God will guide the stone

Hello my lovely bloggy friends,

I have another poem to share with you. I wrote this a few days ago and I have only shared it with my closest friend. I have been thinking about this poem regularly since I wrote it and today I felt the need to share it with my lovely bloggy friends.

I feel that as an Aspie with dyslexia my differences could sometimes be seen as obstacles. Sometimes the things I can’t do get me down. Also the ways of others and how I am treated can really hurt me a lot. Finding ways through low times is very important for me, as it is very easy to get stuck and not want to climb back out of the pit.

One of the stories that I find very inspiring is the story of David and Goliath. I just love the thought that this young guy, who looks after sheep. A guy who writes poems, Psalms and sings to God while playing along on his harp. Could actually stand against and defeat a nine foot giant of a man, who stands in full armour with weapons. David did this with a smooth stone from a sling shot.

David trusted God and knew God would guide the stone. David also knew what his talents were, even though he was the youngest son he didn’t let what others thought of him (including his own brothers) ย rock his belief in his own abilities or shake his faith in God. He was quite a feisty young man with plenty of passion for what he believed in.

You can read this story HERE. It is quite short, and very inspiring.

Anyway here is my poem.

Love and hugs. xx ๐Ÿ™‚

God will guide the stone

by Alienhippy

Come close my little one, for you I sent my Son

And I know sometimes itโ€™s hard to trust in me

But I will never leave, I send comfort, I donโ€™t deceive

You have within you my truth to set you free.


Donโ€™t listen to the lies, my word has made you wise

So you can fight, not let the enemy win

The victory I will send, I am your Father and your friend

I gave my Son, He took away your sin


Just trust Iโ€™ll guide the stone, and bring you safely home

Your Goliath to me is just a grain of sand

Be like David sing me psalms, I will deliver you from all harm

I have all your days within my very hand

14 thoughts on “God will guide the stone

  1. This poem is lovely Lisa. Your Mom and I had Ladybird Books when we were little, David & Goliath was one of them. Love you xxxx

  2. AH Lees….just awesome!

    God works in awesome ways doesn’t He!

    I LOVE the thought of Goliath (our problem(s)) being like a grain of sand to God!

    • Hello Kevin,
      Life is full of bumps I’m afraid, I find looking for inspiration and trying to hear God helps.
      Sometimes though it can feel like He is so very far away.
      Hope you feel better soon.
      Love and hugs. xx ๐Ÿ™‚

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