“I don’t know!”

Hello my lovely bloggy friends,

Today I woke up with a head full of negativity that could have really made me depressed.

It’s amazing how I can be so easily swayed by moods.

How if I choose to listen to the nagging loops my days can be SO crappy.

I decided to do what the Alienhippy does when she gets on a down day.


I also SING…and if it hasn’t cleared by the time I reach the kitchen.

There is always…….. ABBA!!

Oh how I love my ABBA GOLD….how would I get by without it????

If all this hasn’t helped, that’s when I need a very loving friend. xx 😉

I called this post, “I don’t know!”

Are you wondering why I called it that??

Well, this is my *CAL’s latest thing.

I spoke with the SEN teaching assistant today about it, because just recently my girl has started answering every question I ask her, with the same three words. “I don’t know!”

I am then having to ask her to think about it, then remind her of the question again, because I know she does know.

BUT… for some reason she doesn’t want to say.

For some reason, I don’t know what, she doesn’t want to make a choice or state her opinions.

This to me is evidence that she is beginning to hide who she really is, and I hate that society puts this pressure on children to conform and lose who they really are.

Then as adults we spend YEARS trying to rebuild who we should have been, because who we have become to fit into society has made us miserable…of course this is just my opinion from my experience of life thus far.

So what was the point of this post Lisa???

Do you know what little voice?

I DON’T KNOW!! ….(giggle giggle)

Here you go my lovely bloggy friends,have a funky time with ABBA

(You will have to click twice but this Megamix is well worth the extra finger exercise)


13 thoughts on ““I don’t know!”

  1. ABBA makes everything better! My mom taught me disco dances to them and it was usually when things were pretty rough so I hear ya on the ABBA therapy!

    Daniel is quite a bit younger but he has been doing this too. I know he knows the answer but he will say “I don’t know”, then he will add “you tell me”. Hm… I don’t know either.

  2. Love this!!! There is something so mesmerizing about ABBA. I have been listening to a group my husband found called The Weepies and really love them. I think you might especially like the song “I Was Made for Sunny Days.”

    My son says “I don’t know” a lot sometimes when he hasn’t really heard what I’ve asked or just doesn’t want to talk sometimes. I usually ask him to clarify if he heard me and if he really doesn’t know or just doesn’t want to talk right now.

    I also have this theory about answering questions. What do most parents do when their kids answer a question? They ask another question. So, how is that positive reinforcement for a kid who doesn’t want or has a hard time answering questions.

    I saw on Supernanny once where she made a box that the parent and child could each write their thoughts on and put them in the box and then take them out and read them together in a special one on onetime. Or you could put questions in the box, or use it like a mailbox to pass notes back and forth. Then it isn’t verbal and is on each person’s own time table. Just some ideas about how to keep the lines of communication open. Best wishes!

    • Hello Aspergirl Maybe,
      I was wondering about that, I’ll keep it in mind.
      It can be simple things though like, “Do you want fish fingers, or sausage?”
      And still the answer is, “I don’t know!”
      Hopefully she will learn to make her own choices.
      Love and hugs. xx 🙂

  3. Hi Lisa 😀

    It’s amazing how you are able to turn negative thoughts into positive ones Lisa! I also love that you have a coping strategy for the bad days – pray, sing, ABBA!! How awesome!! Oh, and of course your happy dance! lol

    I hope your week has been a good one – I’m sure it has been, especially with the great news about your beautiful daughter!

    Love you loads,
    Chloe xx

    • Hello my friend,
      So lovely to see you here, I’m catching up Chloe.
      I think I’m only 2 posts behind now….YAY!!!!
      I know it’s really good news innit?!
      I didn’t think we’d ever get any support.
      ABBA brighten up my kitchen, Chloe.
      I just can’t cope with the kitchen without a bit of ABBA…giggle
      Love you loads. xx 🙂

      • Hello! Good to hear you are catching up – the blogging world can seem like that most of the time eh – just playing catch up?? lol

        Yes, I’m chuffed to bits for you and your family about your daughter’s diagnosis – it’s about time and must be a big relief for you all.

        I’m gonna go catch up with blogs myself…I think I can just aboiut cope..I have a good supply of chocolate to hand! 😉

        Love you loads – and have a lovely day!! xx

  4. Lisa,
    I love ABBA and can’t imagine how can anyone stay in a bad mood when they listen to them. I also like Aspergirl Maybe’s advice. I have something else to cheer you up. Stop by my blog to pick up an award.

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