Just emptying my head…lol

Hello my friends in bloggyland,

I have just sat down for a babble.

Let’s see where we go with this then shall we!?

I have spent the last three days looking after my little *CAL. She seems a lot better today but is still not well enough for school. When she is unwell she gets really upset. She struggles to understand herself how she feels, so trying to explain to me is just an annoyance for her.

We have always had this problem, for instance she cannot tell when she hot or cold. I don’t understand why but she just doesn’t know. I have to ask her, “Do you feel hot?” She thinks about it and then answers, “I don’t know!” So then I ask her, “Do you feel cold then?” She thinks about it and then says, “I don’t know!”

This seems to be her standard reply to every question I ask her at the moment. I don’t get it at all…how can you not know if you feel hot or cold.

The other thing that puzzles me about my little *CAL

is she can’t feel her feet.

Her shoes can be so tight they cause blisters and she just doesn’t know her feet are hurting. This is weird for me because she can’t stand tight clothes everything she wears has to be loose or elasticated. So why can’t she feel when her shoes hurt her?

(Please leave your clever answers in comments. It all helps… thanks)

The other problem I have had, and this really drives me mad.

She won’t take medication, I have such a job getting her to swallow her medicine. Very often she gets so worked up she will vomit it straight back up.

My poor little girl gets so confused with how she feels when she is unwell, it really upsets me because as her Mom I want to fix everything so she is happy, and I can’t.

I have spent a lot of time over the last three days watching the films that she loves and rubbing her feet because that relaxes her. I know this sounds really over the top for me to be doing this, for my 10 year old daughter, but believe me if your child was as upset and unsettled as my little girl gets, you would do the same.

The films she likes to watch she watches repetitively.

This time it has been Flushed away to start with, then we went onto BOLT, and now we are on, the Grinch….all good films, but I think I like Flushed Away the best. I just love the line, “Hooray for Millicent Bystander!!” The idea of singing slugs and owning a boat called “The Jammy Dodger.” Let’s just say the film makes me giggle. I also quite like Hugh Jackman, but shush about that. Not really…titter… Mr Locoman already knows…lmho.

So ….anyway…let me just babble on.

I was thinking about my childhood repetitive things. The ones that stand out the most are my obsession with Dougal and the Blue cat, this is from the magic Roundabout. I had an LP of this story and I drove my Mom up the wall with it. I knew the whole LP word perfect and I have been known to still quote it now occasionally. I also loved the movie Greace and had the LP and played it that many times my Mom hated it.

My Dougal LP

The other thing I thought of are the films The Wizard of Oz and The sound of music.

I loved both…well I still do actually. They only used to come on at Christmas and I would get so excited about them. I remember when my Mom used to bring the Christmas Radio Times home, I would go straight to the films page and look for pictures of these two films. Then I would phone up my Great Granny to tell her when they were on.

When I was young my Great Grandparents and Grandparents would come to ours every Christmas. My Great Grandad Charlie had no teeth at all and used to make me feel really sick when he ate his Christmas dinner. I remember I always used to beg my Mom, “Please don’t sit me by Grandad Charlie Mommy please.” He was a lovely, lovely man, but I do wish he would have wore some dentures.

My Great Granny was so lovely she would tell me the same story every year about her visit to Austria, she loved it there and that was why she loved watching The sound of music. My Mom and my Auntie would always do their party piece, wearing T towels on their heads singing, “How do you solve a problem like Maria.” It never got tiresome, because Mom would always forget her words and then giggle her way through the rest of the song. We would all end up in fits of laughter.

Then my Nanny P would end up wetting herself laughing and screaming on the way to the toilet.

Oh dear me…. I am giggle myself somewhat silly here just reminiscing.

I think I’ve gone off on a tangent again.

I never know what I am going to write about you know. I just sit down with a cup of coffee and I start tapping away and emptying all my many thoughts from my aspie brain. I don’t really care what I’m writing about because at the end of the day, you don’t have to read my babble if you don’t want to. You can always click onto someone else’s babble instead.

Right…I think that is enough from me for today, I need to go and cook the tea. I’ll just add a few picture and maybe a video and leave you to it. I’ve had a good time chatting to you all, thanks for reading to the bottom. lmho

Just a video because I thought to put it on for you, enjoy.



5 thoughts on “Just emptying my head…lol

  1. Nice hearing from you . maybe your daughter has a nerve problem in her feet.Even though she doesn’t have Spinabifita ,some people that have it can’t feel any enjury or other sinsations in their feet .Our grand-daughter has a friend with it and she could get frost bitten and not know it.That is a big problem for her .She can walk but not far but manages at school ok.

  2. I wonder why can’t she tell if she’s hot or cold. That’s one i;ve never heard of .But again it’s possible .I would advise you to take her and get that checked out .

  3. About *CAL’s feet: in my late 50’s I developed what I called “numb toes”. The docs decided it is some kind of nerve problem which they blame on age.
    But to get to that diagnosis they had to first test for diabetes, vitamin B and a couple of other things which I can’t remember. When all these tests were alright, they blamed it on age and told me there was no cure.
    But there are treatable causes of numb toes/feet such as diabetes and vit B deficiencies, etc.. I don’t know if any of this applies to *CAL but thought I pass it along anyway.
    Hope she is completely well soon. šŸ™‚

  4. I wonder if the not feeling hot/cold and the not feeling her feet are connected. It may be worth looking into any medical explanation, including side effects of her medications.

    I still remember watching the Sound of Music every Thanksgiving at my grandmother’s house – what a wonderful movie!

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