Just keep swimming

Just keep swimming

Hello my lovely bloggy friends

Well, I have had an interesting day today, and I haven’t even left the house.

My car battery has died on me again….ugh

When I say interesting I mean I have spent most of my day fighting off all my negative loops.

I have noticed that when I am without a car, my thoughts can become quite down.

I think driving helps my thoughts to switch off. I have noticed that when I drive and listen to music I don’t really have to listen to all the loops. It’s very similar to when I was a kid and I played video games constantly.

Does anyone remember

That post I wrote back in September about my gaming addiction…giggle

I had such a laugh reading that today…That is SO VERY sad really isn’t it, laughing at your own post.

Oh well …that’s me I’m afraid, I very often giggle myself stupid while writing them, can you tell?

Here is the link if you don’t remember it or if you are a new reader.

Cyborg or not Cyborg….that is the question???

Well anyway, I feel that driving my car, listening to music and having my own space gives me what I need to sort out my head.

It has the same effect as the video games I played as a teen.

So what did I do to overcome the negativity today….giggle

Are you ready for this great enlightenment …Oh Padawan???

This will possibly change your life forever, you know!

I mean I am just so super spiritual and so in tune with who I am…lmho

Right I will stop delaying and tell you now.

Before you all explode with anticipation at this amazing discovery.

May the force be with you!!!!!

Well here it is…..I got so depressed I fell asleep for 3 hours. Hmmmmmm

That’s right……… I AM HUMAN!!!!

I did pray before I fell asleep though, and woke up with a new understanding of myself.

Here it is…

I pray and pray and pray some more,


I forget to receive God’s love and then walk around beating myself up somewhat senseless sometimes.

The good thing is I can laugh about this now, because I understand this about myself, and I know God loves me.

I was thinking about that Haiku I wrote on THIS post.

The one about the Goldfish…..

Fishes in a bowl

Stagnating in their own crap

Need to clean them out

I was chatting with my close friend today about all the crap that I have lost motivation to sort out.

She prayed with me and I love that she does this. It helps me so very much.

I also spoke with her about how I feel that I am not living each day to the full, if I am constantly looking back and trying to hold on to happy memories, and times where I have felt accepted.

This is how that Haiku helped me…

I imagined myself as a little Goldfish, so used to my own Goldfish bowl and stagnating in my own crappy water.

I have seen what happens to *CAL’s Goldfish when they are in dirty water the just hang around the top of the bowl gasping for fresh oxygen.

I can feel a bit like that sometimes. Can anyone relate to this??

Well that was exactly the motivation I needed to kick my bottom into gear, I managed to fill 4 black sacks with stuff I don’t need any more. They will be going to the charity shop first thing Monday morning.

Yes I’m an Aspie and I collect, but I am also a Christian and God gives me what I need to feel whole.

He turned the tap on and I now have fresh water.

I am going to learn to live and enjoy each moment.

In the words of my little friend Dory in finding Nemo.

I will….. “Just keep swimming!!”


17 thoughts on “Just keep swimming

    • You are just so funny, I am an Alien in many respects…LOL
      I really don’t belong here, I only said I’m human so I don’t lose my subscribers.
      Love you so much, you silly Aussie.
      Leesy. xxxx

  1. I can totally relate to this. I am constantly fighting to find and hold on to some motivation. Often, I will have great plans and ideas but when it comes time to carry them out, I cannot summon the energy to do so. The image of the dirty goldfish bowl, while sort of disgusting, is a good visual of how I feel. When the water is clear, I can actually carry out some of my good intentions, but first I have to get motivated enough to clean out the bowl!!!

    I read your gaming post and thought fondly of our Atari. My dad had even built a little custom cabinet for holding the controllers and games (with little slots for them). Our house was robbed one evening while we were at church, and they took the game system and all the games and stuff, but left the cabinet, of course. It was a sad day for all of us!!

    • I still miss my Atari, it was given away before I was ready to part with it.
      So glad they have those games on line though.
      Not quite the same without those stiff Joy-sticks.
      I remember playing that long the one Saturday I ended up with blisters…oh what joy!
      Love and hugs. xx 🙂

  2. Hello Lisa, great post as usual!

    I’m really with you on the driving bit. When I’m alone in my Mustang I’m in my own little bubble. I can’t possibly attend to any of the things I have left undone at home. Nobody can make any demands on me. I don’t have to talk to anyone. The road requires just enough concentration to stop the endless thought loops. I am just here in the present moment and it is FUN!

    I also relate to the goldfish gasping for oxygen. That is how I felt before I burnt out, or got CFS, when I was a social worker. It is also how I feel now surrounded by my clutter. Wow, you gathered up four sacks of stuff! 🙂 Most impressive. I think you have motivated me to attack my own clutter.

    Enjoying each moment is a good way to reduce time clutter. It is freeing to leave the past and future in God’s hands (and receive His love).

    I think I’ll gather up some clutter now (gasp, gasp).
    Love and hugs,
    Bruce 🙂

  3. “Just keep swimming, swimming swimming” Love this. I can totally relate to how you feel with self motivation and I don’t have a Family to take care of. Some days full energy and ideas, it’s putting them into to practice that can be hard. But it’s so great when you do. Love you xxxx

  4. I’m sorry about your car troubles. We’ve had a lot of those lately, even aside from the accident. It’s very upsetting to not have control over when and where you can go.

    Your goldfish imagery is pretty powerful – also a little icky :), but that’s kind of the point.

    I can relate to so much of this. It’s a constant struggle living in a house full of packrats, and periodically cleaning out some things that even they won’t miss does wonders for my mood. We have a new local Salvation Army thrift store that has a drive-thru donation center, and I absolutely love it.

    As for my mental clutter, it’s best to keep up with clearing that out, too. But as it happens with all the “stuff” in my house, I often let the stress and negativity accumulate. When it gets to the point that I can’t even concentrate enough to pray or read, I end up watching television. I’ve had too many car problems for that to be a reliable way to relax, and videogames make my head hurt to watch for any length of time, so TV has become my “go to” method for “rebooting” my system. It has to be whatever show I’m fixated on at the moment to really do the job properly – currently I’m catching up on all the Doctor Who episodes I’ve missed. Once I indulge in that for a little while, I’m usually able to focus better and face the world again.

    I’m glad you’ve got a brighter view of things. I hope your car is running again soon.

    Love and peace,


    • Hello Diane,
      A drive thru donation centre, what a fantastic idea.
      My local charity shop is not easy to get to.
      So carrying big, back, heavy sack around is not too much fun.
      We can arrange for them to collect if we have a large amount though.
      Thanks for your comment, I’m glad my Fish story helped.
      Love and hugs my friend.
      Lisa. xx 🙂

  5. Hi Lisa – yes, there is no choice but to keep on swimming in life; otherwise we just stagnate.

    I’m off to catch up on your other posts now 😀

    Love you loads,
    Chloe xx

    • Hi Chloe,
      I wanted to say thank you for explaining to me how to write Haiku.
      They are a lot of fun aren’t they.
      Thanks for popping by.
      Love and hugs my friend.
      Lisa. xx 🙂 {{{munch}}}

      • Hi Lisa

        Hey, you’re welcome my friend! Yes, they are a lot of fun…but I’ve noticed that the comments received are usually a lot longer than the Haiku itself and (in my case) a LOT more meaningful! lol

        Love and hugs 😉 😀

        Chloe xx

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