Be Still and…..”KNOW”

Be Still and…..” KNOW”

by Lisa Lock

My relationship with God, is so precious to me,

He is the one who guides, who opens eyes to see.

And Jesus is my friend, He walks and talks today,

I only need to use my heart, to hear just what He says.


I find it very easy, to sit my body still,

But, when it comes down to my mind, I need a stronger will,

So today I read my Bible, Psalm 46:10 to be exact,

And there He spoke He said a word, my faith had surely lacked.


The word He spoke was quite simple, I’d missed it every time,

So many times I’ve read this verse, but never seen this sign.

I thought to pray and calm my mind it’s always on the go,

This word God spoke is in my head, this simple word is “KNOW”


“Be Still and KNOW that I am God.”


4 thoughts on “Be Still and…..”KNOW”

  1. Know and not No, just to ‘Know’

    We are so strongly connected in God sis, God spoke this exact save verse to me today too. Just to be calm and accept He knows the right time for us to do things at and the right place for them to be done. God is good.

    I love you sis. xxxx

    • Hello sis,
      I had forgotten I’d written this, well it wrote itself really.
      I just sat and read it after yesterdays performance and it gave me goose bumps.
      I love it when God does that.
      Love you loads. xxxx

  2. It’s amazing how you can read the scriptures for YEARS and yet gleam a new understanding from them when you least expect it. Another great poem girl 😀 (also love the image you have used – a great photo) xx

    • That amazes me too Chloe,
      Scriptures to me seems very alive and helps me through each day. I love it when God opens my eyes and heart to new understanding.
      A friend of mine sent me the image, she seems to know what I need and when I need it.
      God is good like that.
      Love and hugs.
      Lisa. xx 🙂

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