Ok…So today is Sunday, the day of rest…LOL

Hello my lovely bloggy friends


Ok…So today is Sunday, the day of rest…LOL

We very rarely rest on Sundays these days. In fact it’s one of my busiest days where I seem to cram every little thing I have not managed to do into the one day thatΒ  Mr Locoman is around to help me.


I got to thinking about Sundays as a kid.

They seemed so different to how they are now. None of the shops were open, so the only things really to do were go to Church and the park.

My Mom was a Sunday school teacher in the Anglican/Methodist Church that we grew up in.

My Dad didn’t have a faith back then, and boy did this cause some interesting Sundays…giggle

Those who follow my blog

Will know that my Dad is diagnosed with Autism. Also I have Aspergers syndrome.

My Mom as far as I’m aware was neuro typical. In other words, I just hate to say this folks but, this is how the world perceives it, my Mom was “normal”

I never really got on with my Dad, we are too alike and he has never come to terms with his differences. So, he has never really enjoyed the parts of me that are like him. AND…I am VERY like him.

I understand this now I’m an adult but when I was a kid I never really understood the rejection I felt from my Dad. My Mom always made me feel loved, she didn’t always understand me but I felt loved.

So Sunday Church services…OMGOODNESS

At around 7 years of age, Mom always gave us the option come to Church with me or stay home with your Dad. It was a very simply choice for me to make…of course I was going with my Mom. My Dad ignored me and spent every Sunday under his car or inventing things in a shed.

If Mom was teaching the Sunday school I was so happy to be in there, she made it so much fun.

If NOT I would scream the place down. Poor Brown Owl she hadn’t got a clue how to control me…bless her.

So Mom would take me into big Church where I would quite happily sit under the chairs/pews doing my colouring and avoiding ALL cheek pinchers.

On the rare occasion that my Dad would come to Church with us, he would never stay afterwards for time of fellowship.

He would be quite nasty to my Mom about her need to talk, “unnecessary chit-chat!” my dad would call it.

None of us understood back then that my Dad had Autism and he found socialising so very hard.

I was ok, I was under the pews hiding with my brother and our box of coloured beads. My Mom was a very friendly person and loved to chat and make new friends. In the week days, when dad was at work, she very often would have so many people pop round for tea and biscuits and Bible study.

I would be quite naughty sometimes, I didn’t like these people taking my Moms attention from me. I remember spitting in the tea cups and putting bogies inside the custard creams. Then sitting there in delight as these people digested my disgusting behaviour. ASD kid fighting back…LOL

Now I’m an adult Aspie

As a child I learnt to mimic and imitate most of my Mom behaviour. I spent so much time with my Mom, up to the age of 12, that I became her shadow. I remember watching how she stood, watching her hands and facial expressions as she talked and copying her.

The people she talked to thought I was being rude and disrespectful, my Mom never once told me off for doing this. Very often she would put people in their place, and then avoid spending time with those who pointed these things out.

Now I can see!

I can understand now why my Dad found Church such hard going. God was softening his heart and the sermons he heard were challenging enough, without all the over stimulation from the mass of Christian fellowship afterwards.

At Church I can cope most weeks with having tea and chatting with other Church goers, I grew up in this, I can ACT like my Mom. but some weeks when I don’t feel close to God or the sermon has challenged the socks off me, I just have to come home. I need to process my thoughts in prayer, sometimes I need to shutdown and just stay in the quiet. I am learning not to pretend anymore, I don’t have to fit, I just need to learn how to be myself. I know with God’s help and guidance I will one day be me to the full.

So today is Sunday…the day of rest.

What were your Sundays like as a kid?


15 thoughts on “Ok…So today is Sunday, the day of rest…LOL

  1. Hi there!
    Oh my goodness, I should have stopped by to see you sooner…I can clearly see “you” in your blog–so beautiful. How you learned so very much by emulating your mother, your strength and at times, like all of us, our insecurities. I love your poems and insight as well.

    As for what we do on Sunday–we do nothing, or try to anyway. It’s our day to recoup from the previous week. Saturday we spend running around and this is the one day we allow ourselves to kick back and do what we want to do–which usually involves reruns of How it’s Made for Alex, Max and Ruby for Lizzy and some nice down-time for me, right after lunch. It doesn’t always work out that way but we try to give it a good go!

    • Hello Lizbeth,
      Welcome to my blog I’m so happy you came to visit.
      I found your comment very encouraging thank you.
      One thing I will let you know is I am really slow at keeping up with comments, I do get to them eventually though and I try my very best to answer all of them.
      Lovely to meet you, I look forward to getting to know you.
      Love and hugs. xx πŸ™‚

  2. You are so amusing Lisa . When you spit in the cups and put buggers in the snacks .lol .Did you ever tell your mother after you grew up .Come on Lisa ,tell me ,just write it in your blog under comments .lol
    As a kid i would go to Sunday school ,which was within walking distance from our house .The church was about 2 miles away ,but i can’t remember my mom going .She used to go when she was a younger woman and knew the Bible very well .
    We would always have a nice home cooked dinner at noon .The afternoon would be mostly peaceful in the country .except when a bunch of relatives would arrive just before lunch unannounced .Then the noisey chattering would take up the rest of the time .I mean LOUD talking ,lol
    take care

    • Yes Eileen I did tell my Mom.
      I think I was about 17 when I told her, she laughed her head off.
      She thought it was really funny….giggle
      Thanks for your comment.
      Love and hugs.
      Lisa. xx πŸ™‚

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  4. Our church started having a Saturday evening service a few years ago, and that is also the service where the special needs room is open (the families chose that as the preferred one since we only had enough volunteers for one service). We love it, and it allows us to laze around on Sunday mornings. Of course, I don’t really get to sleep in, but at least we don’t all have to get ready and be somewhere right away.

    • I will always be around to help you my lovely Fi, you help me so very much.
      Yep…I was a naughty little kid, boggies or boogers in custard creams, spitting in tea cup are only a few of the things I got up to….giggle.
      Love you and everything about you.
      Leesy. xxxx

  5. Ah…and there was I thinking that you had been such a sweet and innocent child ! lol ! πŸ˜€

    Frightening what you said about you being your mum’s shadow…I’m MY mum’s shadow too…we are like two peas in a pod. In the good AND the bad ways!

    Have a great week my friend πŸ˜€
    Chloe xx

    • Chloe,Chloe,Chloe…..me a sweet and innocent child….lmho my dear!!!
      Peas in a pod…I am very much like my Mom in how I am, even though my Autistic traits are like my Dad. I have learnt to conform and can fit because I became like my Mom.
      As a child I remember thinking, everyone likes Mom so if I act like Mom people will like me too. She was a very loving person!
      I have a magnet on my fridge Chloe, it says,
      Mirror, mirror on the wall! I am my Mother after all!

      The good and bad ways I can totally realte too, Chloe.
      Just focus and praise about the good!
      Acknowledge and pray about the bad!
      Also remind me I said this when I forget….giggle.
      Love, hugs and {{{munchies}}} to you and little Stormy.
      Lisa. xx πŸ™‚

  6. Love this Blog, but I’m never having tea and biscuits at yours lol.

    Your Mom and I when we were small would go to Church every Sunday with Nanny Jennifer, a lovely old dear. She would take us and our Neighbours Son’s “The Frenches” who went down in size, like Pan’s Pipes.

    I seem to remember your Mom being quite well behaved but I, like you would sit on the floor, between the pewes generally mucking about and getting very bored with a sermon that I didn’t understand. I would sometimes blow off deliberately, how naughty. Love you xxxx

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