Poem…Only you Lord Jesus

Only you Lord Jesus

by Alienhippy

Only you Lord Jesus can fill this gaping hole

Dance around inside my heart, caress my very soul

You took away my sin, it was nailed to the tree

You are my everything, your comfort sets me free


Nothing can I do to deserve love so complete

I can come to you lay my life at your feet

Knowing that you care for this life that I live

You will always love me, so my life to you I give


I don’t know where you will lead me, I trust in all your plans

When I’m up and when I’m down, I know I’m in your hands

I’ll just accept the love you give and know that it’s a gift

And all the songs within my heart, to you my voice I lift


This world is full of darkness, but you make darkness light

With you I can face the future you give me strength to fight

You hold my hand and wipe my tears, I know you always care

Whatever I will go through, I know that you’ll be there


You’ll give me everything I need, to get through trials I face

You’ll bring me safely home to you, protected in your grace

You forgive me when I lose my way, in all things that I do

So this will always be the call, to come and be with you


5 thoughts on “Poem…Only you Lord Jesus

  1. I stumbled on this poem when I googled Only You Lord…it was perfect. I read it outloud to my son who has autism. He sat through most, up to the last verse.

    Thanks for sharing, I’m putting it on my fb page.

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