I wonder if anyone will comment? Is anyone brave enough?

Hello my lovely friends out there in glorious bloggyland

I’m in a silly giggly mood because I was feeling a bit down earlier so I have been mooching on YouTube. I am feeling a lot better now I’m listening to music and typing away with my thoughts.

I do enjoy Shirley Bassey

I’m so sorry that I repeat myself and I do hope I’m not boring you.

I love all the big band/orchestra sound she always has. It’s just so wonderful isn’t it!

I find her so dramatic I just love watching her on video, seeing all her facial expressions and hand movements is just fabulous. I love it!!

Also…I just love all her outfits

I would so love the confidence to wear all those feathers and sequins.

AND…the figure to get away with it of course…giggle.

I have always loved shiny and fluffy things, for as long as I can remember.

My Nan used to make me some wonderful outfits when I was a little girl.

I remember a pink cape my Nan made me once with Ostrich feather all around it

It was the 70’s we got away with things like that back then, it was the fashion.

I don’t call myself the Alienhippy for no reason you know!!

Ok….did I just give out all that information to my bloggy friends?

It looks like you did to me Lisa… 😀

So…there you go!

That’s a little bit of me, the me that’s trapped inside just dying to come out.

But….unfortunately I know full well I can’t.


Why…..because society just doesn’t accept people like that.

BUT…then again, I’m not accepted even though I’ve been tamed, and made to fit.

Also…while learning to conform I lost all the confidence I had.

It just stinks really doesn’t it!

I wish they would have left me as I was, oblivious to conformity and quite happy in la-la land.

You know what…?

I’m going to make this a really short blog and say.

I think we are all trapped inside ourselves if we are totally honest.

We are all caught up in what other people might think of us, so we hide.

So I’m now wondering who else has got the confidence to let it out.

Go on… tell me about the little you that is trapped inside.

The one that you would really love to let out but can’t for whatever reason.

You might not even be an Aspie, I don’t think it makes any difference one way or the other anyway.

Go on tell me please…!

When you grab the hairbrush and no one is around, who do you pretend to be?

Leave me your story in my comments please…I’m very, very interested.

If you choose not to comment that’s fine too, but make sure you acknowledge your little self.

Don’t leave you trapped forever!!

Now…because it’s my blog and I just love Shirley, I’m putting Goldfinger on.


20 thoughts on “I wonder if anyone will comment? Is anyone brave enough?

  1. Hi I am Angel, I was directed to your blog by Bruce and thankful to him for doing so! I am having a very hard day, this was a well needed lift.

    The real me that comes out is a famous ballet dancer who sings Meat Loaf and Nick Cave songs as well as reciting my poetry to an audience. Only my husband has experienced this triad for a very short period of time. 🙂

  2. you’re right Lisa ,we don’t want others to see us in our true ways .I would like to be able to sing on stage and dance around like Mick Jagger wow ,wouldn’t that be fun ?.Or to do some country music singing ,but that is out of the question for me as I’m too bashful to do such things .

  3. Oh my dear friend my problem has always been that I’m not very good at conforming…as one of my friend would say “there are sleepers and there are eaters.”…I’m a sleeper …being what I am…and yes the cost can be quite high…but I sleep well. 🙂

    • Hi Aspiegirl,
      When I first started blogging I had given up on ever having friends. I was hiding from everyone. I only ever shared my Art and poetry. This world can really knock people about.
      I have to think sometimes about what type of smile to use, or stop myself from smiling because I smile a lot and people think I’m strange. I smile because I have happy thoughts and then some idiot will say something to make me feel really bad about myself. I then have their words and looks circling my head for days and taking every bit of energy I have.
      I have to be careful because I trust too easily, I like to believe the best of people and then I get extremely hurt. You say you cover your mouth to hide who you are, I get that I sometimes talk out of the side of my mouth to people I am afraid of. I refer to it as my mask, it goes on as protection. When I am really fearful I don’t talk at all and look at the floor.
      There are not many people that I can feel totally relaxed around. Outside of my family, I have one person who I can be myself with. If you just have one person who accepts you as you are then try not to wear a mask with them. I think blogging as an Aspie is wonderful because what you feel and what write help you connect with who you really are.
      Love and hugs
      Lisa. xx 🙂

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    • Hi Tilly,
      I think it’s great that you can just be yourself and blurt everything out. People who love you accept you as you are and love you because of who you are.
      I think your great…don’t know you that well of course only through the net. But you seem pretty alright to me my friend.
      Thanks for the poetry link I’ll have a look at that later.
      Love and hugs.
      Lisa. xx 🙂

  5. Lees……My sister and I used to grab the hairbrushes and sing along to EVERY song on the Grease soundtrack.
    SHe would be Olivia Newton John and make me be (ahem) John Travolta!

    • Fi….I really giggled when I read this. Me and my friend *Sarah (not her real name) when we were kids would do exactly the same. I shared about my Greace obsession on a different post. You know what??? I was always playing the Danny part too. I can’t remember if it was through choice or being told to do it….lol
      Love you loads.
      Lees. xxxx

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