Steam Trains and Droobles

Hello my friends in bloggyland

Today my Mr Locoman is driving or firing a steam train.

He is not at all well but he does love his trains, so he left last night for an early start this morning. He will come back covered in black soot and stinking to high heaven, but his teeth will show through as he will have a big beaming smile on his face from the excitement of his day.

Next weekend…now I’m so excited about this…yippy

We are going on the Santa express on the Severn Valley.

This is just SOOOOOO magical… I LOVE IT!

Last year was brilliant we had a first class compartment and we took a large flask of mulled wine. We had roast chestnuts and mince pies. It was just like being in another time. The Severn Valley Railway is very old fashioned and has all the original stations and they keep it so beautifully.

I love this particular day at the railway, all the others I don’t mind missing…I married into a family of train-spotters so you can catch my drift here…hehehe

I just love the Harry Potter films

Being on a steam train just sets my imagination off, so I will tell you about my naughtiness last year.

I was sat in our compartment giggling with the kids when we stopped at a station.

*CAL said, “Why have we stopped Mom?

So me being me said. “I think the dementors have got on!”

*AJ then decided to imitate a dementor and terrify his little sister.

Just then in the spirit of Harry Potter,

The philosophers stone.

An elderly lady opens our compartment door and asks if we would like anything off the trolley….giggle

Of course I couldn’t resist it I said,

“Oh yes, could we have a liquorish wand and two packets of Droobles please!”


This elderly lady then bent down searching her trolley, my kids were in hysterics.

She then looked up towards me with a very confused expression on her face and says.

“What are Droobles my love?”

18 thoughts on “Steam Trains and Droobles

    • Awwww Dickson is so cute, thanks for telling me Laura. I’m behind with my comments and today is the day…YAY! We are catching our train at 3:30 and we’re going to see Santa.
      I’m so excited, I get to act the age I feel (6 yrs of age) and no-one notices. Or if they do I’m a bit oblivious to it and don’t care anyway.
      Love you. xx 🙂

  1. I don’t think “envy” can convey the depth of emotion carried here. There are some excursion steam trains in the Southeastern U.S., but not many. Atlanta had one, but it shut down due to budget problems about 15 years ago. 😦 We have to go to Chattanooga if we want to ride live steam. I think there must be some steam train in my DNA. Two of my great-great-Grandfathers were conductors on steam trains, in fact, one of them served on this very train:

    • I’m so sorry Dickson, the Severn Valley is practically on our doorstep. You would get on so well with my hubby and his family. Trains are in their blood, his whole family love trains and buses. His father has made DVD’s and has a model railway that is open to the public. His youngest brother drives on the Battlefield line and his middle brother is a train fireman on the Mid-hants.
      This is a link to my Father in laws DVD
      This is old footage taken in 1958-1959, the quality is not great because it has been transfered from old film to DVD, but I’m very proud of my Father in law for doing this he is in his 80’s and wanted to share his love of the rails.
      I’m glad you enjoyed my post.
      Love and hugs.
      Lisa. xx 🙂

  2. The Santa express sounds like great fun.
    I really envy Mr. Locoman firing/driving a steam loco! Perhaps the heat on the footplate drove away his flu (but then he was probably roasting on one side and freezing on the other, so it might not have helped).
    My great grandfather was a locomotive engineer (driver). His last loco was a Canadian National U2a Northern (4-8-4). Don’t worry, Mr. Locoman will know it was BIG!
    I wanted to be an engineer when young but then when I was fifteen they completed dieselization of Canadian railroads and it lost it’s appeal. I mourned the death of steam well into middle age!
    I have done some paintings of steam locomotives. It helped with the grieving process.
    Being a steam fan is one more thing that fits with my newly discovered Asberger’s! 🙂

      • xpkranger: Yes! That’s a U2g built after my ggf retired but virtually identical. The U2a had an outside frame on the pilot truck. 6218 did excursions out of Montreal in the 60’s. I always wondered where it went. Now I know.
        Thanks for the link to the photos.
        My son built and painted an HO model of the General a few years ago.
        This small world is getting smaller!!

    • I think I ought to get Austyn to start a blog on trains and buses, you boys would love it.
      I will have to get another computer first though, I don’t want his obsession cutting into my blog time. lol
      Love and hugs.
      Lisa. xx 🙂

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