Dogs can sing and our vicar plays the banjo

Hello lovely bloggy friends.

I woke up this morning with a head full of ideas on the intensity of emotion and reasoning behind shutting down over the years. I quickly grabbed my mobile and emailed my close friend who helps me to understand what is Aspie and what is not. I thank God for this friend she is a total blessing to me, because with the way my dyslexia affects me it is impossible for me to research this for myself. She is also the most wonderful and lovely friend, and she makes me giggle.

I am so glad I wrote to her about this because later on in the day, I had an experience that caused my most negative thought loops to totally take over and make me forget the positive inspiration that I’d had. I was able to re-read the email I sent to her once I had gained control of my thoughts.

So this is how my day went today.

I was so excited about going to Church this morning, it was our Children’s service, I just love our Children’s services!!

Our Vicar played the Banjo and his friend, who is a very big macho man, played the tambourine. It was totally out of tune but I just loved it, it was SO VERY different. The congregation seemed to giggle along in song.

Our message today was about changing and not staying the same…our preacher used her old slippers and her new slippers as a prop. She explained how her old slippers were comfortable and seemed familiar. Whereas her new ones felt uncomfortable and she is not used to them yet.

This made me really think about my blog and all the changes I have gone through over the last six months of blogging. How stepping out in faith and doing the uncomfortable has brought many blessings. It brought a lovely big smile to my face actually, as I thought about how God loves us all so very much. He brings change and growth into our lives, and He gives us what we need to get through it.

I came home in such a good mood and then I opened some post I had forgotten about.

My happy mood was completely zapped, and my brain instantly filled with negativity.

My *CAL’sΒ  Request for statutory assessment has been declined

This means I have to make an appeal. I have found all the paper work relating to this so stressful and I have to keep asking my sister to fill in all the forms with me. My sister is wonderful with this and she doesn’t mind at all, but she has so many challenges in her life with *little J and *EJ. They are both showing traits of being on the spectrum also *little J has severe Epilepsy and he is heavily medicated. You can read about her life on her blog HERE IS THE LINK.

Well…when the Alienhippy is overwhelmed she prays.

I took myself off into my conservatory and grabbed my guitar. Music and prayer are one of the ways I have found to turn off my “frantic thought loop” and also the one I call my “Mental Martha.”

Now this may sound bizarre

And this may sound even more BIZARRE!!!

But… to me and a few others it will sound perfectly “normal” if there is such a thing…I tend to not do normal.

I have tried it, it didn’t make me happy and I found it to be a bit boring….but that’s just the way I am!!

I have shared in the past of how God has spoken to me through a Chicken.

Also I have spoken about a little Sparrow listening to me sing to God.

Well God sent His encouragement and spoke to me today through my Dog ROCK.

This is what happened.

ROCK came to the back door of the conservatory and was watching me through the window, he looked so interested and was frowning at me. People who know dogs will know this look.

Now…I don’t usually let my dogs into the conservatory but I could see that ROCK wanted to tell me something, so I let him in. I was singing a very special song to me and praising God through its words. ROCK sat down and was doing that head tilting thing, the one that dogs do when they are interested and lovingly want to be part of your world. He did this through all of the verses, and every time I sang the chorus he did his puppy stance…you know the one where they stick their bums up in the air, wag their tails and bow down. He also grumbled along with my singing.

My dog was actually singing with me.

My lovely big fat dopey Rottweiler can sing,

and he bows down and sings to God.

Isn’t that just amazing!

Now I do realise that a lot of people reading this will be thinking I’m a complete nutter.

Or…that I am completely ga-ga and I may have lost the plot.

But I am telling you exactly what happened, I know God reaches me through animals sometimes and I know that this was His way of telling me that He is in control.

I might seem to be a bit scatty…that’s because I am scatty!

But….. when it comes to my kids I am on the ball.

My sister has already helped me to work out our next step.

We will, with God’s help, sort out everything Β that my *CAL needs.


23 thoughts on “Dogs can sing and our vicar plays the banjo

  1. our Chihuahua Nickie sings when she hears opera singers on tv.She also sings to certain commercials on tv as well .She is sooooo cute when she does this lol .Animals are smart and communicate with us in different ways .people used to not pay too much attention to their pets years ago .But now they are in the house with the family where there is lots of interaction taking place .They understand more things now .

    • Hello Eileen,
      When I was a kid my Nan had a Poodle that would sing along to the Crossroads theme tune. My Dad also had a dog called Stanley who loved Tom Jones.
      This is the first time ROCK has done this and it was just like he knew I was praising God. I still can’t get over it.
      Love and hugs. xx πŸ™‚

  2. Lisa, what a beautiful story — you and Rock praising God!

    And it seemed to lift your spirits. I’m sure both God and Rock wanted to give you a lift.

