Walking with my eyes wide open

Hello my lovely bloggy friends.

I have not long got back home after leaving my car at the garage. That’s right it has broken down again this time it’s the clutch master cylinder.

I am having to walk everywhere now. So as I was walking back home a poem came to me.

I wrote it down as soon as I got in.


Walking with my eyes wide open

by Alienhippy

Ok then God, my car broke down, so now I have to walk

I miss driving and my music so now I’m going to talk

To you… while walking down the street, my feet and back are hurting

I know I prayed to lose some weight, but REALLY I’m not laughing.


There’s a woman at that bus stop God, she’s wearing a pair of shorts

I can’t believe I’m seeing this, what could be in her thoughts

Maybe in a hotter place, on a warm and sunny island

But not in the middle of winter, on a windy day in England


There’s a bloke walking towards me, my goodness he has 6 dogs

Oh charming that one’s just done some turds, and the bloke’s just left the logs

Why do people do that God, and not bag it up and bin it

It’s really quite disgusting Lord, I’ll watch I don’t step in it


Well I’ve enjoyed my little chat with you while walking down the road

I find it really comforting to know you share my load

People think I’m crazy, I guess I do look quite a loon

I’ve enjoyed this little walk and talk, but can I have my car back soon.


14 thoughts on “Walking with my eyes wide open

  1. Very amusing poem. Now you are into the walking, I have found some styles at the rear of my Close, where we can trot straight across the Farmers Fields on the country routes. I feel a local walk coming on. Love you loads xxxx

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