As a child

As a child

by Lisa Lock

As a child I would call to you, I knew you were always there

I had the words and a way to speak, I understood you’d always care

But as I grew the words got lost, the light then left my eyes

So at the floor I downward looked, I put on a masked disguise


I tried so hard to live like this, to fit and not be seen

A daily battle to wear a smile, In my mind I still had the dream

That one day you’d come and sort me out, and make my life make sense

You’d take away the pain I carry, freeing me from feeling so tense


So you called to me when I was hiding, by this time I didn’t even care

But you pursued and did not give up, knowing I’d meet you there

You took my hand and gently guided, you understood that I was weak

You walked the path and checked the way, giving me the heart to seek


You showed me love when I was alone, and filled my life with hope

Explained the way that I’ve been made, you now teach me to cope

You are my friend you are my Lord, and Autism is part of me

You really love me “JUST AS I AM!” so now I can just be free



9 thoughts on “As a child

  1. I love your poems Lisa.When I read the ones about being a child with ASD it makes me want to try even harder for my son.My biggest wish for him,now and in the future,is to be happy just being him.

    • Thank you for your comment Dearna,
      I’m sure your son will grow to be an amazing young man.
      You love him so completely and that’s all he needs.
      Your love and acceptance, of him for who he is, will then teach him to love and accept himself.
      The beautiful creation he is, loved unconditionally by God.
      Love and hugs. x

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