What a day…I’d better wash-up!

Oh…what a day I have had today.

I am sitting here drinking a nice hot cup of coffee out of one of my Grandmother’s mugs. It’s from her Christmas collection, yes I think she was an Aspie too. It would certainly explains why she understood me and accepted me so well. Anyways…it’s a lovely mug, with a Robin red-breast on it. It’s stoneware made in an Ashdale pottery factory.

Ok… I’m really sad I know, but I just love my mug collection, nearly as much as my bouncy ball collection and I know that one is really, really sad. But we Aspies do enjoy collecting….giggle.

Oh yes…back to the point, I’m drinking out of this mug because all the others are in the sink and I just can’t be bothered to wash up. I need a break and a sit down. No I haven’t got a dishwasher, my kitchen is still unfinished after the building and Mr Locoman is not here.

My little *CAL has not been well today

In fact I was up most of the night last night with her and today she has developed an ear ache. This is really hard for her with her sensory problems. Also she finds it really hard to explain what is happening to her and gets extremely emotional about me not understanding what she is trying to say. She hates the taste of medication and often will vomit when trying to take it. So we have spent a lot of time cuddling and watching “Flushed Away” repetitively.

Mr Locoman is still out on the trains and *AJ has gone to his Dad’s Mother’s house for some fancy Christmas lunch thing she is doing. I knew nothing about this until his Dad turned up to fetch him at 1pm. *AJ was still fast asleep he stayed at a friend’s last night and spent the night chatting and giggling. He came home early this morning and went straight to bed to catch up on his sleep. We had such a performance with his Dad and *AJ and me had to chat about it before he left. I’m sure he has had a wonderful time today. My ex-Mother in law puts on a fabulous display of Christmas variety including caviar and champagne. It’s all very proper and everyone is very well dressed.

Yes ….I am a little stressed about my 17 year old Aspie son being there if I am totally honest, he can speak his mind sometimes. He doesn’t enjoy show and he can only take so much before his mouth opens and an Aspie rant comes out. He has gone in a T-shirt and Jeans, he only decided against his “I’m with Dick Head” T-shirt because his Dad told him off last time he wore it.

I’m not giggling honestly…..I’m lmho…..yes I know I’m so very naughty.

This afternoon

When I was supposed to be painting the wall in my bedroom I decided to take *CAL out for some fresh air and also pop to the Co-op for a few supplies. I got myself a Latte from the McDonalds drive thru and we had a drive around our neighbourhood playing our game…fairy lights and Christmas trees. This is a game we always play this time of year, see how many we can spot and call them out in silly voices. We just had to take a photo of this one, it is right opposite the Church I go to. We were gob-smacked by the amount of lights on this house. It was all inside the house as well but you can’t see it on the photo.

Now this is something lovely to share

When we got to the Co-op there was a new girl on the check-outs. I realised when moving the grocery out of the trolley that I had forgotten the tissues. We have been getting through so many with everyone having colds. *CAL said she would go and have a look for them. Now this particular Co-op is only small but my *CAL has Dyspraxia as well as Aspergers and I knew she would find this hard. The Co-op is always empty that’s why I go there. It cuts down on the stress and make shopping more tolerable.

Well we waited and waited and waited, there is never a queue in the Co-op, good job really. I said to the girl on the till my daughter has Dyspraxia she could be some time you know.

AND…the most amazing thing happened.

This lovely girl who works weekends at the Co-op is also studying to be a teacher. At the moment she is writing a paper on dyspraxia. She engaged in conversation with my little girl on a level I have never seen before. My little *CAL was so excited explaining to her how she gets confused and can’t find things. How she can’t follow instructions or maps. How her balance upsets her because she can’t ride a bike or roller skate. This lovely young woman listened and encouraged her and helped her to talk about all the things she is good at, all the things she can do.

I came away feeling so hopeful that there are people like her training to be teachers. If she can keep the loving way she has and the humility she has as a Co-op check out girl and carry that into her new profession she will be one amazing teacher.

Now I suppose I had better go and do the washing up folks.

I do love to sit and write I find it so therapeutic.

But I can’t start using my Great-great Grandmothers China now can I.


14 thoughts on “What a day…I’d better wash-up!

  1. Hi Lisa
    It’s a good thing you have lots of extra china from your grandmother and greatgrandmother lol lol .
    You are so funny when telling the story ,especially your son wearing the jeans and t-shirt with the words on it to his grandmothers place .That’s teens for you .Our grandaughter is almost 13.She doesn’t like wearing dresses very often.Only when she has to .She say’s I’m not a girly girl .I said you used to be ,but she said that’s when i was five .lol

    • Hi Eileen,
      I had so many mugs, cups and china I had to store some in the attic. When I did the big clear out I got rid of quite a lot to the charity shop. I still probably have more than I need but I am just too sentimental for my own good.
      Love and hugs. xx πŸ™‚

  2. Oooh, I LOVE the snow on your page!!It is 25 degrees here in New Zealand.My boys can not understand why it does not snow here at Christmas time like it does on all the christmas movies.And yay for the checkout girl at your store.It is such a good feeling when you come across those people πŸ™‚

    • Hi Dearna,
      The snow does look beautiful. I’m a little behind with my comments and today I did a post on how the snow stopped us from going on our trip, that we go on every year.
      The checkout girl is a gem, I look out for her when I go to the co-op now. People like her give me so much hope.
      Love and hugs. xx πŸ™‚

  3. What a lovely girl! Hope your daughter feels better soon. I suppose you’ve tried all the tricks but I’ll suggest this one anyway because it worked for our son, who used to vomit up tablets: take them with milk; they go down easier.

    • Thanks Tilly,
      Unfortunately both my kids have such bad sensory issues they both still have to have liquid medication. *AJ is fine now at swallowing it, but *CAL is a nightmare about it. I really don’t know what I’m going to do. I have mentioned it to every person that is trying to help, but nothing seems to work. I will let you know when I find out how to get her to swallow it without vomiting. Love and hugs. xx πŸ™‚

    • Hi Heather,
      I’ll have to ask *AJ about you borrowing his t shirt…he likes to wear it when he goes out with a paticular person…lol
      Have a good holiday my friend. Love and hugs. xx πŸ™‚

  4. Ha ha ha ha!!! I’m glad you didn’t do the dishes, not just yet anyway. Isn’t it just SO pleasurable to use things like a special mug? I get really caught up in those types of things sometimes. Preferences. I even pick out THE fork or spoon I want to use [it’s kind of a hodge-podge of utensils]. πŸ™‚

    My son is about to turn 15, and so far, he doesn’t have any T-shirts like that… We’ll have to see!

    Cheers to holiday lights, and happiness. The co-op lady is a gem. Don’t they seem like angels, placed right THERE just for us in that exact moment? I love that…. Thanks for sharing. Hugs!

    • Hi Daleth,
      I’m so sorry I am so behind with my blog comments and my reading. I will have to pop over to your blog soon and catch up. I have a favourite mug and I also have a spoon that I love. I can’t eat soup or cereals without my special spoon, while in my own house, I just can’t enjoy it. I know I’m a bit strange…different, but different is good!
      Believe me Daleth this photo does not show off the lights on that house like we could see them. We have a seaside town in the UK called Blackpool. We also have a saying here that goes…”It was lit up like Blackpool illuminsations!” Just google images of Blackpool illuminations and you’ll get my gist. Love and hugs. xx πŸ™‚

    • Hello my lovely,
      Wait till you see the videos I have put on today of him as an Elf running around in the snow…you’ll crack up my friend. Oh Fi…. I am so behind with my comments, I do wish I could read faster. Love you so much. xxxx

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