Silly poem about decorating

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Silly poem about decorating

by Lisa Lock


I’m finding all this decorating

Slightly overwhelming

This room we’ve painted “Pale Cashmere”

Now “Shargreen” I’m debating


The feature wall is “Crimson Silk”

There’s an abstract I’ll be painting

It will tie the colours all together

In this bedroom I am creating


I really think I should get on

But my brain just won’t keep still

So, I’ve come to write this silly poem

In hope, once out, it will


This room was full of memories

Stacked boxes filled with crap

I prayed and sorted one by one

Now gone is the memory trap


This room is completely empty

And, I’m ready to start a new

Ooooo, I’ve seen another colour I like

This one is called “True Blue”


I’m not so sure about this now

It wasn’t really in my theme

It’s not the way that I remember

While walking round my dream


I’m looking now around this room

“True Blue’s” out, it’s got to be “Red”

BUT…I’ve spent so much on bloody paint

Now…I can’t afford the bed


Not really…this is just me being silly.

I know I’m scatty, but I don’t like wasting money.

And I’m good with colours…..just some thoughts about my decorating.

My brain just never stops you know…..LMHO


21 thoughts on “Silly poem about decorating

  1. Well…it sounds very nice,
    but try not to be too tidy!
    Be sure to leave a tiny space
    for memories to play hidey.

    Perhaps under foot of the bed,
    where they may tickle your feet
    but nere mess with your head.


    • hehehe,,,yes I’m funny and a bit silly too.
      It’s a bit of a pain when I’m trying to do one thing and my brain is doing another.
      It just never seems to stop. Writing it out seems to slow it down a bit.
      Love you. xxxx

  2. hehehhe.. you may call it silly.. but I call it “super cute”!
    A room made of memories… and somehow, just one color (or some) absolutely does not cut it!! I think you brought that out really well in your poem… me likeys!! 🙂

    • Hello Spectrummy Mummy,
      I am not good with any store if there are people in it. Yesterday I went to get a new mobile, I got so overwhelmed by the amount of noise in this place. The tills were so noisey. the music, everyone talking. I could not think at all. My hubby was with me and helped sort it all out. I got to a point where I couldn’t even hear what the guy was saying to me.
      With DIY stores I go when I know no-one will be there….lol
      I never go to the sales, because it’s pointless. I just can’t cope with the people and all the confussion they create causes too much stress.
      BUT….in an empty shop, DIY store. I am very happy and enjoy the music and the shopping.
      I just have to plan.

      Give my love to your beautiful children.
      Love and hugs.
      Lisa. xx 🙂

  3. Love this poem Lisa. Very funny. Have you thought of submitting a poem for Jingle’s Thursday rally of poets? You’d get lots of comments from poets all over the world. It’s um rather complicated she has lots of different pages and activities but Thurs. is the rally and the site for this week’s rally (week 33) is here
    Very supportive group!
    yes you are GOOD ENOUGH before you say another word…
    hee hee
    have a great night

    • Hello Heather,
      I feel very encouraged by your comment.
      I hadn’t really thought about putting my poems anywhere but on my blog really.
      But…now you have mentioned it to me, I will have a good think about it.
      I also feel very encouraged that you think my poems are good enough.
      Thank you.
      Love and hugs.
      Lisa. xx 🙂

  4. Such a fun poem Lisa!!! This one had me smliing, and admiring your writing skills. Love the image you have chosen too. Hope you have a GREAT day!!!!! 😀 😀 Will be in touch agian SOOoooOOOooooNNNNNnnn 😉 xx

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