“It did happen Mommy…I remember!”

“It did happen Mommy…I remember!” 

Yes...it's me in a box

A wonderful friend of mine shared an analogy with me because she knew it would help me.

While thinking about this I realised I had actually got quite a lot to say about visuals in my own peculiar way.

So here we go with LOTS more Lisa Lingo.

……………………..and wandering babble…lol

I am a very visual person.

I find with my Dyslexia and Aspergers, visuals are the best way for me to learn.

I learn most things…believe it or not, from watching YouTube tutorials…I know I am SO sad!

I am a terrible YouTube junkie…I really love it, I visit my channel every night, and have a mooch around.

………………………….Yes, I guess you’re right, little voice… “I AM SUCH AN ASPIE!”


Visuals are my only way of memorising and making something, if anything, stick.

That’s why I love photos and images so much, they bring things to life.

Words are just words until they become personal to me. Adding pictures, photos, colour all helps to break down my dyslexia and give me something that will stay in my head.

I have terrible short term memory, so I have to re-read everything. I also have to replay everything.

My aspie brain is VERY good at that…..giggle

The good thing with having both dyslexia and Aspergers is,

I can bring visuals to life in my head. Just like watching a film, I see every detail and can replay instantly.

My aspie brain will make a constant video clip, looping it till it become real.

So in a way I have a whole different world in my head that I can live in.

……………….and I wonder why I get SO emotional………Hmmmmm

Coming back to reality can be one BIG shock.

Through my Aspie daydreaming  and imagining,

a visual will become like it happened yesterday.

This was quite confusing as a child because I didn’t really know that what I daydreamed or imagined wasn’t real.

This would get me into loads of trouble because it seemed I was making up stories…lol

My Mom used to say, “She’s got a very vivid imagination!” I can still remember her saying it now.

She was so embarrassed by my ways sometimes…..especially my Shirley Bassey.

I just thought of something…you know all my AWFUL unopened boxes.

Well in my head that bedroom is already decorated and fully furnished because I imagined it.

I know exactly what it looks like, right down to the pictures on the wall and my perfume on the cabinet.

So now I can’t walk into that bedroom, it’s too much of a shock to my system.

It starts off a negative spiral. This then causes me to pace and chat to myself in a negative way.

Then before I know it I’m back in my frantic thought loop.

I am so sorry that I have to make up my own names for things…I’m sure you understand.

I really struggle to read books and I get bored very easily, which triggers my dyslexic swirling so I just say it as it is.

………………and hope someone might understand me…….hahahaha

Maybe another Arty-farty, eccentrically-scatty Rainbow might…I am just so daft.

As an aspies I rehearse everything,

my brain never switches off.

Life can be a big disappointment when you daydream and it becomes real to you, then you find out it’s not.

I would have such heart break over things as a child. Nobody really understood how upset I really was.

They didn’t get that to me it was really, really real, it had already happened.

So…..everyone said I was a drama queen.

Well Little Lisa learned to conform, but my daydreams kept me going.

And they helped me to survive school…I promise I will do a school post soon.

………………….O.M.Goodness…why did I say that?

11 thoughts on ““It did happen Mommy…I remember!”

  1. Hey Lisa. That was really interesting and informative. To hear what life is like from an Aspie’s point of view (and not just from a psychologist’s or even a family member’s) is invaluable. Thanks for sharing. 🙂

    • Thank you Liz, I really appreciate your comment. I’m glad you found it informative. I don’t really know any of the proper names for things. I just share how it is for me.
      Love and hugs. x 🙂

  2. OK so you just need to make it cyber, so we can all walk around your imagination with you. This will be especially helpful to Mr Locoman who could walk around your newly designed bedroom and then he’d know exactly how to decorate it.

    Love you sis and your wonderfully vivid imagination. It’s a no wonder you paint! xxxx

    • Hello sis, I only paint abstract I ain’t got the patience for anything else…you know that.
      I have got Grand Designs on my pc…but the instructions are too complicated for me to read. I tried just playing with it, but that was no good. The windows ended up floating…lol
      Why do you think I got so addicted to YoVille. I was forever redecorating my
      Hippyhaven, Hippy-boat-house, Hippy-trippin-pumpkin home,
      Hippy-heights and my Hippy-hover-UFO.
      I used to lock my doors to stop people visiting me while I was constantly redecorating and moving furniture around. I was so anti-social, on that game…quite funny now.
      Love you loads. xxxx

  3. Once again. Yep, I relate. The whole imagining in the mind, and trying to figure out if it was real or not….sometimes I visualize doing something in my mind so clearly, like turning off the stove, that I can’t remember if I actually did it. I’m so bad with short term memory, that I’ll put a pot on the stove, forget, and then wonder what the burning smell is. Or I’ll be on the phone dialing a number (that I had to look up again) and I can’t remember who I’m calling or how to pronounce his/her name. Thanks for the post. ~ Sam

    • Hello Sam, I’ll stop calling you “Aspergers Girls” now then.
      Yep yep yep….I have burnt two lots of dinner in one night.
      I don’t even remember what my distraction was….hehehe
      I HATE the phone and never use it.
      I have a mobile, but use it more for emailing my friends, facebook, twitter and taking photos.
      I’m so glad you too have a “VERY VIVID IMAGINATION”
      Love and hugs.
      Lisa. xx 🙂

  4. I stopped by to read this again. We are so much alike, it’s amazing. I forgot you mentioned your Little Voice, here, too. Short term memory??? I didn’t remember posting here before. LOL
    So glad we connected.

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