Does anyone get what I’m saying here?

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Hello my lovely friends out there in

wonderful bloggyland.

How are you all?

Please leave your answers in my comments,

I do care…I wouldn’t ask otherwise. X  😉

I have been really missing having the internet.

It’s just not the same on my mobile, and using other peoples computers.

I  like to blog from the comfort of my own home even if it is only a quarter decorated and in need of a serious revamp after the builders.

Don’t get me wrong , my Aunties flat is beautiful.

BUT… she notices if I even put a spoon back in the draw incorrectly or move a coaster slightly.

O.C.D… it runs in the family you know……hehehehehe

I have  a man upstairs at the moment.

image from Google

He looks just like a young Prince William.

You know the one, the future King of England.

He is looking at my modem and doing something to my router….giggle

STOP IT! He’s not much older than *AJ.

Any Aussies reading this….I said …ROUTER with a “U”

NOT double “O”

AND anyway….I’m a happily married woman….lmho

Sorry I just couldn’t resist that one, don’t unsubscribe please.

I promise I won’t do it again.  🙂

I was thinking today about yesterdays post

My visit to the doctors all those years ago. Trying to get a diagnoses for my Aspergers Syndrome.

I got chatting with my friend about it actually.

An opportunity has turned up at the school for me to get help and advice.

The lady that is now working with *CAL every Tuesday, also sees me every Tuesday to chat about how I’m coping with my special needs kids, while having Dyslexia and undiagnosed Aspergers myself.

I have been thinking I might take advantage of this, and maybe try again with support to get myself labelled….hehehe

So I spoke to my friend to see what she thought.

I trust my friend she is very honest and knows me very well.

She said that she thinks I understand myself better than I give myself credit for.

Also she felt that an official diagnoses would shut up those annoying people in my life that don’t want to believe me.

So If I get the opportunity I should go for it.

I love how honest and open my friend is, she says just what she thinks and that’s just great with me.

I don’t cope well with falseness.

I was chatting with her about this via email this morning and I must say it started my Aspie ranting off just a little.

My friend told me that she thought I had got the beginning of my next post.

She was right I was looking for inspiration.

So…be warned ALIENHIPPY RANTING about to start….lol

Do you know what I really hate???

When someone says to me, “Hello Lisa, how are you?” and then they smile.

I don’t know what to do. Do I answer them honestly, they did smile after all.

Errrrrrmmmm ….Are they just being polite, or do they really give a monkeys.

Well let’s just THINK about that shall we Lisa!

What has happened in the past???

I’ve answered them honestly and they have listened for a while.

Then either walked off, called someone else to rescue them or made an excuse after looking at their watch…lol

So…why do they even ask, it’s just stupid really isn’t it!!!

Politeness you say!!!

I don’t think it is very polite when someone is talking to just walk off and go ask someone else how their holiday was.

Or…Did you see Eastenders last night?

Or, to be constantly looking over your shoulder for a chance to escape.

Or even to ask you how you are, then talk over the top of you, and tell you how they are.

I find it just ridiculous. I didn’t ask them they asked me.

SO…why not just say, I have some problems can I talk to you. It makes no sense at all to me.

If they want to be polite and don’t really want to know how I am.

Then why not just say…..

“Hello Lisa!” or “Hi there!” or the classic “Have a good day!”

Wave to me or simply just nod and smile.

And here is another RANT about to start.

When I try to explain about having Aspergers to people and about my Kids. They say some of the most ridiculous things.

I mean us humans are the strangest of creatures sometimes…lol

These are some of the replies I’ve gotten off very well meaning people when I have mentioned Aspergers to them, and about maybe getting a diagnoses.

Are you ready…???

It might be fun if you add your silly replies in my comments….giggle

This one is a good one!

“Well….you’ve managed so well with everything in your life, how is a bit of paper going to help!”

Then there is this one!

“I don’t think there is anything wrong with you Lisa, you are just a little bit shy!”

The best one I have ever heard has got to be this one, See if you can beat it…lol

“Lisa you need to get your head out of the psychology books and back into the theology books, where is your focus girl?”

Well I told my friend about all this, she thought it was kind of funny.

Her reply was….. no, you are NOT shy!!

Shy people don’t sing and dance in the co-op! LMHO!

Exactly that’s my point….I’m not at all shy.

I’m extremely loud and over the top in my comfort zones.
It’s just out there with the world, I feel afraid so I don’t allow them in, they don’t really know me.

I AM NOT SHY……..Errrrrghhh. Eyes just freak me out….lol

I think people mean well and believe that by telling me there is nothing wrong with me, they think they are helping me in some strange kind of way. They don’t realise just how insulting it actually is. If I was this weird and there was nothing wrong with me, I’d be very, very strange don’t you think…..giggle

Do you understand what I am saying???

Does anyone get what I’m saying here?

I mean who else gets up every night at 3am instinctively to go and sing and pray to God.

