What is with the collecting??

My collection of bouncy balls

Hello my bloggy friends.

I just sat down for a babble!

I have been chatting about, wondering about and contemplating all the many collections I have had over the years.

Why have I collected SO many different things?

I know this is not just an Aspie thing, many people have collections. But some of the things I have collected have been a little strange.

My kids collect too

*CAL at the moment collects lids…yep you read that correctly LIDS. These she has off Perfume bottles, ice cream containers, pop bottles, the list goes on.

*AJ’s strangest collection was probably his Mice…what a nightmare they were. We started off with 2 and ended up with 57 and OMGOSH did they stink!!

Thank GOODNESS we had a shed in the garden.

One pet mouse in his bedroom was ok, anymore than that and you need a mask. Well you do with my extra sensitive sense of smell anyway.

Moving on……..

I was thinking about why I have collected the things I have collected.

Let me just jump into my time machine and travel back to my first collection.

“LOVE IS” stickers…giggle

I was SOOOOOOOOOOOO obsessed with them, you know I still have them, nearly a full album. I drove my Mom round the twist, with my constant demand for new packs of stickers.

Then there was my Superman cards, I only collected these because everyone at school was collecting them and they gave me a way of talking and being a part of what went on in the playground.

Steel ball bearings…now this one is interesting.

I loved how shiny they were, I loved what they felt like on my face. I loved spinning them around on a circular tray, I could get them to go SO fast. I loved the feel of them rolling around in the palms of my hands. Also my Grandad worked in the car trade, so he would bring me new bags of ball bearings every Thursday evening.

Oh what joy…I’m actually really quite excited replaying that happy memory.

Thank you my lovely loop!!

I have collected SO many things

I wouldn’t be able to blog them all, it would make this blog far too long. I was speaking with a close friend about this today and I know that most of my collections over the years have seemed quite odd. At the moment I have a collection of mugs and rubber bouncy balls. I know that sounds weird but I am at a place in my life where I accept that God made me a little bit different (but not less)Β  We are all different and that is good because if we were all the same it would just be so boring wouldn’t it?!

I said to my friend today I think the reasonΒ  why I was so obsessed with having a time machine as a teen was because the things I collected gave me happy memories. When I held my collections they gave me visuals and replays, they still do. My collections were my happy thoughts and I was able to use those to help me feel better, more happier and able to cope with the negatives of each day. I was able to tune my loops into one thought and focus that in a positive way.

My strangest collection will always be my frogs.

Whites Tree frog

I collected frogs for QUITE a while. I even had 2 pet frogs called Shrek and Fiona, they were Whites Australian tree frogs. Their croaking was very loud, but they were so very cute.

This collection was quite strange and I just couldn’t stop myself from buying things with frogs on.

I know now why I did it. It was the time I had lost my faith, I had been in a religious sect that had done a lot of damage. I was trying to find my way back.

Fully Rely On God (FROG)

I think as an adult Aspie

Now trying to remember back, I see that my collections have given me focus and been totally harmless. I know that they have seemed obsessive, they probably were to those looking in, I didn’t see that at the time. I believe that was because my collections helped me feel I could belong, be a part of something, have control of a part of my life.

That I could feel happy and excited about simple things.

I have never collected anything of financial value, only sentiment.

I was wondering why others collect, I’m only one person, one opinion.

I don’t know if this is Aspie or not, I haven’t read up on it…I just like to babble.

BUT…I would be VERY surprised if I was told this is Not an Aspie trait.

I don’t mind long comments my lovely bloggy friends, so if you have a story please share it.


Love and hugs. xx πŸ™‚


26 thoughts on “What is with the collecting??

  1. What a cute post! I totally love the bouncy balls–that is all about fun! And the steel balls would be fun!!! The only real collections I have had are elephants, and Bears. The Bears are my favorite because they are so warm and friendly and loaded with personality and adventure!

  2. I want your bouncy balls! I wrote a post in Dec. about some of my collections through the years. http://www.mindretrofit.com/2010/12/22/collections/

    I have just been collecting books recently but I like to have blank white dice, regular dice, all different colors can be found hanging around me at some point in time, mostly at my desk. I like the way dice feel, look, spin and stack. πŸ™‚ I live vicariously through my kids with some of their collections. I love frogs and lizards and probably would collect them but my funds are spent on my books.

