Five Haiku’s and a Yoga Elf

Five Haiku’s and a Yoga Elf

Now this is probably going on my lists of silly posts, I’m in a silly mood so don’t expect anything deep and meaningful.

Two of my lovely bloggy friends, probably without even realising, got me thinking in a completely weird and wonderful way, which has given me a giggle. I don’t quite know how to tie in a Yoga Elf apart from showing you a video of one.

I bet you are all SO very curious, aren’t you?

I mean….what exactly is a Yoga Elf???

Errmmmmm, I think you will have to play the video!

Anyway Haiku’s.

My bloggy friend Chloe from Writing Days-Happy Days, very kindly explained to me about a form of poetry called Haiku.

Those who are new to reading my blog will not know that I missed most of my English lessons at school because I had severe reading difficulties and was in a group for special educational needs.

Poetry is something I have never been taught, it just helps me to slow down my thinking and understand my own emotions.

So, I decided to give it a go, I walked around my home looking for things to Haiku at.

These are my first attempts, please be kind…I don’t even know if I did them correctly but I had a giggle anyway.

Fishes in a bowl

Stagnating in their own crap

Need to clean them out


I’m in the kitchen

Sink is full of washing up

Where is my husband?


Clothes on racks drying

Can’t dry them outside, too cold.

Tumble dryer broke


Building work is done

We have more rooms and more space

Building makes a mess


Painting walls not fun

So bored with decorating

Help anyone please!


And because my bloggy friend Laura from Life in the House That Asperger Built, believes that if anyone could blog about a Yoga Elf it would be me…and I don’t like letting my friends down.

Here is my *AJ as a Yoga Elf.

Yes… I’m a nutter, I enjoy being a nutter.

I find entertaining myself,Β  finding silly things to do, a wonderful way to spend an afternoon alone.

It was either this or do the housework.

Well I’ve done this now, so I suppose I’d better go and do the housework. ugh.


19 thoughts on “Five Haiku’s and a Yoga Elf

  1. YAY!!! Happy Yoga Elf!!!! I loved it, Lisa! Thanks for posting. πŸ˜‰

    And the Haiku’s are GREAT! I studied poetry in High School and FAILED Haiku’s. Other forms I could do well, but I couldn’t limit my words like that.

    Heck! I still can’t.


    • Hello my precious little girl,
      Mommy is SO VERY proud of you, you know!!!
      You remember doing haikus at school, you’re only 10.
      When Mommy was 10, she was still learning the alphabet.
      I love you so very much.
      Mommy. xxxx XXXXX πŸ™‚

  2. HI, Lisa.

    This is my favorite, too:

    I’m in the kitchen

    Sink is full of washing up

    Where is my husband?

    Love the tree-posing yoga elf πŸ™‚


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