I’m late, I’m late…for a very important date!

Hello all my friends

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out there in bloggyland.

{{{WAVES}}} 🙂

Well I haven’t got a lot to blog really, I did think about writing a post around a lengthy comment I left on a friends blog, but realised I probably have covered most of what I said in my Dyslexia post written not long ago.

So I’m just going to bore you all with my thought of my day up till now…lol

I slept really well last night, I got 6 and a half hours sleep non-stop.

Now that’s really good for me I usually can only do 2-3 hrs at a time, then I have to get up for a bit to empty my head.

I found my car frozen this morning

I had to de-ice it and warm it up. I don’t think it will be long before the snow hits us here in my part of England.

I was dreading the thought of my shift in the playground and then I remembered I’m on corridor duty.

On corridor duty I get to stand up a radiator…..hehehe

I really don’t enjoy corridor duty though

I don’t get to chat with the kids. I’m inside the school with the teachers….Errrrrrrrgh.

I still struggle with this, I know they are only human, but to me they will always be teachers….lmho

So this morning I have been praying a lot and singing to God for help and guidance.

I have been getting into a bit of trouble at work recently and as my friend Laura pointed out today in her comment, I am becoming a bit of a blurter…..lol

And she is completely right, I don’t seem able to keep my mouth shut sometimes.

I hold you lot responsible for this, you have given me too much confidence.

I like being an Aspie, I’m not hiding anymore.

I have been out in my lovely conservatory playing my guitar and singing all sorts of songs today

I am going to leave you with this one, and get my bottom off to work before I’m late and have to go see the Headmaster again. Love you all, I’ll catch you later. XXX 🙂


3 thoughts on “I’m late, I’m late…for a very important date!

  1. So, even now, as an adult, you are still getting in trouble with the school teachers/headmaster! LMAO!!!! So glad to hear that your blogging pals are helping renew your confidence – you ROCK girl!!!!!

    Love from me and Stormy The Storm Dog xx

    • Hello Chloe, it’s just the school thing I think. I can’t believe I work in one now.
      I only do it for my *CAL really, to keep an eye at dinner time. But being with all those lovely kids at playtime just brings my day alive. I feel accepted and loved. Kids are great at that, I just find the adults hard work.
      Love you. xx 🙂

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