My singing dancing Banana, now wants to be an Elf.

Severn Valley Railway

Hello my friends in bloggyland.

Just a quick post tonight, I’ve had a busy day.

What am I going to blog about then?

Let me just tell you about *AJ and what he is up to now….hehehe

Rocking around the Christmas tree

Rudolf the red nose reindeer

Can you stop the cavalry

The 12 days of Christmas

Ok….these are a few of the songs that *AJ is singing and playing on his guitar constantly at the moment.

At this present minute he is having a heated debate with his stepdad, Mr Locoman, as to why he cannot go busking for charity on Christmas eve on the platform of the Severn Valley Railway.

Can I just add that My lovely boy has been nagging at me to order him an Elf costume since he walked in from college. He even made up his own song about it and sang it repetitively till I ended up nearly screaming at him.

He doesn’t seem to understand that all these costumes cost a lot of money.

The Banana and Carrot costumes were not cheap you know!!

If I buy him this outfit then *CAL wants one too, So I end up spending twice as much.

Well then…let’s see, what we got!

My singing dancing Banana, now wants to be an Elf.

A guitar playing, carol singing, Santa helping, charity Elf.

Busking around the railway platform of the Santa Express steam train.

At the Severn Valley Railway.

One of the most festive of places to be, at Christmas.

It is just so old fashioned.

They serve roasted chestnuts, mulled wine and have Christmas fairy lights everywhere.

It is just so very busy there around Christmas time.

So we have tried to explain to him

image from Google

Maybe around a shopping area would be a better idea, he has his heart set on the railway.

I just said to him, “You do realise *AJ that to do this you need to know all these song off by heart!”

And he replied, “Don’t be silly Mother, you can hold the words up for me!”

I really hadn’t planned to spend Christmas Eve as a busking Elf’s helper at a steam railway.

I had plans of relaxing and doing nothing but preparing for the mad Christmas dinner cook up.

But I must say… I feel very challenged by his heart to want to raise money for charity.

I prayed for him to get more confident in his talents.

AND… he is involving his friend *D.W.Klymax, because he wants to help him with his singing.

They both play the guitar, but I think D.W. is wearing *AJ Santa outfit.

Do you remember D.W.  he is the young guy who dresses up as where’s Wally.

Anyway my friends,

I think tomorrow once I get paid, I will probably be ordering an Elf costume, maybe even two.

I mean what would you do?


6 thoughts on “My singing dancing Banana, now wants to be an Elf.

  1. Lisa ,even though it’s going to cost you ,he has the confidence in himself to do it ,GET HIM THE COSTUME lol lol . you will have fun too .

  2. What a wonderful idea! This is the thing that great memories are made of…so I think your son should do it!!!!” 😀 😉

    Love you loads my friend xx

  3. I have some elf ears he could wear, but he would have to wear thermals underneath an Elf outfit. Love to AJ xxxx

  4. Thank you everyone for your lovely comments.
    I was speaking to someone the other day and it doesn’t look like *AJ will be allowed to do his performance at the Severn Valley because it is so busy there this time of year.
    They also said he wouldn’t be allowed to take his guitar onto the train.
    So I said he should take his yukalaylee instead.
    Even funnier really, a singer dancing Yukalaylee playing Elf.
    Love and hugs

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