Aspie-happy says sing!

Hello my lovely friends

out there in glorious bloggyland.

I have had a wonderful morning of singing and dancing with God.

Yes that’s right…I have my Aspie-happy head back on today.

Does anybody remember Worzel Gummidge???

Well I can be a bit like him sometimes. I forget where I leave my head….hehehehe

I found my Aspie-happy head anyway.

I remembered it needs lots of positive, to get back over the rainbow.

For me that means…plenty of God, lots of giggles, and avoiding all negative people….lol

I found this joy while singing a new and wonderful song, I sang it that many times I now know it!

The Bible speaks about this you know, there’s lots about singing in the Bible.

I’m not going to quote verse though, I haven’t got time I’ve got to be at work soon.

It’s good to learn new songs.

I’m going to leave you with this one to sing, not because it’s new because I blogged it a few days ago.

I just like it and I found it while YouTube mooching with lyrics.


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