Can we fix it??? Yes we can!!!

Bob and Wendy

Hello my lovely bloggy friends

I’m going to share something today that is looping around in my head. I’m just going to babble in the hope of getting some understanding for myself.

In 1995 I became a single parent, my marriage broke down and I lost my home. I’ve shared about this before. So I’m not going to bore you.

When this finally went to court and I got my home back, it was not the home I remembered. EVERYTHING was wrecked. My cooker was disgusting, all the mattresses on every bed were filthy. My carpets were all stained and sticky. The drainage had broken and it had not been reported, which meant I had waste all over my patio and flowing into my shrubbery. To top it all my electric had been overloaded and two circuits had completely blown.

The tenants obviously lost their deposit,

It was only enough to fix the electrics. I was a single mom living on single parent benefits. Don’t get me wrong I had enough to survive, but there wasn’t enough to replace the damage that had been done to my home and furniture.

I was glad to have my own home again, I worked really hard getting everywhere clean. *AJ was only three and I hated that the house was not how I had made it for him. Before I had to move out, I was suffering badly with OCD. (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder a poem I wrote) My home was immaculate and I spent every minute of the day keeping it that way.

Being a single parent was hard work,

I had to become both Mom and Dad. Having to think and re-think how to raise a little boy on my own. I had to learn how to do all the DIY and Gardening, how to maintain my car. Plus do all the housework, cooking, cleaning. *AJ was a handful…giggle. He was so hyper ALL the time.

I got pretty good at the more practical side of things.

DIY was actually easier for me than I thought it would be. I built my own shed and rabbit hutches. I even relayed a new patio and path down my garden. Which is 180 feet long people. That’s quite some going for someone who is only 4’11”

Making things worked out so much cheaper than buying them, so that is what I did. My Aspie brain just craved the need to know how to fix, build and maintain every part of my home. When the toilet broke, I got a DIY book and learnt how to fix it. When asked what would you like for your Birthday Lisa? I replied I need new bits for my power drill. For Christmas I want a circular saw I’m building a new shed, it works out cheaper and stronger to build it in tongue and groove than buy a flat pack cheapo effort. You get the picture….I turned into Wendy from Bob the Builder.

I was a single parent for 5 years

Then I met Mr Locoman. I had absolutely NO intension of EVER remarrying but he won my heart. He just adored my little *AJ and my little *AJ adored him right back.

Mr Locoman is NOT very practical. So for the last 12 years we have had this bit of a role reversal going on. I have carried on with all the DIY, Gardening and minor car maintenance.  Also doing some bits around the house when they have needed doing and they have screamed at me…giggle. Mr Locoman has took over with all the ironing and various other chores he has felt needed doing.

Since the building work was done

AND…now the builders have finished their bit, both of us have felt TOTALLY overwhelmed by the amount of work we have left to do. Our kitchen is workable but we have no fitted kitchen yet, and not enough money to pay to have it fitted anyway. Every room apart from *AJ’s bedroom has been affected. I mean walls have been knocked down, moved, re-arranged in every single room. We have 2 rooms that are finished and comfortable to sit in. *AJ’s bedroom and the conservatory.

I’m not good when I have too much to think about,

Mr Locoman also is not good when things are not organised. We have chatted at length about this over the last few days and feel we both need to have a change.

I have had to back away from my perfectionist view of decorating and let my lovely hubby give it a go. I have taken over with all the housework and chores and I have to keep telling him to stop doing them. He is such a hard worker, it would be so easy for me to be really lazy and do nothing. I won’t though, I’d feel really bad about doing that.

I must say he is doing a really good job

My little *CAL just loves helping me around the house. So I actually feel really content with this change, because I feel like I’m teaching my little girl how to become independent.

Anything is worth a try isn’t it???

I’ll keep you posted on how it goes.

Love and hugs everyone. xx 🙂

Here are a few photos of the re-build

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12 thoughts on “Can we fix it??? Yes we can!!!

  1. Good job, he’s doing a great job! You both have done so much and I can see how beautiful it is. It does take a tole though, all the upheval, things where they shouldn’t be, lumber and supplies in the house instead of furniture. Uggh. Your doing great, hang in there–L

    • Thanks Lizbeth,
      We will get there, we waited so long for this extension, now we just need to finish it off with all the pretties. You’re right though I find it so hard to find stuff now that everywhere has been turned upside down.
      Love and hugs. xx 🙂

  2. Wow that’s some work hun. My recent works were a nightmare. We still need more done. I’m not great at DIY like yourself and certainly not a wendy. Even sadder my other half is not bob lol. Gd luck hope it’s complete soon.x

  3. Roll reversal is good but giving Mr Locoman an opportunity to do DIY will help him and you. He is very good with housework and you are so good with DIY, but roll reversal is a good thing, as you can discover new things about yourself. Love you xxxx

  4. Wow, it looks gorgeous now it’s finished.

    It’s good that you swap roles now and then; it gives each an appreciation of the other.

    I know it’s all still a mess now, but it won’t always be. Just keep chipping away at it.

  5. My son and I watched that show all the time when he was little. I wish I were more of a Wendy sometimes. You used a bad situation to empower yourself to learn new skills. That is so wonderful, and the way you and your hubby work as a team is also nice. I hope you are able to finish more of your home soon. It is nice when you see things repaired to your satisfaction.
    Love and hugs,
    Sue xx

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