Poem “Late again our Lisa?”

Poem “Late again our Lisa?”

by Lisa Lock

I got up early and got time to pray

Then went about getting on with my day

My afternoon planned with my hubs family

To cope with this meant Church for me


So as usual I got distracted, I can’t remember what with

I’m always late for everything it’s just the way I live

I try so hard to be on time but I just find things to do

Priorities I can’t understand… I really do try to


I got to Church a little late and sneaked through the back door

The door it squeaked really loud, it’s not done that before

I tip toed in and took a pew in front of Albert my friend

With Albert’s deep voice at such volume a message he did send


“Where ya bin our Lisa?”

Boomed Albert at full pelt

“I was just about ta phone ya!”

Errrgh….I wanted to just melt


Into the floor and just disappear

The congregation turned to hear

Me “SHUSH!” old Albert with what he said

And then I felt my face turn RED


I didn’t know quite what to do, so… I giggled for a while

Then I caught on Brenda’s face, the twitching of a smile

I held my nose to stop the laugh and snorted just a bit

Then had to cover my whole face to hide my giggle fit


Then Sheila started tittering and ken he laughed out loud

Then the organist looked down her nose, she really is quite proud


It really was a joy to see

That by me being just little me

God had shown us all just what His plan is

A giggling line of childlike wrinklies


If God has given His love to us then we shouldn’t be afraid

The ransom and the sacrifice, has already been paid

He came to earth to be with us, to walk and talk as friends

His life has been the light of man, His love He freely sends


But how can I deserve such love when I can’t always see

The faith I need to just let go, and really just be me











17 thoughts on “Poem “Late again our Lisa?”

  1. Cute! And I just loved the last stanza “But how can I deserve such love when I can’t always see The faith I need to just let go, and really just be me” I am so with you on this!

  2. Just love this one..and to me best of all was your line “His plan is A giggling line of childlike wrinklies”…how true I think that is my friend…a pure delight to read.

    • Thank you slp, it is so lovely seeing really old people giggling like kids.
      It just warms my heart and makes me feel all lovely.
      I just need to remember to keep being myself and not worrying what others think all the time. Someone said to me the other day, if they have a problem with who you are, it’s their problem not yours.
      Love and hugs.
      Lisa. xx 🙂

  3. Oh! Thanks for the giggles! 🙂
    When my oldest child was in her twos, we were in church and she placed her lips on her forearm and blew a series of the rudest noises!
    I was shaking with stifled laughter. I dared not open my mouth to ask her to stop in case all that bottled up laughter came out and blew the roof off.
    The icy stares that I got — people were NOT amused!
    But my girl and I had a jolly good giggle with God.
    I think He liked our giggle! 🙂

    • Hello born 2b me,
      You know what! I think God LOVES our giggles.
      When this happened last week at Church I tried so hard not to laugh. Then I sat trying to control it and holding my nose. BUT…Alberts words just kept going around in my head, with his really strong accent. Then the snort came out. This is the Church of England we are talking about here. I am giggling here just thinking about it.
      But seeing the smiles and hearing the giggles of my elderly friends was well worth the embarrassment and a few snotty looks.
      So funny about your daughter, I had a similar experience once with *AJ, this was in a different Church environment (Religious sect actually) it was in a leaders meeting. I nearly died of embarrassment and I had a real fear back then through bad teaching of scripture. So glad God got me out of all that.
      Love and hugs.
      Lisa. xx 🙂

      • My daughter and I were in an Anglican church too, so I know the solemn and formal atmosphere you are talking about. No clapping, shouting and dancing in the aisles there!
        Actually the formal predictable “C of E” prayer book liturgy suits my temperament. I don’t handle surprises well!

  4. You made me laugh, the imagary was so vivid. How lovely. Im well pleased and proud of you.

    This bit at the end…
    “But how can I deserve such love when I can’t always see
    The faith I need to just let go, and really just be me.”
    None of us feel worthy of His Love, I think. Because we know how Great It is.
    I know that you know that God will teach you exactly the right faith for you. You just need to trust Him a little more because He does Love you. Just the way you are, after all He made you that way. When you do let go, what happens, it’s all good innit 😉

    Love you sis xxxx

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