Gentle Jesus, Son of God.

Gentle Jesus, Son of God.

by Lisa Lock

Gentle Jesus, Son of God, Saviour of the world,

You came to us and walked this life alone.

You give to us the way of life eternal with The Lord,

You show us all the way to get back home.


You never said we’d have it easy, persecuted You said we’d be,

Hated and despised for our belief.

But You gave us prayer and left Your Word, for us to meditate,

You sent The Spirit so we could gain relief.


Each day is hard but we have You, to remind us how to be,

You were tested in the desert for 40 days.

There isn’t anything that You can’t understand,

You lived and breathed and struggled in our ways.


So, we CAN turn to You and know You understand,

Every trial that we go through, You felt upon that sand.

You trod the path before us and showed us what to do,

So every time we struggle, we just turn and look to You.


You love us so completely, you’ve prepared for us a place,

We don’t have to earn it, we are accept through Your Grace.

But in our love and gratitude we serve You willingly,

And we Thank You for Your Sacrifice to set us children free.




13 thoughts on “Gentle Jesus, Son of God.

  1. This is a wonderful poem Lisa…apparently, things aren’t gonna be necessarily easy in this life, but they’re gonna be worth it 😀 Love the picture of the Saviour you’ve put on this post too. Thank you!!!!

    Have a great day young lady xx

    • Hello Chloe my friend,
      I’m glad you liked the poem, I like it too!
      Is that wrong to say, that you like your own poetry?? giggle
      I think I have made a dent in my comments today Chloe. It was awful trying to do them on *AJ’s laptop though, with the “B” and the “N” not working.
      Love and hugs.
      Lisa. xx 🙂

      • Hi Lisa 😀

        NOOOOOOoooooo – it’s not wrong to say that you like your own poetry. If you don’t like it, how can you expect anyone else to like it? Besides, you are very humble in everything you do, so even in liking it I know you’re not big-headed about it.

        Glad to hear you’ve made a dent on your comments – good for you girl! I think eveyone is slowly getting back in to the swing of things now that Christmas is over. Just don’t stress about anything, okay? Everyone loves you, whether or not you reply to every comment.

        I had to laugh at you typing on AJ’s laptop – minus the B and the N!! Ha ha 😀 Oh, you are so funny and really make me smle 😉

        Love and hugs (and I’ll be in touch soon).

        Chloe xx

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