I have nothing to say, so I made fractals today!!

This last one reminded me of one of my bouncy balls…giggle


9 thoughts on “Fractals

  1. Hi Lisa – wow, these are awesome! Really beautiful. I am sure there are parts of our galaxy that look JUST like these pics 😉

    I’ve never before heard of a “fractal”. How do you create them? xx

  2. Thank you everyone,
    I do enjoy making fractals they are a very relaxing way to create art, also I make no mess AT ALL with this form of art. Believe me my husband likes my fractals FAR more than my other creative out lets….giggle.
    I will get my art studio one day, he really can’t cope with my paint squirting moments.
    His face was a absolute picture when I mentioned trying out exterior gloss paint on larger abstracts.
    But the texture of this paint is so sticky, I can think of SO much I can do with it.
    Ok….I will stop babbling and just say.
    Thank you for your comments.
    Love and hugs to ALL
    Lisa. xx 🙂

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