    • Hello Angel,
      I find that I’m doing the same, I love my kids collections and find it hard to part with them once they grow out of them. I have a whole stack of magazines that *AJ is ready to part with. It’s me that has the problem letting go.
      I am very behind with reading and commenting. I will get to read this post as soon as I can, I’m looking forward to it. Thank you for leaving me the link.
      Love and hugs. xx πŸ™‚

  3. Ooh, my son would so love your collection of bouncy balls! We have quite a few of them.

    As a girl, I collected unicorns (figurines, stickers, posters, anything). I also “collected” pen pals, in that I had quite a few and kept all of their pictures in my scrapbook with my stickers. Maybe even then I knew it was easier to connect with someone through writing than in person!

    I also collected books. When I would like an author, I would usually want to get everything they had written. What’s funny now is that I have gotten rid of most of my fiction and it’s actually hard for me to keep any, even when I really like them, because I’m sort of an all or nothing kind of person.

    • Hello Aspergirl Maybe,
      Your collections sound cool, I never had penpals as a kid because my reading and writing was so very bad. I was always very jealous of a friend of mine who had many penpals, all around the world. I suppose that is why I love blogging so much now. I make new friends every day…I just love bloggyland, don’t you?!
      Love and hugs. xx πŸ™‚

  4. Hello Lisa,

    I can relate to what you said about memories being attached to the things in the collection. I find it very hard to part with many objects simply because they remind me of happy times in my past or they remind me of a person.

    Holding or looking at an object can transport me to another place and time. If my wife throws things out, I feel as though she has thrown out a piece of me as well.

    I keep all my old agendas and occasionally review them as the entries stir up forgotten memories. Of course old photos of the family do that even better. I still have my trains from my childhood, and I bought trains for all my kids too.

    But in the present, I find myself wanting to hang on to vitamin bottles, cereal boxes, and other containers. They are still perfectly good after one use, and I seem to think I may one day have a use for them. I do store drill bits and screws in bottles. Sometimes I store books in the larger cereal boxes.

    Oh, yes, books are something else I collect! I wouldn’t be able to reread all my books even if I live to one hundred years. But I’ll not part with them because many have memories associated, and I can’t tell which one I may wish to consult five years hence should I still be here. I’ll simply leave them to my children to do as they please.

    I am at the point where I will have to get rid of things to reduce clutter and regain some visual and spatial peace. But each object I handle sends me off into memory-land so it will be a slow process!

    My collections are something I can make ordered and predictable. They give me a sense of continuity. I have much less control over the β€œreal” world. So they give me the illusion of stability and certainty (a house fire could end that quickly!).

    I like what you said about feeling happy and excited about simple things. That is a gift and a blessing.

    May we all collect happy memories!
    Bruce πŸ™‚

    • Hello Bruce my friend,
      You’ve really impressed me with your collections and the way you have explained your connection to them is really very similar to mine.
      Since writing this post I have had quite a few thought about this topic and I am finding ways of looking at the miracles of each moment.
      I’m not there yet and still not ready to part with a lot of things, but I feel it has something to do with not feeling I can enjoy each day. I do believe that in time I will find an answer to this and be able to move forward. I will keep you posted.
      Love and hugs my friend. xx πŸ™‚

  5. My husband’s not an Aspie but he collects and collects and collects. He always has done. These days it’s mostly airline stuff.

    I love your collection of bouncy balls – so cheerful and pretty.

    • Hello Tilly,
      Lots of people collect and for ALL sorts of reasons.
      Aspie are known for hoarding and collecting, I really enjoyed writing this post and the comments I have got back have been brilliant.
      Sounds to me like you have you have your hands full with your hubby…lol
      Love and hugs. xx πŸ™‚

  6. Hi Lisa πŸ˜€ Thanks for this fun and interesting post! I love your collection of bouncy balls and, whilst I think frogs are cute…well, REAL frogs make me want to scream. I have a really bad phobia of them. I think it’s because they look so prehistoric…ya know?? πŸ˜‰

    I must admit, I don’t really collect things, but I do have certain obsessions and ridiculous addictions…like I’m addicted to DIET COKE….and I don’t even like the taste of it! Yes, I know it’s the caffeine…but, even so..surely my taste buds ought to have some say too.

