Thank Goodness there’s no more shopping to do!

Hello my friends in bloggyland,

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas. I am going to share some photos with you but first I’m going to babble for a bit. I woke up in a babbling mood today and I think I understand why.

Now I could be totally wrong, I’m only guessing at this you understand… and I will also have to use some Lisa Lingo as I don’t ever remember any of the proper names for all my many Autistic traits. But those who love and understand me will not mind at all. Everyone else feel free to click on another blog…I have some wonderful blogs in my blogroll, pick one of those.

Ok then…who’s left reading, thank you for sticking with me…lol

The build up of Christmas madness, all the rushing around, the extra noise of so many people.

Routines changing, having to remember to do so much that is not part of my usual day.

All of my rituals and routine behaviours having to be put aside.

Also having to remember to not change to much around *CAL and *AJ.

Extra visitors turning up, neighbours popping around with cards.

Visiting people who really don’t understand me or my kids AT ALL!!!

The word ASPERGERS flying around but no-one really caring, it’s Christmas why would they want to even think that ASPERGERS is real.

BUT….it affects my life and the life of my family.

Or, more to the point…ignorance towards Aspergers affects our lives.

We try so hard to fit with everyone else’s ways. But some people chose to talk over the top of anything that is a little different. I think this must helps them to carry on in their own way.

I have found myself having to be so quiet around certain people when I have just wanted to scream at their ignorance and lack of empathy…EMPATHY…HA!




IF I DON’T UNDERSTAND IT…..Errrrrgh!!!!!!!!!!

Right I have got that out of my system now…time to move on.

Boxing Day…I have been on edge all day

In fact I have been writing for a lot of the day because it calms me. The time I haven’t been writing I have been talking none stop to my sister, she was also talking none stop…she’s an Aspie too.

I think we have held it together quite well all considered.

My most major brain freeze seems quite funny now…

I was so caught up in my frantic thought loop of Christmas shopping madness and all that this entails, I forgot to defrost the turkey.

I had visions of doing a Mr Bean and squashing it into the microwave on defrost.

The thought of visiting various member of family, both mine and the hubs, took me to a whole new level of stim and pace.

Thank goodness for my new Blackberry and toy robots.

Me and *CAL just lost ourselves in cyberland, and left them to it.

So yes….I think meltdown can occur differently for me now I’m an adult and I have learned to conform.

I remember my Dad used to say that me and my brother did a lot of boxing on Boxing Day. This was probably us trying to make sense of our own understanding of the Aspie none stop thinking, that goes on constantly. That… with Christmas madness on top, complete strangers suddenly being jolly and the overwhelming effect of new toys and having to make room by getting rid of faithful old friends, was all just a little too much. Boxing Day was always the day for a meltdown when I was growing up.

MELTDOWN…a word used so often in the Autistic community

But… when I was a kid I was just having a tantrum. How VERY different they are!!!!!

I wonder how many more undiagnosed Aspie/Auties are having a Boxing Day tantrum. Not understanding that they are just releasing all the stress from all that this world has made of Christmas.

It’s funny to think that Jesus was born in a stable, I should think it was nice and calm there with the Oxen and the Donkey, and a few Sheep that the Shepherd brought with them.

Oh well…I have managed 41 Christmases, I have learned a lot about myself this year and I am starting to see how I can make things easier.

I’m shopping on line next Christmas….lol

I’m sharing this video because it makes me giggle.

My turkey defrosted in time and our Christmas dinner was wonderful

Here are some photos as promised


14 thoughts on “Thank Goodness there’s no more shopping to do!

  1. We don’t have Boxing Day so it’s one less thing to worry about this time of the year for us…hope your day goes well and the new year offers you all of it blessings. Cheers!

  2. Sweetheart, thank you for this post. As you know from my post yesterday, my kids DID completely lose it, now you’ve helped me to have a much better understanding of it ….love you xxxx

  3. Hi Lisa, We have a total of eight people in our house over the Christmas holidays — my wife and me, all four adult kids, our son-in-law and our grandson (one-and-a-half years old). It is such a blessing to have the whole family together. And there are five dogs in the house (2 are ours), and two cats in the basement and one horse outside (because we ran out of seats at the table…hehehe 🙂 ).

