Thank you Grandad…x

Robert J. Phillips


9 thoughts on “Thank you Grandad…x

    • lol……yep it’s Thursday. I want my pocket money, my bag of crisps and my Cruchie bar.
      I also would like to torment Pepi, while Nan does her knitting.
      Then watch Grandad fight off the evil Pepi because he needs the loo….LMHO
      That poodle was so vile…she was just way too spoilt.
      love you sis. xxxx

      • Love the frame–did someone draw that? Your Granddad was a looker!
        I’m about to go to zzzzzzzzz but listening to some Sara Bareilles–if you
        haven’t uploaded Kaleidescope Heart, do it now!
        (just a hunch you’ll like her…let me know…)

      • You are a terrible distraction Heather I was writing a post and now you’ve got me onto YouTube…lol
        I am such a YouTube junkie…I do like this Sara Bareilles though, you were right. Thanks for the intro.
        I agree, my Grandad was a looker. Even when he got older he was still very handsome.
        The frame was on a postcard that my Grandad’s regiment all used to send photos home.
        I have this photo on the wall in my kitchen, with a picture of my Nan, and a few other photos taken in the 40’s.
        Love and hugs.
        Lisa. xx πŸ™‚

  1. Oh, yes indeed. We call it Veterans’ Day here in the USA. Both of my housemates are veterans, one a Coast Guardsman and one a Soldier, so I handed each of them a beer on that day and we all spilled some in honor of “absent friends.”

  2. Lisa, you have expressed so much in simply posting this photo of your grandfather in thanks to him and others that fought for our freedom. Without people like your grandpa, the world would be a lot different than it is now – and NOT for the better. I’m proud of my own grandad too and the time he served in the Royal Navy during the second world war – he was even a survivor of a ship that got shot down in Russian waters – talk about my hero πŸ˜€ xx

  3. Your Graddad looks like a very kind and gentle person who is also very STRONG. I can easily see him stepping in to protect those who can’t protect themselves. It must be a blessing to have known him.

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