Give me a name… :)



Click on fractal to open larger image. 

Oblio and his dog Arrow, from the land of Point

Hello my lovely bloggy friends

I am just having some fun playing with fractals. I am only using Apophysis and I have come up with some WONDERFUL flames. So I thought it would be fun if I threw this one out there and asked all my lovely friend to give it a name.

If you have time, maybe even explain why you want to call it that!

How it makes you feel, if it makes you feel anything at all?

What you can see, can you see anything?

As the Rock-Man says on…’The Point’…Harry Nilsson

“Ya see what ya wanna see and ya hear what ya wanna hear”

Or…maybe even throw some WONDERFUL art lingo at me if you know some, that I won’t understand AT ALL……..BUT I can Google it.

I only know my own kind of Lisa-Lingo, but I like to learn new things, all the time.

You could even write me a poem about this lovely fractal.

Just go to town…go on be yourself. Don’t read what everyone else writes!

You are an individual, you are completely unique, that’s what makes you…YOU!

Oooooow the endless possibilities….Guess what my friends?

I have found my Aspie-happy.

She was on the shelf in between the Bovril and the OXO’s …I’m just in a silly mood today.

Love you all. xx 🙂

Now I’m off to McDonald’s for my dinner….giggle giggle.

I decides to update this post and add a clip from the THE POINT…Enjoy.

16 thoughts on “Give me a name… :)

  1. These were my first thoughts when looking at your picture:

    Mickey mouse in sparklers.
    Popped deflated troubles.
    Nights out dancing.

    A messy exciting energy burst.
    Dali’s Melting Clocks.
    ADHD or worse.
    Tazzing the house.

    A Migraine.
    Running around and around.
    Dizzy ghosts.
    Far far far up from the ground.

    Quickly flying.
    Helicopter crash.
    A fight of two atoms.
    Must dash.

    And then came this poem, addressed to you from the picture himself, and yes he does most definitely look like a koala bear.

    He says
    “Sorry, I have no name,
    But lots of character to steal,
    All you can see and more,
    And what imagination makes you feel.

    Look at my lights and colours,
    Float with me for a while,
    See exactly what you want to within me,
    Then in you the other mile.

    Reflecting in your mind,
    Your lost imagination,
    Within you, you’ll find,
    The answers from creation.”

    🙂 x

    I your mind.

  2. It reminds me of a fish looking out of the side of the aquarium .I will name it aquafish .This is fun and you should get lots of names .What does the winner get ,just joking .

  3. “Swirly Jewel-Happy Dance” was what popped in my head.

    It reminded me of this song:

    and each stream of color is someone dancing on the street prepared for them and one day we all meet.

    I don’t know why, I haven’t heard that song in a very long time. But that is what popped in my head and that image of people flowing in dance to unity.

  4. This is amazing! I “saw” the koala image immediately. I agree with Laura: “Tolee” seems like a good name, even though I don’t know the program she refers to!

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