    It’s time to recharge my batteries a bit though. So I came to visit your blog.
    *AJ and *CAL look happy as usual, and Bean’s antics are always fun!
    Glad your turkey thawed so you didn’t have to explode it in the microwave!

    It’s so true what you say, “…ignorance towards Asperger’s affects our lives.” That’s the one thing I would change if I could go back to my childhood – I would give parents, teachers, doctors, employers, myself, and everyone in society, more understanding of autism and Asperger’s. I wouldn’t change my brain, not one bit. But society’s knowledge and attitudes? Yes!
    Wishing everyone an Aspie-happy new year!
    Bruce 🙂

    • Hello Bruce,
      I do look forward to your comment, I find them so uplifting. It sounds like you had a very busy house my friend.
      I know what you mean about recharging the old battery, I find coming into bloggyland such a great way to do that. I just love writing and visiting my friends to see what they are up to.
      Mr Bean is so funny…he really cracks me up. He one of these types that people either love or hate.
      Aspie-happy new year to you too!!
      Love and hugs.
      Lisa. xx 🙂

  4. I tend to shut down and escape more than melt down, probably because I grew up in a family where bad behavior was so strongly discouraged and where most of the other members also valued their privacy and solitude, so they didn’t see anything odd in my being alone most of the time.

    Empathy seems to be becoming a club that people who don’t want to see things another way can swing at people who can’t see things exactly the way that they do as fast as they want them to. (A bit convoluted, but hopefully you get my meaning.)

    • Hello Aspiegirl Maybe,
      When I was a child I was quite confident around familiar people and would go into meltdown, I remember some of my more severe episodes. But as I got older and was more aware of social rules I started to internalise my meltdowns, the hurt was intense and far worse than being able to release it. I wasn’t aware at the time that the things I did to stop this pain were classed as self harm but now I look back I can see that no child should be made to hold in such hurt.
      I think martial arts are an amazing way to releave this and I saw how this helped my brother. I was very alone with my pain, visiting my childhood mentally, still hurts but I will keep doing this to help little children who are like me.
      I hate the thought of children feeling that alone.
      Love and hugs.
      Lisa. xx 🙂

  5. One of my latest annoyances is how with a certain [growing] number of people, autism is some buzzword. It’s as if, they’re just SO COOL and into acceptance and whatever blah-blah, that you’d think you just told them that your kid doesn’t like to use a public restroom. There’s a general {?} ambivilant, aloof, weird attitude – that drives me NUTS!

    Don’t get me wrong, I love acceptance and all, but …i dont know. It’s just strange. As it it’s just the popular thing or something, and they don’t really care about it at all. Do you run across this at all, or is it a US thing?

    I’m glad that you managed through the holday, and I hope that new years’ is happy and relaxing for you! Many blessings,

    • Hello Daleth,
      What I find here in the Uk is most people don’t even know what Autism or any ASD is. I am actually quite sick of having to explain why my daughter shuts down and doesn’t speak to many people or why she puts on a baby voice when she is asked direct questions. And don’t even get me started on peoples lack of understanding when it comes to her Dyspraxia and her many sensory issues. But what annoys me most of all is the lack of help I get to get her a diagnose because she is bright and she will conform.
      Errrrrrrgh…….why should any body have to conform!!!!
      It really makes me angry.
      We are all made unique and beautiful in who God has created us to be, it totally sux.
      Just a little of my Alienhippy indignant rage….can you relate???
      Love and hugs.
      Lisa. xx 🙂

  6. Hello Lisa,

    Very enlightening. I love the thought of the calm stable Jesus was born in but I can’t help thinking it would have been smelly with the donkey xxxx

    • I like Donkeys Auntie Linda, they all have a cross on their back and remind me of Jesus. I think I could cope better with the smell of Donkey poo than the crowd in the shopping center. In fact I could probably cope with a crowd of Donkeys in a shopping center better than the people. Donkey’s don’t get angry for no reason and they have very kind eyes.
      Love you. xx

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