My scatty week in photos

My scatty week in photos

Hello all friends out there in bloggyland.

I so love my new mobile, it is probably the best thing I have had since I changed cars and got myself a little Hyundai Getz, and got rid of the Volvo. Don’t get me wrong… the Volvo was a lovely car, but boy could it gobble the petrol.

I’m going to do something different today and show you a bit of my week in photos offย  my mobile.

First off here is Sunday

We spent a large part of the day with my hubby’s relatives. I sat in front of their lovely open fire and yes that is chocolate cake you see there. I will say that being out of my comfort zone for as long as we spent out on Sunday caused a mass of confusion for me and *CAL was not good on Monday either. Must remember to not spend so long out of my comfort zone in future.

Mondays are piano lesson days. This is the piano that *CAL dreams of having one day. I was so emotionally drained by this point I actually fell asleep watching her lesson. Her piano teacher made me a very strong coffee before I left. She is a lovely lady and very much a hippy, I feel quite at home in her house.

On Tuesday my car went ice skating and we slid sideways down this hill.

Let me just say I was crying, “CRAP,CRAP,CRAP…please stop, stop, stop!!!” And my little *CAL was screaming her head off.

We stopped about 2 inches away from the back end of a white Transit van. I haven’t taken any side roads since, I’m staying to the gritted ones. This is a happy *CAL on Wednesday 1st December. She was looking forward to getting her advent calendar. I didn’t think this through properly as usual. All the small shops that I can cope with, had sold out. We had a massive meltdown all evening because of this. I had to promise her we would go to ASDA the next day. She was extremely emotional and she always internalises this making herself quite ill sometimes. This year is the first year she has understood dates. I will remember next year to plan this a little better.So Thursday we go to ASDA, now this is my nightmare. ASDA supermarket after school, just weeks before Christmas. We spent a while just finding a few items, then we hid in the coffee shop before we attempted the queuing for the tills. I hate the noise of the tills with all the other noise that goes on. But we managed to get 4 advent calendars, some special Christmas cards and we also bought some new DVD’s. I do love kids films and they are so cheap in ASDA. When we got out side I was shocked to see that the snow that had melted off my car bonnet had actually frozen into icicles on my number plate. Yes that is how cold it is at the moment. Instant icicles!! hehehe

Now that leaves us with today.

At work today I was so very cold in the playground. I was on the boring job holding up the cards to let the kids know what class is going in for lunch. I was so jealous of the dinner ladies who were on the other playground. They were able to build snowmen and play games with the kids. I get to do this next week. Hopefully we will still have the snow. If not then I’m playing basket ball, skipping and bouncy hoppers….giggle

The snowmen that the kids built at dinner time all got kicked over by the older boys. So… by the time I got back to the school, to fetch *CAL, there were just very large snowballs left around. Me, *CAL and her friend *David, pushed them all together for some photos. Then we went to visit my barmy Auntie. She cooked me a lovely dinner and let me mess on her computer for a while. She did make me laugh, she made us both a nice cup of Tea in the new mugs she has bought. I have this thing with collecting mugs…I know it’s terrible, but I can’t help myself.

I have my favourite mug at home and now I have my favourite mug at my Aunties. Mine is the one that says “almost normal”

It’s my Auntie that is “BEYOND HELP”

I do love my new mobile.

Have a good weekend my friends. xx


10 thoughts on “My scatty week in photos

  1. I love this post. What a good way to diaries the week in photos. Dis you do the snow falling on your Blog. I got all excited when it started falling. Love you xxxx

  2. A really interesting post. You are definitely a glass half-full kind of girl. Love those mugs.

    I never thought how difficult something as mundane as shopping could be. You are brave to attempt it, knowing how it will affect you. Your blog is opening my eyes.

    • Thank you Tilly,
      I usually only go to the Co-op, I have too many sensory problems with everywhere else but I couldn’t let my little *CAL down.
      Love and hugs.
      Lisa. xx ๐Ÿ™‚

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