So… our trip didn’t go as planned

So… our trip didn’t go as planned

Santa's little helper

Hello all my bloggy friends ***waves***

You will probably gather from the title that I am a little disappointed.

The trip that we have had planned, that has been booked like…forever.

We didn’t get there!

The wonderfully magical Christmas trip on the Santa express, on the Severn Valley railway that my kids get so excited about and even get dressed up for.

We didn’t get there!

Yes everyone has been poorly and yes everyone is still sneezing and coughing but that didn’t stop us, we we’re all far too excited to let germs stand in the way.

We still didn’t get there!

We doped ourselves up on cold remedies, got ourselves extra layers and packed the car with blankets, food, a flask of very hot Mulled wine, we even took a shovel to dig the car out of the snow after our trip.

We just couldn’t get there!

I am so bitterly disappointed, we look forward to this every year.

So this is how the day went

Here are a few photos taken of *AJ and *CAL before we attempted the drive in the snow.

They wanted to go as Elves this year, Β I ordered their costumes off Amazon specially for the trip.

I would just like to say this is not a fancy dress trip, no-one else dresses up, it’s just an Alienhippy thing.

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We managed to drive to the Hills

These hills are usually a 10 minute drive away from our home. The traffic was just piled up. Mr Locoman phoned the Severn Valley to ask if they knew what the traffic would be like closer to the station. We we’re told the Steam Trains were still running but not many people were able to get there in the snow. We we’re advised to turn around and go back home. We ignored the advice and thought he was kidding, then we hit our first snow pile up. The Christmas music we we’re playing in the car and singing along to suddenly lost it’s appeal.

He just ran off!

We were stopped dead still in traffic for quite some time and then my *AJ, who’s never really been very good at sitting still, just jumped out of the car. I jumped out of the driver’s seat and shouted after him, “Where do you think you are going?” He shouts back, “I’m one of Santa’s helpers Mom, I’m going to push cars and be helpful!”

This is what he can be like, my Aspie son, he can be so unpredictable. I quickly told Mr Locoman to follow him and keep an eye on him. Then I videoed him running off and got beeped at because the cars started to move.

People can be so annoying sometimes…I mean we mover all of 12 feet before stopping again.

Here is the video of him running off, it’s only very short.

I got to the island and turned the car around

Then we waited quite a while for Mr Locoman to round up *AJ and bring him back to the car.

I do believe my son would make a fabulous children’s entertainer.

While jingling his way down the main road, full of stationary vehicles, he decided to entertain the little children.

He did his Elf dance, sang Christmas songs, and pulled funny faces.

The kids who had been stuck in these cars for ages thought he was wonderful.

My little *CAL, on the other hand, was worrying herself somewhat silly because her big brother had disappeared.

He came back a little hyper from all the excitement.

I also managed to video him running back with Mr Locoman herding him at the rear.

Here is the second video, also very short.

We ended up driving around for 3 hours

Just trying to avoid getting stuck in snow pile ups.

Driving so slowly we we’re hardly moving.

Avoiding any steep hills, where the wheel would spin.

I managed to keep control of the car and found a clear route home eventually.

I was so relieved to just pull up on my drive.

Most people were having to abandon their cars and walk.

We phoned the Severn Valley

They said we can probably use our tickets in the New Year for a different Steam Trip.

So….I’m planning and hoping we can use them for the 40’s bash that they do.

Now I wonder…what will *AJ and *CAL be wearing for that trip then???

I might even dress up myself actually!


13 thoughts on “So… our trip didn’t go as planned

  1. So sorry you missed you trip..that sux. But AJ sounds like such fun, and a hero too! And the 40s bash sounds like it would be cool. I think you should dress up!

  2. even though you guys didn’t do what you planned , you still got out in all the traffic and the snow .Got to experience your son running off and capturing him .lol lol

  3. Sorry you didn’t get to ride the Santa Express. Sounds like a memorable outing for your family anyway!
    Good for *AJ entertaining the kids. Those kids in the cars will never forget this day! Imagine, a real live elf! Their teachers and classmates won’t believe them…hehehe

  4. Sorry to hear of the disappointment, but I enjoyed seeing the pictures and videos anyway. I can only imagine the expression on a stuck driver’s face when he realized an elf had appeared to help push his car!

    Glad you should be able to use the tickets later on.

  5. I’m sorry you were disappointed by not going. AJ dealt with the adversity really well, offering his help and entertaianing the children who must have been quite sad. You have the best looking elves I have ever seen. Also AJ & Cal would never have seen the snow this deep, because it hasn’t been like this for 25 years. The 40’s trip is absolutely brilliant. A Spitfire flies over and everyone is dressed in forties gear. Watsh Folyles War on TV to get some ideas. Love you xxxx

  6. Aaw, shame it didn’t go as planned, but at least you have another trip to look forward to in the New Year. I can’t believe the trains were still running in the snow- they always used to stop when I lived there and relied on them!

    • Hi Spectrummy Mummy,
      This was a steam train on the Severn Valley not a normal train. We were so looking forward to the trip. Oh well…the 40’s trip will be nice. xx πŸ™‚

  7. So sorry that your trip didnt eventuate…….But isnt Aj priceless!
    What a wonderful son you have raised.
    I hope the nasty sickness leaves your house SOON!

  8. haha not quite to plan was it mother. Meh can’t wait to have a nice comb-over haircut and braces over my shoulders to support the old trousies πŸ˜‰ xx

  9. Oh my goodness! Even though you guys didn’t get to have the planned fun, it sure sounds like AJ made a fun time of it regardless. I know if we were sitting there, he would have made our day πŸ™‚

    • I love this. You imagine that despite adversity, *AJ was still positive and he cheered up a lot of Children and probably the adults who are still in touch with the child inside them. Love you xxxx
      My lovely Quirky Family

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