friends.

She has chatted with me a few times and I recognise this style of conversation and questions.

But I am not a professional, just an Aspie dinner lady, who struggled through school.

My friend joked with me the other day about having Aspie radar.

I guess I recognise those similar to myself.


*Annie was skipping along side of me twirling around and jumping and hopping and just looking so very pleased with life.

I suddenly realised that she had no coat on, I said,

“*Annie…I am freezing cold and I’ve got so many layers on.

Where is your coat? Aren’t you cold sweetie?”

This is what she said and I nearly cried.

“No Miss!! I’m skipping and dancing. I’m hopping and jumping. I’m smiling and spinning. My happiness is keeping me warm!”

Isn’t that just so beautiful, kids say some of the most inspiring things.

Of course, I’m her dinner lady…I sent her in for her coat.

Only after I had told her, that what she said had made my heart smile. 🙂


Love and hugs to you my friends. xx 🙂




17 thoughts on “That made me smile!!

  1. I wonder why someone in the school didn’t see her going out without her coat .if you weren’t there ,she could have frozen .Why would the children be out on such a cold day anyway? If you had to put all those things on to keep warm,then why was this child outside .I just can’t believe it ,can you ?I know the purpose of your article wasn’t about her being outside without a coat,it’s what she said to you,and that was wonderful .Thanks for being there to protect her .

    • It’s our British weather Eileen.
      British people talk about the weather all the time….do you know why???
      Because it constantly changes.
      Take today for example, I went in my coat and scarf and had to take them off.
      I ended up with about 12 coats pilled at my feet, because once I took mine off the kids wanted theirs off too.
      *Annie probably sneaked out without her coat, she wouldn’t have been allowed out without it.
      I probably should have written that in my post…Oooopsi, silly me!!
      Love and hugs my friend. xx 🙂

    • You are very welcome Bruce,
      I should share more of what I hear in the playground.
      Kids are just so wonderful in the way they are.
      Some days though, usually the windy days, they can be right little…… can fill that in.
      Love and hugs my friend. xx 🙂

    • Oh Fi, you should have seen her.
      It was just adorable.
      I couldn’t wait to share it, it was just one of those moment were you wish you could record it. I’m lucky that way….my Aspie brain can play it anytime. I have it in my lovely loop now, with all my other lovely moments and people.
      Love you so much.
      Leesy. xxxx

  2. My heart is smiling too – thank you for sharing this beautiful encounter! It’s so nice that you are on the playground to watch out for girls like Annie.

    • Yes it sure can be a rewarding job, when I encounter moments like this I can’t help but thank God for opening my eyes. I could so easily miss them.
      Love and hugs. xx 🙂

  3. Children do say the most amazing things sometimes. I REALLY do wish that I had collected all the fumny and profound things that *AJ came out with when he was younger. It would put a big grin on my face every time I read them.

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