Hello my lovely friends in bloggyland, 

The monkey out the Tea Bags


On Friday evening I took *CAL to do a late shop at the Co-op, it was wonderful.

There was only me and *CAL, and all the co-op staff.

…………………………………….no regular shoppers at all.

The co-op radio played a lovely choice of music.

We just couldn’t help but dance and we sang our heads off to Corinne Bailey Rae.

*CAL ran skipping up and down,

and span in many circles around the freezers.

One of the co-op staff even joined in with our singing…now that’s a first.

I asked her if she gets many people like us coming into the co-op.

She said, “Oh we do get the occasional nutter!”

Do you think she is calling me and my *CAL nutters…..lol

I thought “I” was the one with Aspergers that’s always saying the wrong things.



All of my life I have just wanted to be myself and be accepted for who I am.

This can be very hard when you are like me.

I am extremely sensitive and notice almost everything.

So when people look at me funny I get quite upset.

This is what made me hide for so long.

Well not anymore…

What is written above is part of an altered email I sent to a friend of mine.

I constantly feel that God wants me to learn to be myself again.

The person he created me to be, before this world made me conform.

I wrote this poem today after reading a friends poem, that particularly inspired me.

A poem for God

by Lisa Lock

I try so hard to understand all,

But I just have to accept,

This love you give is unconditional,

Your promises you’ve always kept.


Each day I struggle just to fit,

And live my life care free,

You guide and keep, don’t let me quit,

You tell me, “Just be me!”


I’m not good at seeing just who I am,

But you know me best of all,

You know my ways and accept them,

I’m created to hear your call.


So even though I lack self-worth,

You hold me in your hands,

You know my days right from my birth,

For your children you’ve amazing plans.


So I listen for your gentle voice,

As you lead me through my days,

I give my heart, my only choice,

To  follow in your ways.


Have a lovely day today my bloggy friends, you are in my prayers.

Oh yes… we got a free monkey with our Tea bags, he’s really cute,

That’s what the photo is about……hehehe, I’m such a child…lol

Enjoy the song…I love this song.

AND…..Next time you’re in the supermarket and you feel the need to dance and sing,


Even if it’s only for a few seconds, it’s such a release….giggle


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