Poem…My Brother. by CAL (age 10)

Just a few hours old, *AJ with CAL

Hello my lovely bloggy friends,

This is a poem that my little *CAL brought home from school yesterday. She wrote it for *AJ, he was so touch by this poem he wants it framed to hang in his bedroom.

I spent the morning looking at photos of the two of them together over the years. I found it very hard to pick just a few, so I decided to share 20 photos of them because I find making decisions quite hard sometimes.

I think it’s one of my Aspie things…giggle.

My Brother.

by CAL (age 10)

My brother is very cute and funny

He goes round with his friends

When it is sunny


He’s good on the guitar

And fantastic when singing

He cheers me up

When someone’s hurt my feelings


He makes really silly voices

And let’s me make some choices

He is silly and clever

He is definitely…

The best brother EVER!

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24 thoughts on “Poem…My Brother. by CAL (age 10)

  1. What a lovely poem *CAL wrote for *AJ! I can see in the photographs how close brother and sister are to each other. It’s very touching to see. I like the picture of them by the swing and the one with little *CAL, in what looks like a snow suit, sitting on young *CAL’s knee the best! How wonderful that they will have all these wonderful moments to share through the rest of their lives. You’ve raised 2 amazing children, Lisa, that love each other so much!

  2. You have done an amazing job raising your AJ & CAL and as I’ve said many times they are both a testimony to you. CAL’s poem is so lovely and it is obvious that they love each other very much. Love to you all xxxx

  3. Lisa, I really like your poems and especially this one about your brother. You have inspired me to try and write a poem about my children. Watch my blog! Thank you for being an inspiration x

    • Hi there willest,
      I love this poem too, it was written by my little girl *CAL she really loves writing poetry. She wrote this one for her brother, my son *AJ he is 17 years old and really looks out for her. Both my kids have ASD. *CAL is diagnosed with Autism, *AJ has many traits of Aspergers syndrome (high functioning autism.) I have a whole section about my kids here on my blog.
      Just look under My Kids, you will find *AJ’s Adventures, *CAL’s cool stuff and also *J’s and *EJ’s Journey. *J and *EJ are my little nephews they are also both showing traits of Autism and *J has severe epilepsy.
      I look forward to reading your poems about your babies, thanks for coming over to visit. I do enjoy meeting new people.
      Love and hugs.
      Lisa. xx 🙂

  4. Well done *CAL; this is a fantastic poem.
    You are really good at writing and much better than your dad !
    I think *AJ is great as well and really protects you.
    Love Dad x

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