Be warned…this post is totally weird.

Hello my lovely bloggy friends,

This post is a little bit crazy…but it’s entertaining in it’s own way.

You’ve experienced the Alienhippy, well now I’m going to introduce you to the craziness of my family.

As in… my Auntie, my sister and one of my sister’s friends, *Barb.

The following is a conversation that we have had on facebook…

BUT…first let us just all say…

“Happy Birthday Dame Shirley!”

We all hope you have had a wonderful day today!!

Sing along folks….

Kiss me honey, honey, kiss me.

Frill me honey, honey frill me.

Don’t care even if I blow my top but honey hm, don’t stop!

Did you sing along???

If you did carry on reading….everyone else might want to click on another blog.

It just gets crazier from here.


We are experiencing a problem in our city at the moment, out bin men are on strike.

This is what started our crazy conversation.

yes… I know I’m a nutter, it’s how I was raised!

My sister’s status today read as follows…..

So where’s the bin men gone?

Time to send out the WALL.E’s I think!!!

This is how it went…….

Auntie LEH…Where have the bin men wheely bin?

Barb…we need to send out the wombles!!

Auntie LEH…I think the bin men have wheely bin on their holidays. I will alert Uncle Bulgaria

ALIENHIPPY…I think WALL.E would do a wonderful job, our bin men never take my recycling…I really don’t understand why it’s always there on time and washed out…I recycle everything. Perhaps that’s the problem I give them too much to do…lol
Definitely need WALL.E’s

ALIENHIPPY…As for Wombles…I think there are a lot of Wombles amongst us, they only take what’s useful…so perhaps a combination of WALL.E’s and Wombles would be good.
Perhaps robotic Wombles would be a good thing…now do we know any inventors???

Auntie LEH…Ooo, Ooo…your Dad!!

ALIENHIPPY…LMHO…As a Womble or an Inventor. πŸ˜‰

JB…Ok ok ok!!! Barb… why have you started mentioning the Wombles ay!!! my Sister and Aunt are wombles themselves they could probably invent these crazy robotic wombles they are talking about themselves if they tried. They have certainly enjoyed this subject about a load of rubbish int they?

JB…I just Love WALL.E
You soooooo need to watch it Auntie LEH

JB…And Lisa Innit thou Wombling n Inventing are both natural talents of our family!?! They say you notice one if you are one yourself. πŸ˜‰
If we all left for space to get fat then the Wall.Es and Wombles would be left to sort this planet out. What on earth would we come back to!!!? lol funny images in my head, I know I’m weird πŸ™‚

Auntie LEH…I love WALL.E I have watched it about 4 times now.

“Remember member member what a Womble Womble Womble I am”

ALIENHIPPY…I think we would come back to something really nice. The WALL.E’s would tidy and the Wombles would create and invent. I think I will stay here, I’d feel more at home with Wombles and WALL.E’s than in space with humanity….although, I did like their communication system and those hover beds seemed really cool.
Oooo….I have so much to think about now. What did you go and fill my head with this rubbish for? Bloody binmen where av they bin…I mean where av they wheeley, wheeley bin….giggle.

Auntie LEH…Me too. If we leave we may come back to WomWALL.E’s and WALL.EWombles, they may interbreed.

Auinite LEH…Now I’ve gone too far!

ALIENHIPPY…Ooooooo…that sounds really cool, I’m definitely staying behind now and changing my name to Dr. Moreau.

BARB…sorry JB, but there little world does sound rather nice! so anyway what about these bin men!

ALIENHIPPY…d’ese bin men, are NOT bin men, if d’ay wheeley bin men, d’ayd collect wubbish, wouldn’t day???!!!…I just couldn’t help me sen.Β  πŸ™‚

ALIENHIPPY…It’s my new language for my new planet, do you want to come with us BARB???

JB…You lot have really made me laugh x

BARB…wess pease, I wheeley want to! xx


Weee gwet da swuttle bwus at da stishan in twen mins!!
Ie ya can weed dis ya can cum!!!

Auntie LEH…Leave it to the WALL’E’s and Wombles to collect the wubbish

Ive wheeley enjoyed this topic xxxx

ALIENHIPPY…Wess mwee twoo. πŸ˜€

BARB…I can weed dis, but I have to go take my medication and check in with my doctor, I may be gone a while! x

ALIENHIPPY…Weee, welll delar bwus for yarr den, daar iz twoo few ov uz twoo lev yar beeyind.

BARB…JB help me, your family is trying to kidnap me and take me to another planet, I can’t live on 3 planets at once!! xx

JB…So who’s getting on then? the bwus id whayting????!!! First stop is the funny farm me thinks. Then as your space shitt oops ship driver and shuttle host I will be taking you on a tour of the Cheddar Cheese Caves on the Moon before Wallace eats all the cheese as he is totally crackers, about cheese that is. Our final stop off will be at Planet ‘Lazeearse’ where we will eat and drink and be merry watching telly, if you like you can book a return flight or you can stay until your bum rots and falls off. All aboard pweease. !!

BARB…I would love it if my bum would rot and fall off, hopefully it will spread to my hips and tummy! Then u can take me back home to the funny farm! xx

JB…What a wonderfully surreally abstractly weird conversation we’ve been having for the last 24hours. Anyone for a Tea party?!? xxx

BARB…my medications kicked in, your all bloody nuts!!!!! xx

ALIENHIPPY…I think I’m going to blog this conversation today, it has given me such a giggle…it’s only fare it goes global. Bloggyland here we come…lol

A treat for all who made it to the bottom…love you all

welcome to my more stranger side.

Sorry Shirley, I didn’t quite get it on in time.

“Happy Birthday for yesterday!”



10 thoughts on “Be warned…this post is totally weird.

    • Yes… you and Auntie Linda and your friend BARB….giggle.
      I got nothing done on that day, I was so distracted by the whole thing.
      I just couldn’t get my brain to work.
      Didn’t even get Shirley’s Birthday on in time.
      Love you little sis. xxxx

    • My little sister used to watch Fraggle Rock, I used to like watching it with her.
      The Wombles were EXCELLENT in the 70’s I just loved them.
      Love and hugs Bruce. xx πŸ™‚

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