They are growing up!

Hello my lovely bloggy friends,

I was up most of the night last night as my *AJ kept being sick.

A Mom’s duty hold the bucket, lots of fluids and make porridge at 4am.

He felt fine by 10:45am and told me he needed to just pop out.

He came back with a bunch of flowers, from the florist across the road, for his old Mom.

With a note saying…

To Mom,

Thanks for looking after me last night. *AJ. xxxx

17 years I have been cleaning up his sick and today my boy acknowledged just how much I love him.

It made this Mommy smile… 🙂

He is such a lovely boy.

My *CAL spent the afternoon making cards

After school we visited my Auntie *Bubble, who is very good at making cards.

*CAL just loves being creative and once she started she just didn’t want to go home.

She is growing up too, her latest thing is JLS, so we listened to quite a few songs while she made cards.

We also did a bit of dancing, Auntie *Bubble stole the show, I have a WONDERFUL video of her on my mobile. If only I could figure out how to download it…YouTube look out…lol

I made the mistake of buying *CAL the JLS CD for the car.

So now that is ALL we get to listen to while travelling.

Oh well it could be worse, at least it’s NOT…Justine Bieber.

A random JLS video…enjoy


10 thoughts on “They are growing up!

  1. Love this. Your AJ & CAL are a testimony to you and Locoman. We had a nice day yesterday CAL loved it.

    I think I’de better go and have a cold wash now then, after watching JLS. Love you all xxxx

  2. Thank you everyone,
    I do love my kids, they are both very special, unique and wonderful creations.
    They both have their own quirky ways and that is JUST wonderful.
    Love and hugs my friends.
    Lisa. xx 🙂

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