    As for your collections, they are harmless and fun and probably ARE of some financial value too – especially to other collectors of the same thing! πŸ˜€

    Have a good day xx

    • Hello my friend,
      You did make me laugh at the thought of you screaming at frogs. I can just imagine you clambering onto a stool and standing on one foot screaming your head off at a tiny little frog….giggle
      Where would Stormy be at this point I wonder? Protecting her beloved Mommy by barking at the dreaded wee beastie, or being held above your head as you love her so much you wouldn’t want the frog to eat her now would you? Love you Chloe. xx πŸ˜‰
      We really need to get you off the Diet Coke girl, especially if you don’t like it. Can’t you try one of the caffeine free ones for a while Chloe?? Or perhaps, better still, try drinking something you like the taste of my dear!
      Love you loads. xx πŸ™‚

      • Hi Lisa – seriously, my phobia of frogs is BAD!! I used to live close to the countryside where a river of frogs used to flow along every pavement in town. It was YUCK! Made my toes curl.

        How funny that I would be holding Stormy in the air high above my head to protect her – truth is, SHE was holding me above HER head and she’s only ickle herself – lol!! I am probably passing my phobia on to her! πŸ™‚

        As for the diet coke, well, I agree with you – and I have tried caffeine free ones. I’ll get there eventually, but meantime, I am keeping Coca Cola in business! πŸ˜‰

        Chloe xx πŸ˜‰

    • Hello slp,
      I have an old Victorian photo album of my great grandfather’s family. I bet you would love to look at it. I may do a post just for you, I will have to scan them all though. That could take a while my friend.
      Love and hugs. xx πŸ™‚

  7. Wow, I never understood why anybody would want to collect things, but you’ve explained it really well. It’s harmless, it makes people happy, now I can see it’s a good thing.

    • Hello bbsmum,
      It’s a good thing as long as the frame of mind is positive. It can also be bad if a person is so stuck in the past or the collection they forget to enjoy the living of each day. I have done this and it’s not a nice place to go.
      Thank you for your comment it has made me think.
      Love and hugs. xx πŸ™‚

  8. Lisa,
    I love this post. I collected beany babies years ago for my daughter, but sadly we never built a case for them and now she is no longer interested in them. They are stored in protective containers in the bottom of a closest. I probably should get rid of them one day.

    Otherwise, I’m not really a collector either. I hope you have a wonderful weekend!

    • Hi Sue,
      Thanks for your comment, I think beany babies are so cute. My *CAL has quite a few of them. They didn’t turn out to be a collection though, thank goodness.
      Love and hugs. xx πŸ™‚

  9. Our friend with an aspie son is having no end of troubles with his “collecting”. Right now he can’t accept that “used batteries” are “rubbish” not items for collecting. She’s hoping it moves onto the next item whatever it happens to be before the whole house is full of batteries.

    To start with it was just the ones he had used himself, then he started noticing them in different places and “taking care of them” for people.

    For most of us, collecting is something simple to enjoy to tie us to time and space… and FROG. Even if sometimes, the FROG looks like a battery.

    • Hello imawestie,
      Thank you for your comment, my Dad who is Autistic collects junk too. He sees certain things as useful. He has collected all sorts of strange things over the years. My Mom used to be able to talk he through getting rid of stuff. Since she died the job has been left to me and my sister. We haven’t found a way yet to help him see what not to keep. If we do, I will let you know.
      Thanks for visiting, come back soon.
      Love and hugs. xx πŸ™‚

  10. I used to collect stamps and marbles. I think my collecting now is beads. Also have collected unusual friends over my time. There is no harm in collecting things at all. Lots of Love xxxx

    • Hello Auntie Linda,
      Yes I remember some of your collection of unusual friends.
      Some of them were such colourful characters… πŸ™‚
      I really did enjoy your collection of Biker folk, when you were a landlady and had a certain Biker… building rather large Motorcycles in his bedroom.
      Also I enjoyed your many musical friends who always had a song to sing.
      Your friend who collected Turtles and Terrapins.
      The guy with long hair who ate sandwiches out of a boot.
      That one friend you had who used Frisbees as plates.
      Oh yes…let’s not forget you recent collection of Potty Potters.
      You are just one very loving eccentric old hippy aren’t you.
      No wonder I turned out strange with you as a role model.
      Love you Auntie Linda, just the way you are. xx πŸ™‚

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  12. where you bought your balls bouncing transparent? I love these balls, I live in Brazil and go to the U.S. soon, I would like to help me where I can buy them without being assorted machines, thanks!

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