“Mom has Chipmunks in her brain!”

Hello my lovely bloggy friends.

This could get silly!

If you are here to read something deep and insightful, this is NOT the post.

This Coffee will kill me.

So this afternoon we were at *CAL’s piano lesson. *Elaine, (*CAL’s piano teacher) always makes me a coffee…EVERY WEEK.

Out of my ridiculous politeness I drink it every week too.

Her coffee is absolutely hideous.

I’m not kidding you, her coffee turns my head inside out and dries my mouth out something terrible.

After drinking only half a cup my eyes feel wide open and my head start racing.

I swear I could stand a spoon up in it, it’s that strong.

I really don’t know what she does to it, I have thought of asking for tea but I’m too afraid of what I might get…giggle.
I don’t actually think that it can be considered coffee by any stretch of the imagination.

Chipmunks in my brain

So how do I get Chipmunks in my brain, it’s the caffeine.  By the time I leave the piano lesson my head is buzzing. I don’t drink caffeine on any other days. So today, after *CAL’s lesson , we are driving to the gym to fetch *AJ and D.W.Klymax. My little *CAL points out that I have spoken about 4 different topics in less than 5 minutes and wants to know how I jumped from Coffee to JLS.

My only analogy is the scene in Alvin and the Chipmunks when “Ian” gives them coffee to keep them awake and the Chipmunks turn hyper-active and speed all over the recording studio.

So my CAL then says, “So Coffee makes YOU have Chipmunks in your brain.”

This really made me giggle and I giggled as I drove ALL the way to the gym,

singing along to…OF COURSE…JLS.

3 very sweaty Teens

We arrive at the gym, I collect *AJ and D.W.Klymax a couple of times a week after their work out. Well today we have 3 rather well built, very sweaty teenage boys squashed into the back of my very small Hyundai Getz. I had turned JLS off as I don’t really know *Leon very well. *D.W.Klymax is very used to my *CAL and her music, he is Autistic too. He is a wonderful young man, with the most loving and accepting heart. As soon as they get into the car the first question is, “No JLS today then? ”

“That’s my hole not yours!”

Yes…. “That’s my hole not yours!” This was the conversation of three 17 year old boys squashed into the back of a very small car, trying to put their seat belts on. Then we had, “I can’t find the hole.” Followed by “Stick your thing in here.”  The list goes on, and I’m quite open minded and find teen behaviour absolutely fascinating.

Rapping is just poetry put to a beat

Our next conversation is D.W.Klymax and his rapping. So we are driving along and D.W. is making up a Rap to the game RUNE SCAPE. He is very talented at this and SO very funny. He then says, “I bet I could Rap to all of your poems Lisa.”

I answered him with, “Well Rapping is just poetry put to a beat *D.W. I know you could Rap to my poems you’d probably get them into the Christian Charts too. Feel free to have a go, just help yourself to what’s on my blog.”

Don’t go on my Mom’s blog that’s really sad

*AJ…”Oh no don’t go on my Mom’s blog it’s WAY too boring.” As he starts fidgeting around in the middle of the other two. Horror all over his face, staring at me in my rear view. I forget I’m NOT a teen and I’m NOT cool anymore…. was I ever?

The awkward silence

*AJ says again, “My Mom’s blog is rubbish, it’s all about Autism and God, it’s really crap.” Well I’m pretty laid back, but I’m not having that. I have to speak up…”I have you know that in 7 months I have had quite a few people visit my blog, I’m quite proud of myself. I’m dyslexic and I have Aspergers, my blog is the only thing I have ever done for myself and I really enjoy blogging!”

Leon then says…”Ooo, the awkward silence!” As all three of them sit there not knowing what to say.

“I don’t actually live in the school!”

Correct, *Leon doesn’t actually live in the school.

My friend Laura over at… Life in the House That Asperger Built. Wrote a post earlier called oblivious.

She explains here that sometimes she is a bit oblivious to thinking outside of the box.

That’s right… things don’t always occur to me, either.

I just don’t think of them, they don’t enter my mind.

When the boys got into the car, *AJ said to me, “Mom you need to take *Leon to BLAH-BLAH School.”

Obviously the school is not called BLAH-BLAH really.

It’s just that when I was at school that is mainly what I heard, it seemed appropriate.

So I drive to BLAH-BLAH School, straight into the car park and parked up.

*Leon started to giggle and then so did the other two.

He then says, “”I don’t actually live in the school!”

So I say, “Well haven’t you got Karate or something then?”

Yes…I took it literally, it didn’t occur to me that *AJ meant *Leon lives by the school.

Well I did have a giggle at my complete Aspie-silliness and asked them to next time word it properly.

As OBVIOUSLY I am a little OBLIVIOUS to thinking to ASK.

I called this post,” Mom has chipmunks in her brain!”

It’s a little silly I know, but…I’m Just Being Me!

I looked ALL over YouTube for this clip.

Sorry it’s NOT in English, it’s only 50 seconds long, I’m sure you can cope.

It explains the speed of my brain after drinking Caffeine.

Giggle, giggle, giggle, snort.

Love and hugs to you all. xx 🙂


7 thoughts on ““Mom has Chipmunks in her brain!”

  1. Ok, you gave me a really good laugh, right when I needed one! Too funny, and quite cute! I wonder what my kids will think of my blog when they are old enough to read it!!!

  2. I really enjoyed this post. I can picture the scene with the teenagers in the back of the car. I think you should seriously stop drinking the coffee though, if it’s that strong. I hate caffeine and it’s affects. Love you loads xxxx

  3. I so LOL’ed. You are so funny Lisa, I nearly woke my kids up laughing. I liked the clip in German better it sounds like my brain does when I’m having a crazy day like you discribed.

    CALs Music teacher gives you coffee that makes you buzz? You Go back for more? So basically you are addicted to something that tastes well nasty, from a eccentric musician, who really enjoyed the 60s man!

    Well love, peace and tranquility to you babe! I think you should take a fruit shoot with you next week.

    Love you xx

  4. Hi—love your blog! I’d not go for the tea though—it may have MORE caffeine in it than coffee. I wonder what’d be in your brain then?? hehe!! Maybe you could go to the loo and flush the coffee??
    Anyway, thought I’d say “Hi”

  5. This was fun to read. I still have trouble realizing I am a mom and not one of the kids sometimes, but they have no problem with reminding me. 🙂

    I hope you won’t mind if I “borrow” your chipmunk picture. I’m too busy/lazy to find my own, but I really should have one up on my blog for my own “chipmunks”. I love the bit about the coffee making the chipmunks hyperactive. Mine seem to get that way even without any coffee – it must be all the chocolate. 🙂

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