Jack Frost came he glittered the floor

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Jack Frost came he glittered the floor

by *CAL and Lisa Lock

Jack Frost came he glittered the floor

And painted our black car white

He painted the trees and all the grass

He must have had fun last night


We got ready for school, we were actually on time

But we had to de-ice the car

Then we drove really slow so the car didn’t skid

It’s really not that far


We was late again, only a bit

But it’s really slippery this ice

We had such fun skidding and skating

This memory is really nice


But we get to school and the Head is there

Through the window he is staring

I looked at the floor to avoid his glare

My naughty girl mask I’m wearing


Yet another late mark for my little *CAL

I feel like I’m letting her down

I don’t seem able to do what’s required

I seem to be just a clown


So I skid and I skate and I feel really bad

As I walk on the frost back home

I try my best to fit in this world

But sometimes I wish they’d leave us alone



My little *CAL and me made this up on the way to school today.

The last three verses came to me on the walk back to my car.



2 thoughts on “Jack Frost came he glittered the floor

  1. Above the line it is all happy and fun, and skidding and skating, and enjoying what Jack Frost brought!
    Below the line “…the Head is there…staring”.
    The poor man just doesn’t *get it* does he?

    Life is about joy and fun and Aspie Happiness! 🙂
    It’s not about timetables, schedules and clocks!
    Let’s celebrate the frost and snow and the nice memory!!
    Keep happy!!! I really enJOY your blog!! 🙂 🙂 🙂

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