Monks, Nuns. I don’t think they do it instinctively, I think they have bells to wake them up.
Who else has only one real friend when they are as friendly and open as me.
Yes…. I just find it very insulting when they say stupid things like that.

It’s the same with my kids, when they say she’ll grow out of it.
Why does she have to grow out of anything. Apart from her clothes and shoes.

It’s just who she is, how she’s made. The way she is created.
I’m so glad God loves us all and we can all be ourselves with Him.

So anyway, here ends the RANT.

I hope I haven’t offended anybody with my openness and honesty here.

I didn’t intend to and I’m dreadfully sorry if I have.

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BUT….if you look at the top of my blog page it does say

Alienhippy’s blog “A place where I can be me”

Love and hugs. xx 🙂

PS…Guess what?

Prince William fixed me, I have blogged from home….YAY!!!!!!!!!


19 thoughts on “Does anyone get what I’m saying here?

    ha ha.
    I have always had the same issue with that. I learned people rarely actually mean to ask HOW we are. I stopped saying anything but FINE but it was a learned reaction.
    Sorry you are internet-limited–take some time for you though, techno free time to
    smell the roses!

  2. I’m so glad that you have your internet back! You are so right about humans being strange creatures. I’ve had people tell me, “it’s all in your head,” or “your a hypochondriac.” Really?! If they had to live with me, they wouldn’t be saying those ignorant things! They have told me that there was nothing wrong with my son. Okay, now that he has a diagnosis, are they still going to say that?!

    I get very angry sometimes when people say stupid things. Sometimes I can be talking about something that makes so much sense to me but they just don’t understand it. I feel like it’s something that everyone should know and they just look at me with this weird look on their face.
    As for people asking, “How are you?” I always tell them the truth. I figure if they really wanted to know. Otherwise, they wouldn’t have asked. At some point in time, if they don’t want to know the truth or are just being polite, they’ll stop asking or just say hi. I wish more people would learn to be honest. It would make things much easier. LOL Sometimes people will say, “what’ going on,” as a greeting. So, I tell them what’s been going on. Questions seem to be easy for me to answer when socializing. So, if someone asks me a question (whether they want the answer or not), I let the truth come out. LOL

    So, you see, you will never offend me with your honesty. But, being an undiagnosed Aspie myself, I tend to offend people with my honesty. So, I understand how you feel on that subject. I have one friend that I can talk to about everything and she understands me. Sometimes I think that she might be an Aspie too. LOL

  3. Hi lisa
    What I sometimes wonder is why do we have to explain to anyone why we act the why we do .it’s not anyones business .

    • Hi Eileen, I’m glad I met you in care2 as well. I am working my way up the comments and it is taking me ages. I have so many to catch up on after my internet being off so long.
      Love and hugs.
      Lisa. xx 🙂

  4. Hi, Lisa. How are you? LOL! Just kidding!! My sweet friend, I believe you should do whatever your mind and body want to do!! There’s a song with the line that says, “I gotta be me!” And I think that’s exactly what you want to do, you want to be you, Lisa, in all her glorious aspieness!!! And if this is what makes you happy and you aren’t hurting anyone then be what God created to be, Lisa!! I’m sending you a big hug! Another time I’ll tell you how I’m doing! : )

  5. oops! I’ve made some mistakes! Correction: be what God created you to be
    I apologise to your friend Heather, I didn’t me to steal her opening line. I didn’t see it until after I posted mine. Sorry Heather!

  6. Ohhhhh my goodness. I have ranted at length about the “How are you?” questions. Considering that for the past 13 or so years the answer to that question has been “Teetering on the bring of utter despair and suicidal thoughts, but I’m still hanging in there.” I haven’t exactly been the life of the party after answering. I learned to lie. It physically hurt everytime I said “I’m doing fine, you?” because I was not doing fine. So now I’ve come up with “I’m takin’ it slow” (best translation of my native language I could come up with), and this seems to satisfy most people’s need for formulaic pretenses of politeness. And it’s not a lie, either, ’cause things sure as heck ain’t going fast.

    Feel free to take inspiration from that little tool for escaping A Conversation You Don’t Want To Have. I’m an Aspie, btw, in case you were wondering.

    Heh, the last post I wrote on my own blog was actually about one of the things people say when I tell them about my diagnosis. I so absolutely understand your frustrations.

    And now I’m all sorts of “OMG I’m not the only one!!!!”

  7. I’ve been away from bloggyland for 56 hours.
    My telephone line and internet quit due to an underground cable problem.
    It’s good to have them back.
    I am catching up on blogs. I’m glad to see you have your connection back too.
    I’ve missed my dose of Aspie-happy multi coloured rainbows! 🙂 🙂

  8. Hey Lisa – so glad to see you have your internet connection back again !!!! Yeah!!!! 😀 And, to answer one of your questions….YES, I understand what you are saying….all too well! lol

    Have a GREAT weekend xx

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