    Dogs are such great friends (you can see mine on my blog’s Photos page).

    I find I can relate well to dogs. Perhaps that’s because I am not as stressed as when dealing with people.

    Thank God for our doggy friends (and our bloggy friends!) πŸ™‚

    • Hello Bruce,
      Your dogs are beautiful, I love Labradors I had one for 14 years, he was such a wonderful friend. Rottweilers have got a very similar personality, well my Rocky boy is certainly like my old RAF anyway. They have the same kind eyes.
      Love and hugs.
      Lisa . xx πŸ™‚

  3. Yes, you are a nutter…..but so am I and thats what makes us such great friends!

    Thats awesome about Rock singing to you and it’s not that weird at all……

    Jesus did say that he cause the oceans and mountains to praise him so why not dogs and birds and chickens too?

    Love you, keep being my nutty, happy, joyful delightful friend

    • Hello my lovely Fi,
      I believe you’re right…we are both the most wonderfully nutty friends!!
      I so wished you had seen ROCK singing, such a shame I didn’t have my camera or mobile.
      Say that though, I couldn’t have held it anyway I was playing my guitar…hehe
      Of course I will keep being your nutty, happy, joyful delightful friend.
      Keep being my nutty, happy joyful delightful friend too.
      I love you to the moon and back.
      Lees. xxxx

  4. If you believe in a “god”, whether you think of it as symbolically human, or a great Intelligence, I find it’s always easier to recognise it in animals as opposed to people. They’re not shrouded in their egos or trying to be something their not. Maybe that’s why I surround myself with them.
    Give your Rotty a pat from me.

    • Hello Liz,
      Thank you for your comment.
      Animals certainly simplify things for me, I find them very calming and I have always surrounded myself with them too.
      ROCK said thanks for the pat, I gave Zazzy one too so she didn’t get jealous.
      Love and hugs. xx πŸ™‚

  5. What a wonderful ending to the story! I am the same way being overwhelmed by the bureaucracy – I completely lost it with an insurance situation the other day. It’s amazing how God knows just what we need to hear and what the best way is for us to hear it.

    • Hello Aspiegirl Maybe,
      God is AWESOME how He speaks to each one of us in the ways we understand.
      I’m so glad you have started to visit my blog and we are getting to know one another through commenting on other blogs too. I am such a slow reader I will come to visit you soon I promise.
      Love and hugs.
      Lisa. xx πŸ™‚

  6. I loved this Lisa – I could feel my heart growing warmer the more I read and my spirits lifted at this wonderful story. I also smiled early on too, at the idea of “a very big macho man, play(ing) the tambourine” – that’s just hilarious. haha

    Thanks for sharing your world with us Lisa – you touch people and really make a difference. Thank you xx

    • Hello Chloe,
      You are just so lovely…I know if you had been at Church with me, we would have cracked up laughing. It was such a sight, I totally loved it….it was so very, very different. An Anglican priest (fully robed Chloe) playing a banjo. His mate, absolutely massive jigging along with his tamborine with ribbons attached to it. Is that a better visual for you…lol
      Your poetry, writing and photos touch people too my friend.
      Give Stormy a munch for me.
      Love and hugs.
      Lisa. xx πŸ™‚

      • Hi Lisa – if we ever went to the same church together…there’s NOoooo way I would be able to sing in the choir in front of you (or at the side of you) as you’d get me laughing all the way through the song πŸ˜‰

        I’d never heard that expression before I met you “give Stormy a munch” – is that a local thing?

        Have a good evening – looking forward to hearing how ‘it’ went xx

  7. Such a lovely story. I believe God is everywhere and find it perfectly natural to find His messages to me popping up in all sorts of places. I also think animals are more in tune to God and to everything in His world, because they aren’t busy blocking it all out with complicated thought processes and that have nothing to do with His messages and guidance. I love your description of a “mental Martha” πŸ™‚ It’s created a visual in my mind of Mary and Martha that I know I’ll be referring back to when I’m checking up on my thinking.

    I can totally relate to having a single message or thought completely throw your whole being into a dark place. I respond to things deeply and quickly, and any single mental image can completely change the course of my thinking and my day if I don’t remember to take charge of my thought processes. I’m so glad you knew how to find your way back and that you were rewarded with such tangible furry help. I left your blog up while I was reading some emails about a stressful subject, so I could get my thinking back to a better place. It seems to have done the trick πŸ™‚

    • Hello Diane,
      Thank you for your comment, you’re absolutely right God is everywhere and He sends us what we need and when we need it. We just have to keep our eyes open and see Him working, it is sometimes hard when the negative thought take over though isn’t it?
      You are in my prayers.
      Love and hugs.
      Lisa. xx πŸ™‚

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